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Re: When does the pain go away?

I always tell people that the first 3 weeks SUCK. After the first 3 weeks it starts getting better. I have oversupply so I know EXACTLY how you feel. I avoid the pump as much as possible but I would pump in the evening just enough to relieve the pressure (don't try to empty the breast) and use ice packs whenever I could. The oversupply will even out and not be so bad but if you have constant hard spots do pump a bit and massage the hard spots because if you think it hurts now you don't even want to feel what mastitis feels like! Just keep it up and don't stress too much. The bonding will come, it just may take until after those first few weeks.

Honestly for the first 3 weeks I take it one feeding at a time because the thought of having to do it all over again in a couple of hours is just too much to think about and then I would get anxious and it just sucked. Take it one feeding at a time.

Oh and get baby naked to try and get them to wake up. That is what I had to do with DS and it didn't always work but it did help.


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Re: When does the pain go away?

To wake the lil' one you can do a diaper change or a baby masssage (this is what i always do/did) Good Luck!!
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Re: When does the pain go away?

Is there a LLL group local to you? Or do you have access to a lactation consultant? They can check your baby's latch to make sure there isn't an issue there (it's surprising how many people have a bad latch and don't even know it!). But at 8 days postpartum, your body is still adjusting so the oversupply will most likely balance out in a few days or weeks... if not, there are steps you can take to help - I have a natural oversupply (and have had one with all my kids, even when EP'ing for DS1 and DS2), and it does get easier!

mama. I truly hated breastfeeding for the first 2 weeks with DS3... it hurt, he has a tongue tie and that was hell on us until we learned how to nurse with it. It does get better, though!
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Re: When does the pain go away?

I totally can relate to how you feel about the pain! My first baby was small so it was hard for him to latch and I was constantly in pain, crying all the time, waiting desperately for my hubby to come home to console me. It took a couple of weeks to get into a rhythm but we finally got it. Nursed him 'til he was 15 months! I really think you should see a lactation consultant- they are REALLY helpful and will show you how to latch correctly and let you know what to do when you're engorged, etc. Seems like you've got a lot of good advice here, but talking to someone in person would probably help a lot more!
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Babies can be tongue tied and stuck out their tongues. The FB group can help. Try to post a pic of her mouth when she's full on crying (diaper change?) in the FB group and tag Jennifer Welch or Jennifer Tow. Pain is not normal! Another way to check TT:
With a clean finger run your finger (nail up) from one side of her mouth to the other under her tongue. If you hit any flesh she is most likely tied.
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Re: When does the pain go away?

Just like everyone else keeps saying, keep at it! The engorgement goes down as soon as your breast figure out how much milk really needs to be made. Also, I know that the pain of them feeding goes away after a few weeks. But I don't know about engorgement. Unfortunately my mother took over my son at night the first month of his life and my milk supply is suffering horribly for it
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You already got a lot of good advice just wanted to encourage you to hang in there. The beginning can be really tough, but it gets easier. Its worth it!

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Give yourself a little grace! You're doing great. You had a baby 8 days ago. I didn't bond with my baby for a long time even though I did bf. Do find a LLL or good lac consultant. Don't suffer because there may be a technique that you're just a bit off on that once improved makes a dramatic difference.

It will get better. It may get so easy that you can't believe that you ever thought it was hard. That's what how it worked for me. But if not you'll still be a great mom.

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Re: When does the pain go away?

I think the first two weeks were the worst. I cried most nights because i couldnt get comfortable and it hurt. But eventually he got the hang of it and we successfully bfed for a year. Looking back i dont regret one second of it.
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