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EC and Daycare?

We were really happy part-time ECing with our 12 month old until he started going to daycare. Pre-daycare, he was pretty much going #2 in the potty all the time. He wasn't signing potty but he'd poo when we thought he had to go and we'd put him on the potty. We had mixed success with #1, some catches, some misses. He wore diapers most of the time.

After starting daycare, he's pretty much been on a potty pause (a few weeks now). They just don't have time to put him on the potty and wait with him until he goes (sometimes a few minutes), unfortunately. So now he goes in his diapers most of the time. I've been trying diaper free time but he actually pood on some carpet when I had my back turned for a couple seconds (never happened before) and I just don't think I can deal with that very often.

So where should we go from here? More diaper free time or maybe try trainers? Just keep trying to put him on the potty when I think he has to go? Are there any "tricks" to helping your child learn to sign potty (he signs other things, milk, more, all done etc)? I think if he signed potty then it would be a lot easier at daycare.

Advice would be much appreciated!


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I would just do more coverless time around the house, focus on communication and the first wake-up catch in the morning, and just be patient. It is common to have pauses around 1 year even without a big change in routine like going to daycare. The important thing to me as a casual part-time ECer is helping maintain LO's positive relationship with the potty and talking with her about elimination and paying attention to what she wants. I do not do naked time if I am not in the mood for possible messes, but I will do lots of coverless time in boingoed prefolds or Sandys. Hope that helps! My DD is 15 months btw and very mobile but not verbal yet and she never learned signs (I was not good about using them frequently).
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Re: EC and Daycare?

Do you keep your LO on the potty if she doesn't seem into it? Compared with diaper change, which is sometimes the cause of a big scene, the potty isn't so bad, but he isn't always that happy about being on it. I find if I distract him, sometimes he'll relax and go. But like you said, you want to keep the potty relationship positive . . .
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Re: EC and Daycare?

Hi there MountainNat!

Good for you on trying to keep up the communication w/ your DS.

Really diaper free time is up to you. You could decide to do it only in parts of the house where clean up will be easy. I like shen7 suggestion to try to keep up w/ the easy catches like 1st wake up.

What about taking DS w/ you to the bathroom when you go and having his potty in the bathroom. Possibly him seeing and hearing you go will get him to go as well. I heard of a mom who did a little game maybe saying who will start going 1st.

Is there a possibility of going outside diaperless? My girls have loved peeing outside. With a boy you could say wet those rocks, plants or trees. I do that will my DD too.

There could be special potty toys that your DS only gets when he is on the potty or you could read books, sing songs.

I completely agree w/ you about keeping the potty experience positive.

What about letting him pee in the tub?

A fellow mom in my diaper free baby group uses Dixie cups for her son. They love them because they are portable and so easy for her son to use wherever he is.

Best wishes and let us know how things go.
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