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I have to say that he sounds like a good sleeper...waking up only one time at night is really good (To me, it sounds like he only gets up once per night, at 2 am). He may be ready to get up for the day at 6 am (unfortunately that's when my girls wake up).

I agree that it may be a good idea to have a bottle ready, and then you can just give it to him quickly.


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Toddlers go thru growth spurts too. Just have a bottle ready for him and ride it out. Waking up once is great! Sounds like he sleeps great. Gosh I still get up in the middle of the night a couple times. It's normal. Hang in there.
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Is there a reason why he can't sleep in his own room? At some point around that age both of kids had to transition to their room. The fact that we were right there just made it worse. So I would look into that first. With my DD just not having us right there helped her drop a night feeding and sleep through within a few weeks.

With my DS he did take a bottle during the night but we just switched it to water and that helped a lot. I think for now when he wakes up DH needs to attend to him. Rub his back, soothe him, give him his water, walk around the house with him but I would not bring him into the bed anymore.
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What time is he going to bed? If its early, that may be why he wakes at 6.
I agree with the others about a sippy of water, and maybe a toddler bed. I don't know what a p&p feels like, but a toddler bed is probably softer and takes up just a little bit more room. Transition to that, then his own room.
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I know this is not what you are looking for but I wanted to put in my 2cents.
I have 4 kids and btdt in tears frustrated with bedtime very pregnant and thinking things need to change because I can't handle this with a newborn. Similar age gap to your Los.

I actually found what helped the most was me changing my view on what needed to happen and what I thought I should be able to expect from them. It greatly decreased my frustration and stress level.

Before our last baby arrived I thought that I should be getting Ds2 to fall asleep on his own at night instead of nursing to sleep. Everyone agreed how much easier it would be if we could get to do that.

I started sitting in his bed and trying to get him to sleep. It took me about a week of tears and frustration for both of us for me to realize that what we had done all along didn't need to change because of the baby. We went back to nursing to sleep. Most nights I nurse them both to sleep in bed and everyone is happy.

18 mos is still really little in the scheme of things even though they seem so big sometimes.

My advice is do whatever you need to do to make everyone happy and able to sleep.
Try not to stress about when the baby comes.
I know easier said than done but things will eventually become routine with 2.
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I have a 21 month old that we just transitioned to the second bedroom a couple months ago. I really, really didn't want to do CIO, but I was running out of options. What we ended up doing was after we went through the normal bedtime routine and say ” night night”, put her in her toddler bed (she can climb out of her crib) and I wouldn't comfort her after that. The first few days I would sit right next to her bed and place her back in her bed if she tried to get out, gently saying ” night night”. The next stage was sitting about 3 feet away, and after that I was right outside the bedroom door. She did cry, and sometimes for over an hour, but I was right there.

This isn't ever what I wanted to do, but she just wasn't transitioning on her own and I ended up sleeping on the hard floor most nights and being so sleep deprived I was afraid to drive.

What I'm getting at is sometimes we have to adjust what we are willing to do out of desperation. You will know when that is. Hugs to you, mama.

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First off mama, I want to just give you a big ole' hug. DS2 was an awful sleeper and while waking up once in the middle of the night seems like a lot, IMO an 18 month old will ideally be sleeping through the night entirely. (Notice I said So I completely understand where you are coming from. My first POA is to talk to hubby and see what he has in mind as a resolution. I think him being in your room may be harder for YOU than anyone. At 38 weeks pregnant, you sleep like crap anyway so any stirring, etc is bound to wake you. I would try to transition him to his own room so at least you aren't stirring until he is obviously crying. But can I also say, that DH better be getting his butt up at either/or one of those 2/6 a.m. crying fests! Working or not, DH is expected to 1/2 the nightly routine around here. :-x

I would try to cut the milk and do water only. Have you tried a sound machine? Maybe it can help him to sleep through the night. I know our P&P made a scratchy sound when DS moved so we eventually moved him out b/c it would wake him up. I HATED that stupid p&P!!! I don't know if they all have that same material or not though.

I agree that the routine doesn't necessarily HAVE to change but I can't imagine waking up now at 2 and 6...then when new baby comes waking up every 2 hours on top of that. For your sanity, I think it should change. ((HUGS))
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