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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

Not quite there yet, but I am trying really hard to stay on the road to get there.

For me, I don't want to spend time taking care of THINGS. I want to spend time with people that are important to me, and doing things I love. And while maintenance is inevitable, I want to spend as little time doing that as I can get away with. Going minimal can do all these things for me.

I also come from a family history of hoarding or hoarding tendencies. I want to break the cycle, so it is never an issue for my kids. And I want them to remember me spending time with THEM, not dealing with all our STUFF.


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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

I grew up in a hoarders home I dont want that for my children.
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I agree with all the pp (mostly). Too much everything heck anything makes me crazy. We don't need all this STUFF yet here it sits. I want calm. A simpler happier calmer more enjoyable life.

Jodie ~ wife & mama
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I feel more comfortable and at ease not having a lot of 'stuff.' I like that feeling of not having stuffed shelves, closets, drawers, etc. For me minimalism is also about letting go of consumerism- not having more than you need, not being wasteful, not worrying about keeping up with other people for the sake of appearances, not being obsessed with accumulating more and more possessions. I think that's why I like the both Thrifty and Minimalism forums. For me they are connected. It is very easy for me to not hold on to stuff and to be organized. But changing my consumerist tendencies is a challenge.
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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

I've never been very sentimental, so it's been easy for me to let go of the things. Getting the rest organized is more difficult, but not impossible, and I'm working on it. I like the physical effects of a minimal house. It wasn't until I moved away from my parent's house and went back to visit after a few months that I realized walking in to their house makes me claustrophic, germophobic, raises my blood pressure, overwhelms me, etc. I can feel so calm in my own master bedroom where we have just a bed and a couch (and one wall of baby stuff but that's unavoidable.). The second big kick for me was when my DH moved into an apt and we took with him just enough to get by. The first week I felt like I was roughing it but by the end of the irst week I loved the freedom of LESS. Two bed, one lamp, one table, 4 chairs, one couch, one tv, one bin of toys, a days' worth of dishes, and a few duffel bags of clothes - that's all we took and I felt so relieved. I even love the idea of outsourcing maintenance - in the apartment, the yard work, house maintenance, repairs are all taken care of and the weekends are just fun. I feel like a calmer person and better parent when I can focus on the kids and myself, and that doesn't happen when I'm constantly mad about toys on the floor and stacks of mail and unused junk and mountains of laundry. I'm so much quicker to pull out crafts for the kids because I can find it without sorting through a 30-gallon tub, now it's all labeled in clear shoeboxes so it's easy to find and put away. It helps me feel in CONTROL of my house and environment. Sorry for the novel. I guess that's all the ranting that I want to tell DH too but haven't gotten around to. The consumerism part is important too, I think very carefully about what I bring into the house because I know it's very likely I'll just be donating it in 6 months if it's not absolutely necessary in our house. it saves money and the envronment.
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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

I'm not sentimental like another poster said, and I hate cleaning... because when I was growing up, cleaning was basically just moving clutter to another room.

I am minimalist because it makes my life easier, I buy nicer things, I take my time to shop and buy the right things for us, I value quality and I value things other than literal THINGS.
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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

I am working to be minimalist b/c it makes cleaning so much easier. I have noticed my kids and I are a lot more relaxed and calm when its all clean. I have purged a lot out of ds1 room and his is a lot less anxious than before, its easier to get him to do his school work. And hopefully will be trying to move to AZ with my mom after my divorce is final and things calm down after that. I am sick of moving stuff I haven't looked at or used in years.
Teresa SAHM to Isaiah, 9 , Jasper 11/21/09 and Sebastian 9/21/11
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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

I personally am a minimalist and have been since my late teens really. I am just not super into stuff. I grew up with a mom who is a hoarder and a dad who used to be pretty close to a minimalist (although he has strayed as he has gotten older) and I was just always drawn to my dad's way of life.
When I started having kids everything went crazy and we ended up with WAY more stuff than any one person needs for our oldest. I kept it better for DS and started the journey to have my family live a minimalist lifestyle right before our youngest was born (she is 14 months old). For me it just seems like the right way to be. I am not sure how to explain it but I have just always been kinda simple. I wear the same pair of shoes everyday, I wear the same jeans almost every day, I wear a band shirt most days (have 5 and just switch between them). When I decided to get serious about this I realized just how much stuff had made its way into our home without really realizing it.
Minimalist just seems right to me and the quicker cleaning is an awesome bonus!
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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

Originally Posted by wordbox View Post
Yeah, I'm another in the not a minimalist camp... but my goal is a decluttered, organized, tidy, simpler home.

Basically, I am realizing how much clutter affects my moods. I hate when I feel like we can't have people over, or how I feel/felt when people dropped by unexpectedly. It's nice seeing clear spaces in our house.

Our children are one of my biggest motivators. I want our kids to be able to play freely and not be weighed down by stuff. I want them to be able to find the toys or supplies they are looking for. In the future, I want them to be able to bring friends over and not feel embarrassed. I want them to develop good habits. I want them to find value in experiences, not stuff.

I don't hoard, but I do find myself buying too much, shopping too often (retail therapy!), and getting emotionally attached to things. I would like to work on that, and I'm definitely getting better since I started the decluttering journey.

I also don't want to be a slave to our house. Less stuff means less cleaning. A simplified home and home routine will give me more time with my family. And I'll be more willing to let them make messes and have fun when I know it will be easy to get back to normal.
You put this so well! This is me and the reasons why I want to get rid of stuff - unfortunately we are still at the point where we aren't there yet and it is keeping us from having people over.
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Re: Why are you a minimalist?

To make room and time and energy for things in life that truly matter. My kids can't create and explore in the middle of a mess. I can't relax in the middle of a mess. My husband shouldn't have to come home to a mess. I'm an awful housekeeper, and the only way I can think of to manage this is to PURGE PURGE PURGE. I can't keep picking up the same pile of things that don't even get used, just torn apart, and put back over and over!
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