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Re: Velco or Snaps?

We did lots of thought before we bought because tight budget & we have lots of hair and Velcro gets packed with, caught on other stuff, wears out and needs replacement, and kid friendly to take off randomly(good only if potty training and you use your diapers to train instead of pulling off) other wise bad, but great for better sizing choices if no elastic sizing like in legs.

snaps great for kid proof (not getting undone), durability and the no hair clogging and no replacing issue.fine if you have the elastic for legs in case your kid has fat or skinny legs that nothing else fits especially if waist no change much.


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Re: Velco or Snaps?

Snaps. Velcro is good if you are buying a couple covers for newborns but my daughter was easily able to undo velcro at around 8 months. Thankfully most of my covers were snaps. It has taken her until 18 months to be able to get the snaps undone and it still isn't that easy on some of the diapers. I also think snaps look nice and don't catch hair or lint. Occasional defective snap would be the only downside that has bothered me but usually due to the number or snaps this won't mean you can't use the cover anymore, it just doesn't look good.
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Re: Velco or Snaps?

We love velcro as it allows for a more customizable fit. Snaps just haven't worked for our baby with a skinny tummy and chubby thighs.
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Re: Velco or Snaps?

Originally Posted by cantwaitfornumber2 View Post
Velcro/hook & loop/aplix are great for getting the perfect fit BUT

Snaps are great they dont get stuck on other diapers and ruin them! & they tend to last longer, and typically u can still get a good fit!!!
this, except I don't get a good fit with snaps. I just remember to use the laundry tabs.
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Re: Velco or Snaps?

Maybe I'm the only one, but my daughter has NO trouble undoing snaps to get her diaper off, so that's not really a benefit of snaps in my opinion.

I do like that the diapers look a little prettier with snaps, and I did end up converting my stash of all-aplix BG 3.0's to snaps because the velcro was sticking to the diapers in the wash and I felt like it was shortening their life span. But later I regretted the switch because it's hard to get a good fit with snaps if you have a skinny baby, which I do. I MUCH prefer the fit with velcro. Laundry tabs usually don't work all that great, but I read of someone on here cutting strips of velcro to stick directly on the tabs for laundry and that worked much better.
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Re: Velco or Snaps?

Velcro is just easier. Late night changings go way better with velcro. Squirmy baby and velcro make a good match. Husband and velcro make a good match (he is totally intimidated by snaps and when he does use them he usually doesn't get a tight fit).

That being said, I LOVE snaps. I wish all my diapers were snaps. Velcro sticks to everything. Even when using the laundry tabs. This makes them wear out way faster. My newer velcro diapers look way more used than my used snap diapers.
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