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I prefer closer spacing. But it doesn't always work out that way. We wanted 5 and 6 to be closer but we had 3 losses between them. Our biggest gap was between 2 and 3 and was 5 years. We thought we were done at 2

We have:

1 and 2were 12 months apart.
3 and 4 are 21 months apart.
4 and 5 are 16 months apart.
5 and 6 are 2.5 years apart.
6 and 7 are 25 months apart.

Right now number 7 is 9 months old. I want at least one more, but my body is not ready. So we will likely have a 2-3 year gap. But one number 8 comes we are done! (I think)


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Re: Under 2 years apart?

Our largest age gap is 16 months, our smallest age gap is 11 months. We have 7 kids, and my oldest is 7.5 years old.

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My first two were 22 mo apart. They were bff's, it was great and wasn't hard at all to me. Then #3 came 4 years after. She has always been left out , the next was 4 years after she has a 4 year gag on either side of her . Between #4 & #5 their is 2 years, so much better. And between #5 and #6 on the way, there will be 2.5 years.
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Re: Under 2 years apart?

DD and DS are 26 months apart.
DS and DD2 are 23 months apart.

OMG is it nuts around here!

For awhile, DS was gone (DCS tried reunifying with his bios), and we had just a 4 year old and a newborn. OMG--bliss!!!

We are trying again for # 4, but my requirement is that DD2 and the newbie must be at least 3 years apart. At 3, kiddo is potty trained, can get own snack, and is much more self-sufficient than a 2 year old. I will never to 2 years apart again! Or, more accurately, 2 in diapers again.
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Ava and Faith are just over 2 years apart (26 months), and Faith and Eli are 19 months apart. When Eli was born, the girls were 3 & 1. Faith and Eli get along the best right now, but that could be more personality related than age related. They all get along mostly well, and I am so glad they are close in age. I wouldn't do it any differently.
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Re: Under 2 years apart?

I have 5 and my biggest age gap is 20 months.

DD1 and DD2 and 13 months apart.
DD2 and DS1 are 20 months apart.
DS1 and DS2 are 14 months apart.
DS2 and DS3 are 16 months apart.

I had 5 kids 5 and under!

Honestly, the HARDEST spacing was 20 months. The easiest was 16 months. 13 and 14 months were hard physically. I'd say 16-18 months is a good spacing, otherwise wait until 3-4 as having a newbie with a 2 year old is insane.
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Re: Under 2 years apart?

My first two are 18 months apart. It's a lot of hard work sometimes, but worth it. My 2nd and third will be days from 2 years apart. I am praying that it is a smooth transaction.
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Re: Under 2 years apart?

DS1 and DS2 13mo
DS2 and DD1 20 mo
DD1 and DD2 27mo
DD2 and new LO if I go to term will be 19mo

The kids themselves being close, I LOVE. The boys are inseperable and can't remember a time without each other. I've never had jealousy issues either. On the other hand, having pregnancies really close together? For me, not good. My first midwife told me a mother's body needs two to two and a half years to heal fully between pregnancies. In my case, that is true. DS1 was five months old when I got pregnant the second time and it was so hard on my body. I was able to hold off until 32 wks, bit it was a fight for every day. The 21 month gap was better but I still had trouble and DD was born at 34 wks. My YDD was 27 mo after DD1 and was my easieat pregnancy and I carried to term. I know its not so for some people but i'd much raher have about two years apart for my bodies sake.

I'm already strugglng with this pregnancy. BUT, I do LOVE having the kids close in age, just wish it worked better for my body.
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Ds1 and ds2 are 13 months
Ds2 and ds3 are 21 months
Ds3 and ds4 are going to be 18ish

We wanted them all close in age and will continue to with any future children as long as I meet my post baby goals of getting to my pregnancy weight or less and as long as I feel healthy. If I wasn't in a healthy state post baby we would spread them out. Since I'm the one doing the hard part by carrying them dh would agree that making sure I'm healthy physical and mentally are top priority.

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Re: Under 2 years apart?

My first two are 18 months apart and the baby is 16 months younger than the middle.

I love the spacing. I love having them all be in the same stage for toys and activities.

It is a ton of work having them so close in age because you have two babies to care for. When my middle one (22 months now) isn't here and I just have the 6 month old and the 3 year old, it is so easy. The 3 year old can do a lot for himself, but the 22 month old needs help with everything. I think the 22 month age is fairly difficult though. 6 months ago, I was fine with a newborn and a 16 month old, but the almost 3 year old was the part of the equation that was causing the trouble.

I love that the 3 year and 22 month old play together--they have been buddies for a long time now. I am a little nervous about having 3 so close in age as they get older. Three tend to not be the best number for playing together as someone always gets left out. I think that we are going to have a #4, so I guess this won't even be an issue.

If we have the fourth, we will try for the same age spacing.
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