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DD is 1.5 and used to love her bath toys... She has a tugboat and I only keep out as many as fit in the boat. From the beginning I taught her that all the toys go in the boat, and the boat goes on the bath mat, before you get out. She'll put them all in and hand me the boat now.
But now she only wants to play with the soap and washcloth. Kid has a clean obsession!


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Re: Bath toys?

We don't have any. The only ones I've ever had and been ok with are the letters or shapes that are foam and you can stick to the side of the tub and I only keep those around while my kids are little. They dry easily and are easy to pick up. Bath time is really quick in my house (dry skin, eczema) because it has to be so there's usually not a whole lot of time to play anyways. Honestly, they seem to enjoy playing with the cup and washcloth more than the toys so I just got rid of them .
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We don't have bath toys either. I suppose I could use a cup & collender if the need arises but we are in & out as fast as possible. Ds1 had sensitive skin so the dr said fast is best. Then he got Diabetes & Ds2 has it as well so we shower. We don't want to wash off the sites for their pumps too fast. DS3 has the most delicate skin EVER for my experience so he has super fast baths or wipe downs.

I did buy those water animals & they got so grimy. The yucky slimy stuff that never squeezed out & they always want to suck on them. Barf. I'm a mean mom I guess.

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Re: Bath toys?

We have a wood bath boat with two little peg people in it and two tiny steel bowls, they sit on the edge of the tub. Oh and a nail brush, lol. I got it for cleaning my nails after crafts/gardening but the girls use it more than I do
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Re: Bath toys?

DD uses the empty shampoo bottles, a washcloth, and 1 mermaid doll. We had a ton of bath toys but I've been reading/following the year of less blog and getting rid of bathtoys was one day's project so I jumped on board!
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We have a small ring toss games, net and balls, stacking cups and those things that stick to the side.

Nothing that can get water inside, and it all fits in a bathnet.
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Re: Bath toys?

I am getting rid of all the bath toys. I hate bath toys!!! We had a batch that could basically fit into a gallon sized ziplock, so not an unusually large amount, but I could not stand them! We will make do with wash cloths, bubble bath, and colored water/ice.
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Re: Bath toys?

Now Iam freaked out and want to get ridof our bath toys, but mann ds loves to squirt people ...

I have a wooden bath set and also have cups.

I have some scary 1980s looking bath toys my mom gave us I felt obligated to keep those should be first to go.

Maybe I will look into those ones that open for easy cleaning anyone have a link?
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Re: Bath toys?

We don't do bath toys anymore. We did initially, but like a PP mentioned, they get gross & the inside molds. I used to just store them in a basket or mesh laundry bag so they were "together" & easily removed for adults showering/bathing, but they could stay in the tub & the water would go down the drain.

Now, the only thing the kids get is tupperware or something fun from the kitchen. They're more happy with those b/c their imagination can make the things into whatever they want. I noticed before they would get bored with bath toys since if it's a boat... it's a boat & after a while they don't care. If it's a tupperware, it could be a boat, a hat, a scoop, some sort of sea animal, etc...
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Re: Bath toys?

We also have stacking cups with holes, I give them the plastic scoops from the laundry powder - not anymore since I am making my own but they have the old ones, plastic containers I do the same as pp - put them in the recycling when I get annoyed with them and then let new ones build up again. They love it as they get new ones all the time. We do have a few squirty ones too but they don't get mouldy?? I think becasue ds likes to bring them out of the bath and chew on them so I squeeze all the water out - this stops it I think.
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