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Re: The home-schooling dream is over. :(

You aren't dooming him. Many people go to PS and they are just fine! (Myself one of them). I agree with many of the other ladies here that it's not a decision I'd allow my 7 year old to make for himself, but you do have to back what you're husband told him, since it's already done.

Just stay involved in his schooling, his social life, etc..The kids who do best in public school are those with active parents.

And your bedrest and postpartum time is not going to last forever. That time will fly by and once your son sees that he would be able to get back into his HS social activities, he'll probably be begging to come home!


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Re: The home-schooling dream is over. :(

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post

I agree that "meeting boys" and "going to dances" are not good reasons to switch school plans. LOL

If my DH hadn't said anything, I would have just told my 7yo "Ok we'll see." And then just let him forget about it.

But then DH started talking about the good points... and agree that if it's not working out that we'll go back to HSing. I really thought he supported our choice to home-school. Now I feel like he thinks I can't do it, or would be a failure or something. He says that's not it.... but I can't help but partially feel that way. *sigh*

God bless!
Last year for K we started HS'ing, I ended up putting DS in PS around the first part of September b/c we were expecting baby #4 and to be honest I WAS OVERWHELMED! The good news is he adjusted (although it did take a while - it was not overnight - he came in after everyone else was already settled and he was the NEW kid) and he did well in K and learned a lot. He was NOT DOOMED . The bad news is I think he is a follower and has ADHD/ADD was hard on his self-esteem...he was picked on by another kid at one point, but the teacher stopped that. Overall, I think he left having learned a lot, but he felt like he was always getting in trouble. It was not as easy as I thought it would be and we struggled a lot.

In the end he's homeschooling this year for 1st grade...loves it (I do too after last year I know I can make it work ) and says he never wants to go back to his old school (even though he has to take a nap at home).

I too don't think a decision should be left up to a 7 year old, but it should be something that you and DH are in agreement about. When we sent DS back to PS last year I told DH he was going to finish the year there...I didn't want him feeling like things were always changing...he needed some stability.

So, in summary - he'll adjust - he'll do fine and probably even great after he adjust. Don't listen to your in-laws...they aren't the parent - you are and you have to deal with your children everyday. My mom is a teacher and I thought I'd get more flack from her with all the ins and outs of PS and HS we've done over the last year and a half but overall she's been supportive...that's not to say she doesn't send a jab my way every now and then...but...I'm his mom and I have to live with the decisions I make - same goes for you and DH and your DS . I hope that helps...
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I am curious how Christian is doing at school? We always say we will reevaluate each year what we should do school wise so I am always curious how kids adjust after being hs'd.
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Re: The home-schooling dream is over. :(

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
You are not dooming him.

But, I don't think school decisions should be left up to 7 year olds either. And I don't think starting one thing and not finishing is good either.

My 14 year old wants to go to school so she can "go to dances" and meet boys. Ummmm...nope. Sorry kid. Not good enough for me. She threw a fit, and got over it. Her education is too important for her to make decisions based on a dance or boys.

So while I would have put my foot down and said no to school this year if it were my kids, I don't think you are dooming him forever but I do think you should stick out whatever choice you make for the year then reassess next summer.

I am sure he will have fun and learn to fit in.
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