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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

I like it my bf is agaisnt it but he doesnt complain too much anymore bc we are saving money


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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

I just started as well and so far my husband has been liking it. We're CDing to save money which is one reason he's been so okay with it. If we don't end up liking it, we'll sell them amd go back to our old ways so far, however, I think we're going to stick with it.
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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

I had a lot of the same worries that you have before I started cloth diapering my son. First, you have reached out to a group of people who have years of experience cloth diapering. This is a good step that your friends and family may not have done prior to them giving up on cloth. Please keep that in mind. Virtually any question you come up with can and will be answered on these forums.
Second, there are diapers that you can use that have the best of both cloth and disposables. They are called Hybrids. It is an all in two system of a waterproof cover and an insert. The insert can be a disposable biodegradable natural fiber insert or a cloth insert. I originally started with these intending to only use the biodegradable inserts. Slowly I came around to the idea of using cloth inserts, but only at home. Heck they came with the covers so I might as well try them right? I used the disposable inserts while out and about. I quickly found out the disposable inserts didn't always keep every drop of poo off of the cover so I bought a travel wetbag to put the covers in. No point in using grocery bags if I can use something reusable right? Then I thought well heck if I'm throwing the cover in the bag I might as well throw the whole thing in the bag. So here I am 2 years later a full time cloth diapering mama.

Was it always easy? No. However, disposables aren't problem free either. I used disposables with my first child and I can't tell you the number of times I bought a package of disposables only to curse because the size was too big or small. The sizes and what the disposable is made of isn't universal either. We went through several brands of disposables before we finally found one that caused my daughter the least amount of rash. Not surprisingly I haven't had as many issues with rashes while using cloth. I digress. Disposables leak just as well as cloth diapers if you don't have a proper fit. Also disposables don't magically make it so you don't have to deal with poop. Sh@t happens and you still might have to touch it if you use disposables. My daughter would have poop up her back. I have not had that issue with cloth diapers but I have to rinse the poop out. I'd rather rinse poop out of a diaper than change their whole outfit. Then again these are my experiences with diapers.

Third, you don't have to buy brand spanking new diapers and accessories from a shiny cloth diaper store or online. You can buy used diapers for cheaper. If you think this is disgusting remember you can disinfect cloth with a tiny tiny bit of bleach or tea tree oil once you receive them. Heck sometimes people sell items on the FSOT board that have not been used, but you will still get it cheaper than buying from the distributor 9 times out of ten. You can still resell cloth items after you are done with them. Even if you get something and don't like it you can resell it.

Other options if you absolutely have to have new buy clearance, second sales (have small cosmetic defect that doesn't effect use of item), or WAHMs (work at home moms) cloth. You don't have to buy the most expensive diapers in order for them to work out great for you. I can't afford a $60 diaper or $40 diaper, even though some moms swear by them, but I can tell you the $16 fitteds I have bought work just fine for us.

My last tips for you to succeed (for now) are to get some newborn diapers. Don't get a ton of them because the child will wear them for about two months. Some newborns grow out of them as quickly as two weeks. Most moms use prefolds and covers for this stage since they are cheap and this stage is so short. However, if you do go fancy newborn diapers are always in demand on this board.

Good luck and keep us informed. We are here for rants, raves, and advice. Welcome!
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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

Wonderful post! I saw the title "cloth diapers suck" and was all like "why would someone put something like that on a site dedicated to cloth?!" lol but then I read it! Wonderful!
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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

Laundry isn't that much more especially when they get older & pee less. I went from everyday laundry with 13 to 40 total ish & doing launry now like every 3 to 4 days....til baby comes.....My second could barely stand disposables & wetness & cried like someone pinched herl. Happy in cloth here. Cding changed since back then. My mom was kinda anti cd when I mentioned it & has come around slowly. Mama cloth another story but we will have at least 3 girls using it & tha saves too.... my hubby likes better & seems to b more of the cd advocate. Anyone we know he offers our book on changing diapers from I think on the modern cding stuff & pretty comprehensive I thought. We changed few things because on tight budget like food plastic sacks 4 on the go spot 4 dirty & wet til we get home & no actual pail but sterilite container.good luck. We know lots that cd here & have every type too...
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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

My baby hasn't worn a disposable since the hospital and she's now 9 months. I love cloth. It's not hard at all. My only advice - Use Tide! Don't use a natural detergent and use only a tiny bit like the cloth diaper companies say. If you do you'll only have problems with smelly diapers. Treat cloth diapers like poopy diapers- wash them on hot with a good amount of good detergent and rinse well. We even used cloth up at the cottage. At 6 months we started doing elimination communication which has been great for poopy diapers because we rarely have any since she poops on the toilet. Good luck, you'll love cloth.
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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

everyone in my family thought for SURE i would switch to sposies but i LOVE cloth! i would never ever switch. #1 reason to cloth diaper? they're cuter and more fun!!
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Originally Posted by hollbark
I just started for the first time also and LOVE it! It's worth a shot Buy some used diapers and try it out. If you don't like it, pass them along or sell them back.
This!! Me too my baby girl is 9 wks old and we love cloth! Just know that it takes about a week or 2 to get in the groove. We did disposables the 1st few days home then cloth during the day only for a few days with sposies at night. Then at about 3 wks old we were cloth all the time
I recommend trying 2 or 3 of each system
2 fitteds -with a cover
2 pockets
2 aio's
& some prefolds and covers
Then you can decide from there what you like.

Looking back I would have done a newborn rental (or trial ) package
Google it they are cool!!

Good luck and congrats on your baby!
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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

It's so nice and reassuring to hear other people with the same issues I have. My husband is also opposed to CDing, especially since I tried it with my first child and ended up giving up and using 7th generation disposables when she was around 6 months. We're currently expecting #2 and I am bound and determined to make it all the way through this time. I've done a lot of research and we are going to try the gDiaper system. Seems like a good fit for us as it does have the option of using either cloth or disposable inserts.
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Re: Cloth diapers suck...

Hey mamas! I broke my CD cherry and started my vey own nb stash! I was going to use a rental but found I could get some quality used and new prefolds for about as much money - with the option of resale later...

Your advice really helped build my confidence and you truly inspired me. I'm thankful for your support and am really excited to give CDing a try. I also checked out some youtube videos, as suggested, and it helped clear up some of the mystery.

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