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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

Ds has a speech delay and his speech therapist said he should've been saying 50 words at age 2. Your LO is on track, I'm sure. They usually start saying more from 18-24 months.


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DS has a ton of words at 14m, BUT I don't go off of a number. I go off of his understanding and communicating skills. He understands far more than he says, and only talks when he feels like it yet still communicates. If it concerns you, I would bring it up, but personally I refuse to neither go by a number nor do comparing to other children his age. It's just unhelpful IMO.

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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

DS is 17 months and he pretty much just says "dada," "no," and "uh-oh," and "thank you" (sounds like doo doo). He can say "mama," "dog," "duck," "woof," and his name, but doesn't do that often. He communicates his wants/needs well without words, so I'm not worrying yet, but I do wish that he had more words now. I'm really hoping for that 18-24 month explosion everyone's talking about!
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

My daughter definitely had 70 words by 18 months, although I never counted them. She just talked really well early on, and by 2 I could have a real conversation with her. It was great. She's 2.5 now and sings and talks constantly. I hope that this little guy will be talking early also, but maybe not; we'll see.

I'd probably be a little worried about it if I were you, but I see that there are lots of other moms who have been through the same thing and there were no issues later on, so hopefully there is nothing to worry about and your friend verifies it for you
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Re: 18 month old, 70 words?

You have nothing to worry about mama. My kids are so complete opposites when it comes to talking. DD was saying sentences and recognized (like could name) the whole alphabet by 20 months.
DS is almost 19 months, and JUST started talking. Seriously. He says: here, there, dad, a ball, a block, a bird, a dog. The last 3 were literally in the last 2 weeks. He's getting there. He does understand everything and if I ask him questions he responds with either a "yeah" or he shakes his head. I will admit I was concerned at first, but not anymore. he's actually on target
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Yeah I'm not worried anymore. He understands everything, he can understand 2-3 step commands, he can go get a bottle and shake it, and give it to his brother. He can give him his pacy. He just said meow today about 5 times, and quack..(duck). I'm pretty happy. And my friend said he really says more words, I just am not understanding them. He said about 10 words for her. Mama, dada, mommy, nono, yea yea, meow, quack, meme(not sure if he's talking about himself, or Grammy),baby, poppy/puppy(again not quite sure)..but all in all, I'm happy. He is better than I imagined. He is so independent he doesn't need to talk. She gave us some things to try with him.

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We did baby signing and at 10 months our DD would not say any words. Until one day, i was carrying her and she looks at my mom and says, "I go to her!"
...JAW DROP!!! All 7 adults in the room.
What did you say?...

"I go to her!"
She busted out a sentence, holy smokes! But she was 12 1/2 months before she would say mama or dada, grrrr! LOL. She could call the dog, ask for food, and how numerous other things, but REFUSED to address either of us.
She could say so many things, but just wouldn't do it... Not until she was ready.

She broke my heart, not saying mom/mama, but in the end we only waited a few months. I was jealous of all the mommies who babies said "Mama".

The moral of this story:

Kids do things in THEIR own time and in THEIR own way.
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My DD had at least 70 words by 18 months. She was and is still very chatty. Then I had my son who said nothing till he was 2. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. Then I had another chatty one, then another quiet one. Three of them are teenagers now and 100% normal. You would never know who we're the talkers and who was the quiet one.
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