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Styling little girls hair...

My 22 month old finally has enough hair that it really needs a barette to look decent. Problem is she will not leave one in! Lol. I am going to try pigtails when I get some toddler sized hair elastics, but I am betting her response will be the same. How do you mommas get your little ones to behave while you style their hair and then leave it alone?


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Re: Styling little girls hair...

While I style her hair? Turn on a kiddie show she likes. It was the only way I could distract her at that age. Now she's onto me, lol. To get her to leave it in? Offer a snack right afterward and pray that distracts her enough. Or make sure they're not so tight that they're pinching her.

I may not be the best one to give advice. DD wanted to wear a headband to school today. It stayed in her hair a whole 30 minutes. She took it off the second she walked into her preschool classroom.
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When DD was younger, she'd pull out her barrette and when she'd try, I'd tell her no and move her hand away. When she was in the carseat, it'd get lost, but I'd just put in a new one and start over.

When we switched to ponytails, she never messed with them. Or if she did, I would tell her no, etc. I still can't put decorative puffs on her pony tails cause she'll pull them off, but regular rubber bands she leaves.

To do her hair, I hand her a book and I use a spray bottle to wet her hair. That usually works. At one time I did it while she ate breakfast.

They get used to it. She didn't do headbands well as a baby. But barrettes were necessary because her hair was in her eyes. They get used to it.
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I put on a cartoon when doing hair, but I still have to be fast. I only have about a minute or two before it becomes a wrestling match. I spray it down with a water bottle that has a little bit of conditioner in it (makes it really easy to comb through).

I've found that if I do barrettes on their own she always pulls them out, but if I use an elastic first and then a barrette (or bow or clip) on top she'll leave it alone. Not sure why. The elastics also hold way better, especially if I divide her hair into sections and use more than one.

If you go on youtube and look for 'toddler hairstyles' you'll find some good how-to videos.
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Re: Styling little girls hair...

I taught DD to "primp" to get her to stay still. We have a pretty stool that she stands on in front of the mirror, and she brushes her teeth, puts on "lips" (clear chapstick), and washes her hands while I do her hair. When I'm done, I put on a little actual lipstick as a reward.

Definitely get the little braid elastics - absolutely necessary for toddler hair! They will help with the clip issue, too: the clips hold and stay in much better in front of an elastic.
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She FINALLY would wear a clip when she realized she had a pink bow and could be "hike mama bear" (like mama bear). Mama bear is a stuffed bear with a pink bow in her hair.

She was into clips for about a year, then headbands for about a week. Now at 3yo she won't wear anything again. It just hangs loose. I'm trying to teach her to tuck it behind her ears.

She will do a ponytail for gymnastics which we hastily do in the parking lot before class, but as soon as its over she rips it out.

As far as just brushing/combing, every day is a battle.
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Re: Styling little girls hair...

I just kept putting them in until she left them alone. I think they just get use to it.
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My daughter required ponytails by 6 months of age to keep the hair out of her face so I think she mostly just got used to it and it is part of our routine.
I remember she used to really like sitting up on the counter and passing me the elastics, her choosing the colors made her more willing to keep them in. I also found fun and creative ideas such as creating hearts and butterflies with her hair using braids and she always kept those in.
She is almost 7 now and actually gets upset if her hair is "just straight and boring" as she said this morning when I didn't have time to do something with it
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It's a battle every time. DD is almost 2. She was born with a lot of hair, and it never fell out, so I've fought this battle most of her life lol. Now it is past her shoulders when wet and THICK. Anyway. She hates me doing her hair. Never leaves clips in, but leaves elastics alone. What works best is to turn on a show or do it while she's eating. She needs to be distracted or she'll shake her head, pull her hair, run away, etc. Usually I only do her hair when we're going out. For the longest time it all hung in her eyes, but now it's just about long enough to stay parted and be ok just down.

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Re: Styling little girls hair...

I think it's the age.
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