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Originally Posted by Psychomom
I wake up at 4:30, but that's because I choose to go to a 5am workout class. (It's honestly the only time of the day I can go.) I leave the house at 4:45, I'm back home by 6-6:15, I make lunches for school, get the kids up at 6:30, get them ready and out the house by 7:20, in the shower myself at 7:30, ready to leave the house by 8:15. I only work 8:30-2:30, but I pick up the kids from school at 2:45 and from there it's sports.

Ideally, I'd go to bed at 9pm. Realistically, my kids go to bed around 8:30 and I just love the quiet. And even then, there's so much to do in terms of chores & getting ready for the next day. I end up going to bed around 11pm.

Yes, I'm completely exhausted by the end of the week. By Wednesday, really. I sleep a lot on weekends.
Morning is the only time I have too but I can never get out of bed.

I need to wake up at 5:00 but usually snooze until 5:30. Leave by 6:20. Start work at 7. Leave at 3:30 get home by 5.

If I could get to work by 6:30 my drive home would be so much better.


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I wake up at 530, that's my alone time till 600, get me and boys ready and out the door at 7, drop off at 2 schools and at work by 8. I wish I could get up at 5 and workout in the morning but it's not going to happen. Im try to start working out on the weekends.
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Re: What time do you wake up for work?

Originally Posted by joyous View Post
I have thought about getting up earlier to go on a jog, but I don't have the discipline.
Originally Posted by jaelynsmommy61607 View Post
Morning is the only time I have too but I can never get out of bed.
It's about finding something that you *love* and are willing to give up sleep for. Accountability helps, too. I used to love running (I have bad feet now and just can't do it like I used to), but there was no way I'd be getting out of bed at 4:30am for a jog. So I went with a friend. Together, we lasted about 4 months. Now I'm onto Crossfit. I heart Crossfit! It's expensive but you totally pay for the camaraderie! There's no way I'd get out of bed to go to an aerobics class or something. They know my name and they use it, and at least to my face they pretend like they care that I showed up.
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I work 8a-4:30p. I nurse DS at 5:30a and sleep in until 6:20a. I get ready, take him over to my folks' and nurse him again at 7:30a. In the evenings my
son goes to bed at 8:30p. If I don't go to bed by 10:30p, I'm tired the next day. I still usually crash early (like 9pm) one night a week.
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Re: What time do you wake up for work?

I'm up between 5:45am & 6am, and have to be out the door by 7:15am or shortly thereafter.

That gives me 1.5 hours to:
- Get myself up, take a shower
- Eat breakfast while hoping DS stays asleep a little longer so I can check email, news, weather
- Get DS up at 6:30am, get his diaper changed
- Feed DS
- Get myself in work clothes
- Usually change DS's diaper again and get him in his day clothes
- Finish packing for daycare (milk into bottles, last minute diapers/wipes/etc as needed)
- Finish packing my stuff if needed

DH, who should be helping with this, usually sleeps until 6:45am, which gives him just enough time to shower and get himself ready before we have to leave (we drop DS off at daycare together, then I get a ride to work with DH). The 1.5 hours only works for me if I've packed 90% of my stuff the night before (work stuff, workout gear, lunch, daycare bag). I'm a morning person but slow when I first wake up.

I should go to bed at 9pm, but like others, I'm addicted to the quiet time after DS is asleep and I always have too much stuff to do, so it's usually close to 11pm before I'm in bed. We cosleep and DS is still waking up 2-3 times a night so it's not great sleep. I am tired all the time, but so far it's been manageable.

I think for you, the most important thing is finding a routine, so you know that if it's x time in the morning, you should be at y point in being ready to walk out the door. I printed up a list of all the things that have to be packed and ready to go each morning, and posted it on the fridge so I can check it as I'm getting ready.

For workouts...I used to be a morning runner, and really miss starting my day that way. I've had to adjust and now I run from work to daycare to pick up DS 2-3 times a week. Then I can have a run on a weekend morning if the timing works out.
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I'm up at 4:15 to get dressed and ready, wake the older at 5:15 to get ready, baby up at 5:30 to nurse, dress, and change diaper. Pack up all our bags and out the door by 5:45 at the latest. I have most of our stuff packed the night before so it's mainly stuffing ice packs into bags and loading into the car.

Drop older son off at daycare at 6:00, drop off the baby at 6:10, drive to work. I work 7-4 so I'm back home by 4:45 or 5:00. I clean as much as I can and start laundry while hubby picks up the kids and gets home around 5:15.

I unpack bags, nurse baby at 5:30, then we all play for 30-45 minutes, or I go running with the baby 2-3 times a week. Start dinner around 6 or 6:30 depending on the meal. We eat at 7, I give the baby a bath, diaper, and nurse to sleep from 7:30-7:45. Older son is getting ready for bed during this time and hubby is hopefully cleaning the kitchen. Once the baby's down, I go read to older son, pray, tuck him in bed, and done by 8:30.

Finish cleaning anything that needs it, shower and get ready for bed, pack for next day. Usually in bed between 10-10:30. 9:30 if I'm really lucky. Nurse the baby while I fall asleep and hope he doesn't wake up for at least a couple of hours.

I'm constantly exhausted, but our schedule works down to a T so I'm getting used to it. I can't compromise anywhere major, so I just make it work. I try to nap in my car on my lunchbreak a couple of days a week, which seems to help. Weekends I usually can get a 2 hour nap with the baby if we don't have other plans. But since hubby and I are both commuters, our weekends are spent deep cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping, etc.

Despite all the chaos, I love my life and my little family and we can't wait to add another baby to the mix!

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Re: What time do you wake up for work?

I work 8-5, with a 45 minute commute each way. I get up at 5:30 (if DS - 10 months - lets me sleep that late!). That barely gives me enough time to get out the door by 7:00 (time to drop him off at daycare and head to work!)

I try to get to bed by 10, but it's usually closer to 11.

And yes, I am exhausted by the end of the week!!
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I wake up at 430, leave the house at 500, at the gym 520 (it's the only time I can go). Work 730 -330, daycare pickup 415, DD bedtime 715.
This only works bc i lay everything out the night before, sleep in my gym clothes, and shower at the gym. Also DH does ALL the wakeup/daycare dropoff - literally everyone else is asleep when I tiptoe out. When DD was smaller I would leave out a bottle which would be room temp by the time DD woke up.
I aim for in bed around 9, but usually it's more like 930. I am not usually exhausted by the weeks end - but maybe i am delusional and just ALWAYS exhausted and dont realize it!
The key is to remove yourself from AM responsibilities. Shower the night before and lay out your clothes. Set up the coffeemaker, have all bags packed, etc.
It IS nice to have more time in the afternoons/evenings.
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Re: What time do you wake up for work?

I wake up at either 5:30 or 5:40 (depending on whether or not I hit snooze!). I get myself ready by 6, then wake kids up and get them ready. We are in the car at 6:25 or 6:30, daycare drop off 5 min later, and I am at work a little before 7. I work until 2:50, then run errands and pick girls up between 3:15 and 4pm. Homework, dinner, bath, books, girls in bed by 7:15 (they can read for 20 minutes). I pack lunches and bags at night, so the morning runs smoothly, and I am in bed by 9:30 to read for 30-60 minutes.

DH is overseas right now, so it is all me.
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Re: What time do you wake up for work?

I work 7am-3pm. I wake up at 4:55 and walk out the door at 5:00am. I go to the gym before work -- work out then take my shower there and walk out of the gym at 6:45 to be at work.

Before I was able to do the gym before work I still got up at 5am. I'd be getting ready, eating breakfast, etc until 6am. At 6am I'd be totally ready and could get the babies up if they were awake. I'd have to leave at 6:30am. But they usually don't wake up until 6:30, so I decided to join the gym and go before work because I wouldn't be missing any time with the babies anyway!
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