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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

My son is 20 months and has a limited vocab I was never worried he also makes up sounds for things he occasionally pops out new words but I do not count those I look for words he actually says often otherwise I think its just repetition, he picks up bad words that way.

His main vocab is:
Me now- which means Give that to me now you have to figur eout what
uh uh uh- grunt means I would like some like drink or food
mommy, mama
****e,****e- a german word his dad uses its a term of endearment he chants it when excited
Heiß- German word for hot
he also has a sound he made up for please open

for no he just shakes his head
for wanting to go out he goes to the door or brings you shoes and waves bye bye

he uses his hands and descriptive actiosn a lot
And that is pretty much it for his regular vocab


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Originally Posted by doulamomma
As long as he is effectively communicating his needs, you really have nothing to worry about. My dd took forever to talk. Now, I can't believe I was ever worried. She is NEVER quiet lol

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A good friend is a speech path. And does early steps here in FL. I'm gonna take to her Wednesday and get some things to do with him. She said she wasn't worried. But I never imagined, nor have I met a 18 month who said 70 words.

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70 words is ALOT. How does she know that- did she sit down and count them?

I've had early talkers and speech delayed children and they are all extremely bright. I don't think any of them had that many words at 18 months.

6 words at 18 months sounds about right to me if he is communicating what his needs and wants. And combining to make 2 word phrases is great.

My youngest son had a total of 10 approximations (almost words) and sounds that meant words that could only be understood by those who lived with him (me and Dh and the rest of our kids) at 23 months. He also did not combine words.

If it is concerning you, have him evaluated. It takes a couple of hours cause they evaluate everything but then you will know if it's concerning.

Off topic soapbox about reading:

Oh- and reading to kids is important but will not necessarily affect their vocal skills. Some of my kids were read to frequently while others were not. The amount they were read to does not correspond to who was delayed. I feel it's more important to have your kids know you enjoy reading. Let them see you read frequently and they'll get the idea that reading is something desirable. Reading electronic books don't count because they'll think you playing games- ask me how I know
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

We have a friend that has niece about that & doesn't say much. Our daughter 16mo says mama, dada, really, oww, why, bad, doggy, kitty, hi,yea, sis, this,& (sign for poop, milk (mainly for any drink not necessarily milk ), all done, cookie, & potty (sorta) & bath). My oldest only said no & mine & dada for a while....
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

All children are different. My DS only had mama, dada, and no at 18 months. He's almost 3 now and can say just about anything, and repeats everything.
And that's totally rude and not helpful at all saying "Well my kids is doing this.." seriously, 70 words at 18months would be very advanced. I don't think there is anything wrong with your DS.
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

I wouldn't worry. Those articles are just another reason for moms to be stressed when they don't need to be. Usually toddlers say a few words and then later on all of a sudden they say a lot more. Kids also develop at their own pace.
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

Not to worry at all. Kids vary a lot.

I have 5 kids and 2 sets of twins. They were all very different in their speech at 18 months. One wasn't saying much at all and his twin brother was practically talking in paragraphs. Either one is totally normal.

Your son sounds fine. Keep up the good work, Mom.
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Not sure if this helps, but it is my intent. My daughter spoke 100 words by her first birthday. I know because we wrote them all down on the morning of, just for fun, and that's how many there were. We kind of had an idea that she was special in that area, but we didn't think much about it.

Fast foward to my 13 month old son. He's got me, his 4 year old sister who now knows a gazillion words and of course daddy, every day. He doesn't say one word. When he holds the phone to his ear like mama does, rather than say hello like I do when he does that 20 times a day, he says, "ah." I'm trying to be Zen about it. I know everything will be okay, but part of me is just desperate for him to say something.

So I feel for you and also believe that each child is totally an individual. I have tried to read to my son and he wants to eat the books or just tear them apart. My daughter loved them by 3 months. They are so different!

So I'm just trying to be a loving mama.
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

Honestly, yes, my 3rd kiddo had at least 70 words by 18 months... but he has just always been incredibly verbal.

On the other hand, my 4th kiddo maybe had 10 words by 18 months.

Every kid is different
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

We did the speech evaluation for my 2 year old DS. He has about 20 words at 2. The goal for two is 50 words. My Ped wouldn't recommend an evaluation for more than that. We did the evaluation and he didn't come back with a delay in any area. So, now he's about 26 months with maybe 30 words and we're just not worrying about it.
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