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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

Do it, do it, do it! I didn't do it with my first baby (8/21 birthday, started when she was 4) and even though she was great and even ahead academically, to this day I totally regret not holding her back. (She just turned 15 last week.) Even though she did well in kindergarten & 1st grade, it was in 2nd grade when you could tell the difference between her and her classmates--some who were an entire year older than she was. It got worse every year.

So often parents are worried about their super smart kids being bored in kindergarten...well, if your school is worth a lick they won't be! I have a gifted son who was on a 2nd-3rd grade level in reading, comprehension, and math when he was in kindergarten and his teacher was top notch at working with him at his level. His first grade teacher did the same and now he's able to take part in the gifted & talented program. Academically, yes he was ready...socially--totally not!!


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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

Go with your gut.
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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

I would wait a year if you are at all concerned, we are doing the exact same thing with our soon to be 5 year old. He just *barely* meets our state cut off for K, but is a few days shy of meeting our local school districts cut off.

Academically is ready, but emotionally and socially? He's 4, so he acts like a soon to be 5 year old and is not quite up to where I would like him to be before entering school.

I was a K teacher, and it sounds a little odd, but I personally feel that being socially and emotionally ready for school is more important than academics. It's easy to give kids more to do to challenge them, or provide extra enrichment at home, it's impossible to make an immature kid be as mature as the others...which can hinder them from performing as well academically.

They could be reading, but if they can't sit in their seat for the 10 minute lesson while the teacher is explaining new skills, they won't learn them.

Some kids do absolutely fine, and catch up fast, but I would go with your gut if you are worried. I have heard WAY more people say they regret sending early than waiting.
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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
Based on what you are saying, I would totally do it.
Me too. I kept my daughter out of kindergarten for an extra year because her birthday is in September. But, just before she turned five, I had a girl over to visit. She was going to go to kindergarten the same year my daughter COULD have gone (but, i'd already decided to put her in Pre-K) . The maturity difference was extremely clear then. She just wasn't very mature for her age, and if she'd been the youngest in her class, it would have made for an unhappy school career for her.

I was glad I kept her out.

However, when she got into high school, she was more mature than her peers. Fortunately, by high school, they offer honors classes and early college classes that worked better for her.

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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

Do it. He is a young 5. He will always be the young.....what ever grade. Some kids can handle it, others can not. I teach 3rd ad4th ad it is clear by te 3rd day...which is te youngest. I see this mostly in boys.

I'm worried about my kinder guy. He's on the older spectrum...birthday in December. He as never been in an all day, every day situation.
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My dd#2 has a sept 1st birthday, which is the cutoff here too. she wasn't ready, always struggled and I really, really wished later that I would have known to hold her back another year.
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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

Well, my oldest is a June baby. I held her back a year because I knew she wasn't ready socially. I homeschool now but I don't regret the choice even if I had to send her to school, public or private. She was always the oldest but she struggled even then. I am so glad I did it.
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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

Thanks for all of the replies. My oldest daughter is incredibly bright, and is always one of the oldest in her class (her bday is 9/10). She was reading before she started K and bored to tears. I could have had her tested the year before to enter early. But I did research and also she was such a mama's girl, and she was not very social, so I decided to just let her go to K the year she was supposed to. So I have kids on both sides, but ironically my oldest probably would have been fine being the youngest in the class, while Luke would be better being the oldest.
His younger sister is also an August baby but right now she looks like she will be fine entering K on time. We'll see- we have 1 more year before she will go to Pre-K.
I should mention that Luke has these same problems at home- it is not just the structure of K that brings it out in him. He also struggle in PreK. God bless his PreK teacher. She was amazing and worked hard with him. He went to a full day, public PreK, so he did get some practice last year of being in a classroom, lines, sitting still, etc. He was really a handful, and had a lot of trouble keeping his hands to himself in Pre-K, but by the end of the year he had improved a whole lot. At the beginning of the year, his teacher told me she felt like he was more like a 3.5 yr old than a just-turned-4 year old.
She's right. He really is more like a 4.5 yr old, and in some ways, maybe even younger than that.
I am going to have a conference with the teacher next week and we'll go from there.
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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

Its so hard to know what the best options are. I think its a good idea to meet with the teacher. What does he look like when you pick him up from school. My oldest used to say no one liked him or played with him but then I'd see him oking and playing with kids as he came out the door. Eating lunch and hanging out at recess helped reassure me too.

I knew my youngest wasn't ready for k but he had developmental issues so he basically did half k the first year and is doing full k this year. They learn the most important stuff in the first half of the day. It worked well for us.
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Re: Thinking of taking my son out of Kindergarten

I was thinking about this today. My ds is a july baby and while only 3 right, very similar to your son. He is impulsive, active, and bright. I pretty much decided to wait till he was 6 for kindergarten because as of right now, i dont see him being ready for a real class setting. He is one of the 2 youngest in his prek class and it is pretty obvious to me,but i did use to teach prek. I have known other parents that made that choice and the kids always seemed fine with it.
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