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Re: crawling and bedsharing?

Since we are always cosleeping with at least one but usually two children, we just keep our mattress on the floor. DH has never complained and I have never really found it that big of an issue while pregnant either. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I actually like how simple and spare it makes the room look. Like a faux futon or something.


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Re: crawling and bedsharing?

Originally Posted by anniep78 View Post
I just play a game by turning her around and showing her how to get down over and over, she thinks it's fun and caught on very quick!

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This is what we have done. Our kiddos start walking as early as 8mo so they climb on everything. We just had to teach them how to do it safely.
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Re: crawling and bedsharing?

Originally Posted by mom2LBJ View Post
safety > uncomfortable, or just put a second mattress on the floor for you and her to sleep on.
This is what we did. It helped with transitioning later, too. We brought the mattress in from the other bedroom and put it on the floor between our bed and the wall. One of us would lie down with him until he fell asleep, or whenever he woke up. Eventually, we could leave him there and both sleep in our bed. Then, when we needed to (DD was a newborn), we switched his mattress to his room, so he got to take his bed with him, which ended up making him a little more comforted in the new room.
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It was the end of our bed sharing DS likes to dive. He wants to fly. It doesn't matter off what. He wants to jump. Rails, pillows, nothing phased him. And I couldn't lower the bed (frame is attached to the wall and not budging). I would try everything mentioned in PPs and then mattress on the floor as last resort if it's the least appealing idea for you.

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Re: crawling and bedsharing?

With my sons, this is when we started transitioning them to their own beds when I wasn't with them. So for naps, or the first part of the night, they slept in a crib, and then slept the rest of the night in bed with me. We always woke up at the same time in the morning so that wasn't a problem.

My daughter screamed at the sight of her crib, so we taught her to get off safely, and put pillows on the floor next to the bed in case she did fall off (it happened once or twice, but more like her trying to get off the bed and sort of just sitting down as she got off)

It helps that our master bedroom is right off of the dining room and kitchen where I spend most of my time. So 99% of the time she called out to me when she woke up, and I would go in right away to find her just sitting on the bed waiting for me.

If I were not nearby, or she would be spending a lot of time there without me, I would probably try and put the mattress on the ground.
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Re: crawling and bedsharing?

This is how we roll.

I made our bed into a "crib." The actual crib works as a crib rail because DD2 refuses to sleep anywhere but besides next to her mama. I am also a light sleeper and I notice if she starts to crawl away.

Good luck!
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mel j
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Re: crawling and bedsharing?

We also taught our LO's to get down safely - "feet first" - kinda like the 'game' a couple of pp's mentioned. Took a bit though. My son (10 months) can crawl up stairs but won't go down and won't usually try to get off the bed either since he doesn't know how to do it yet. He just climbs up. My older LOs both were able to get off the bed safely at an early age.

I got bed rails from freecycle but we never tried them - have a feeling they'd actually be more dangerous for us actually since he would pull up on them, try to use them to walk etc. and maybe flip
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Mine had already mastered getting off his brothers toddler bed so it wasn't a big deal. He just watched his brother. We used bedrails on one side and just watche carefully on the other. Now we have a toddler bed butter up to our bed.
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Thaanks everyone! I will try the getting down safely game once she actively starts to crawl, i hope she will just call out for me to get her down, my fear is that she will try to fly off the bed lol. If this doesnt work i already talked to hubby about mattress on floor. I thought he would protest but he didnt hooray! I think im converting him to crunchism lol!
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Re: crawling and bedsharing?

I have this same issue..problem is dd crawls but does not sit or stand (she's 9 months). And our bed is pretty tall, so she can't go down feet first to a sit or stand, b/c she doesn't sit or stand LOL. So, we got a bed rail for each side. But besides that, if I am not in the bed, she is not in the bed. I've actually been moving her to her bouncy seat once she falls asleep and then move her back into my bed once I'm ready to sleep. It's quite a pain but it works. I am hoping to get rid of this bed soon and just going to buy a king size mattress and box spring and stick them on the floor.
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