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Infant carseats

I need a little advice coming from AP moms - the mainstreamers around
here don't understand my question, LOL.

Our baby is due in November, and it gets cold here in Utah in the
winter. My SIL has offered me an infant/bucket carseat and it I don't
want it, she's going to sell it and she wants to know soon. But I'm
not sure what I should do. Let me explain

We have a convertible Alpha Omega carseat that works from 5 lbs. Most
of the time if I'm out with the baby, it'll be in a sling, which makes
me think I wouldn't really need an infant seat to help keep it
confined while shopping or whatever. But, I'm worried about taking
the baby out of the warm car, exposing it to cold air before putting
it in a carrier against my body. Obviously, it would be in very warm
clothing and it would be a fast process, but still, I'm not sure.

I haven't had to go through all the steps of this, so I'm not sure of
other complications or issues, so I'd really appreciate any experience
or opinions.



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Re: Infant carseats

I'd get and use the infant car seat while the baby's tiny. I'm not saying carry the baby in the carseat when you're out and about, but use it as a carseat. It will fit the baby much better when it's small than the AO will. Also, if it's cold outside, it's easy to bring the seat into the house to warm it up before putting baby in the seat. When you're out and about, putting babe from seat to sling is quick and easy, especially if you need your hands free for bigger kids, or don't want to lug the carrier. My last DS (#3) was a Feb baby, and though we had an infant seat, I used the sling for him ALL the time...I liked having him close to me when it was cold out, I could put the sling on, pop him in, then wrap my coat around us both.
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Re: Infant carseats

I'd get it. You aren't supposed to dress kids/babies in heavy coats, etc and withy the bucket seats you can get a bundle me thing that will keep the baby warm w/out interferring with the belts.

The AO may not fit your dc at first either. It says 5lbs, but there are few 5lb babies that are tall enough for the lowest harness slots (slots need to be at or below the shoulders for rear facing)
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Re: Infant carseats

I use the carrier for my dd. When its cold I just take it in the store or whatever and them put her in the sling. I found that easier than trying to hurry up and get her in wiithout her getting cold.
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Re: Infant carseats

Originally Posted by alysia101 View Post
I use the carrier for my dd. When its cold I just take it in the store or whatever and them put her in the sling. I found that easier than trying to hurry up and get her in wiithout her getting cold.
This is what we did. They are honestly only in the carrier for a few extra minutes (from car to store), but they, and the carseat, stay warm. Then, take them out, wear them, and use the bucket to put all your other junk in! LOL!

If it was summer, I might not bother, but since it will be cold and you can get an infant seat (with no history of accidents, I am assuming!!!) for free/cheap, I would go for it.
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Re: Infant carseats

I know lots of AP mamas are against the bucket seats, but I really liked mine. My daughter was born in December so we always used the seat to transport her into the house or stores or the doctor. It had one of those bunting things that goes over it so we didn't have to dress her heavily. It's a MAJOR pain to dress and undress a baby in a store. We would take the seat in, then remove the baby once we were in the store, I would sling her, and then put her back in the seat before leaving. It's also nice b/c the seat isn't cold from being kept in the car. I'd go for it.
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Re: Infant carseats

This will be our first time going without the bucket (just a financial issue, we got rid of all our baby stuff, including spare carseats, when we moved from CA). If I'm offered one from a trusted friend, I may take it though - esp since this baby will be born right at the beginning of fall. It may come in handy (if it's not outgrown) in the winter months. Like others, I would occasionally take the carrier with me - if baby was sleeping soundly and we were going into the house from the car or going into church or something along those lines and I didn't want to disturb their slumber. Generally, though, when they're real little I take them out (sleeping or not) because they can easily fall back asleep and it's SO much easier to wear them than to lug around that dumb thing.

Like others have said, I'd get it if I were you. Not only for the added option, but moreso because of the poor fit of the AO for a little bitty baby.
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Re: Infant carseats

I would get an infant seat for the main reason that it fits babies better. Convertable seats say that they will fit babies 5 lbs and up but they really don't fit them well at all!

As for the weather just remember that you shouldn't put your baby in a carseat in a heavy coat, snowsuit or heavy/bulky clothing.

I take Hannah out and put her in the sling alot (just leave the seat in the car) but it has come in handy esp when we go out to dinner or if I'm just quickly running into a store. That way I don't have to wake her putting her in and out of her seat.
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Re: Infant carseats

I live in CA so it doesn’t get ‘that’ cold here. But we totally skipped the infant carrier for the twins and Asterix. I hate those things!!! IMO they’re a PITA. They’re hard to install and get good fits with. People get lazy and forget to strap them in. I’ve seen babies flip out of those things on the floor can you imagine one flipping out from the grocery cart?
I just put the baby/ies in a wrap or pouches. If it was cold I’d crawl in next to them in the car and put them in in there. Even when I used the infant seats with our 1st 2 they’d get carried in the store in it and then get taken out and carried. It was just a extra thing to have to carry in and out and deal with. The twins came home from the hospital weighing just over the 5# min and they fit fine(Britax Wizards), they needed receiving blankets next to them but they’d of needed those in infant seats too (my old 2 did). Asterix was 7.5# and he fit great (Britax Boulevard)! I think the extra cushions in the Boulevard would have really been great for the twins, too bad it came out after them.

IMO eventually you’ll have to be removing your DC from the seat at the car during the winter. They can’t stay in infant seats forever! So you’ll have to figure it all out at some point. Why not right away when your in the figuring it out creating systems and routings mode? KWIM?
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Re: Infant carseats

Take it. I always sling my babies (my babies hate carseats!) so I never used it to tote my baby around in, but I also had one of those bunting covers so that the seat would stay warm. Heck, even without a bunting cover, the carseat was never cold because it was in the house rather than out in the car. Same in the summer; no hot metal buckles.
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