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EC while breastfeeding?

Anyone here EC while breastfeeding? I've seen a couple pics from the EC Simplified book but was wondering how hard/easy it is. I don't think my 1 month old DS usually goes potty while I am BFing but thought I might give it a try and learn the ropes. Tell me how it was/is for you. TIA!


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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

Hello there strongwoman!

I still EC my 4 yr old while nursing her. This is usually only at night in the rare case that she wakes up and has to pee. I have a great little plastic bowl that I keep by the bed. If she starts to wake up by turning around a bit in her sleep I grab her and sit her over the bowl w/ my legs wrapped around the bowl to hold it in place and start to nurse. At this point things are very quick for us and she goes back to sleep right away.

My suggestion is to have things set up for success. Have your potty or container near the bed. Even better if this container has a lid. Have your wipes and everything else you need right there. Put the baby to sleep in clothes that will be easy to remove and as soon as he starts to fuss or wake up you can start removing the diaper or whatever and place him over the potty and start to nurse.

One suggestion that I heard from a mom in my diaperfreebaby group is to use a wipes box. She said they work better for boys because of the elongated shape. She sort of angled the part furthest away from her so all of the pee went into the container and not on the bed.

Some babies don't eliminate while nursing and others do. I noticed that my newborn DDers would pop on and off the breast when they need to go. At first I thought there was an issue w/ the nursing but this was them indicating their need to pee/poo. Some babies like to eliminate before nursing or immediately after.

For us I found it best that I didn't have to get up from the bed for the whole process. I kept the lights off and got adjusted to doing things this way.

Feel free to ask more questions and best wishes!
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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

My personal experience is that we didn't want to start the habit of pottying while nursing because I don't go to the bathroom when I eat and I don't want to train my daughter to either. I don't think it is wrong to do so I just don't want to have to teach my kids later. I also don't like the idea of having to hold them in awkward positions so they can potty. My daughter when she was really young would also pop on and off the breast when she needed to go, that was actually one of the first cues I learned. I thought something was wrong with our latch as well and then I realized she just needed to pee or already had and was just uncomfortable. Once I changed or pottied her she nursed just fine. I would rather take a pause in nursing to let them take a potty break than have them go during. They will learn to hold it until afterwards or let you know during that they need to or already did.
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I used to do a lot of side lying nursing with dd laying on a prefold over a waterproof changing pad (or chux pad). That way I could learn her signals but not interrupt the feeding too much.

Now that she is older (12 mos) nursing is essential for night time pottying. She has to go enough to wake up and be upset, but doesn't
want to put up with sitting on the potty. I face her towards me while sitting on the potty and nurse her that way. Then she doesn't want to stop nursing to get her diaper back on and I am stuck, lol! Way less messy than nursing her on the potty in the cradle position for me though.

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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

When my daughter was first born (and still at 5 months), I would either have her be naked while she nursed. I would either keep a top hat potty between my legs and her bottom kind of resting over the top and slightly inside or I would just have a thick prefold or two layered over my lap. Both seemed to work fine. If you do the prefold route, I would recommend keeping a stack next to you, so when she pees, you can quickly take the dirty one off your lap and put a clean one in its place.

I recently got a wool soaker pad, which is nice to have under the prefold on my lap.

I also noticed that she would kind of pull on and off of the nipple when she was about to pee or poo.
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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

I didn't too much of EC with my newborn but I know for sure she was doing her things while nursing - I could recognize it cause she would either stop nursing and start shaking her legs for couple seconds either become very slow and concentrated on what she's doing lol:-) but now 7 months later things work differently so best thing is observing
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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

My lo is older ( 13 months), but I was really worried about this because I don't want to be peed in, but she actually holds it and doesn't pee on me. even at night. ymmv
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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

unless the child really has trouble relaxing enought o go potty, esp. at night, I don't see the point of doing the potty thing while nursing. It may depend upon the child as mine couldn't seem to focus on both. So I stopped nursing and went to the potty, then started when he was able to focus again. You are perfectly describe how a baby can signal needing to potty while nursing. One other thing that may happen is biting. Mine bit when only 2-3 weeks old so bad I ended up bleeding. Some would think the child is teething or being mean, so I wish more moms knew that a child may have to potty while nursing that's why the child is biting or being nursing. I hate to think how many parents get frustrated with their child, or feel like something's wrong with them or their milk, all due to the child just needing to go potty.
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Re: EC while breastfeeding?

I nurse/EC simutameously. (he's only 2 mos.) He usually holds it until I put the bowl under him, then he fills it.
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