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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

I had 7 boys, and then had a girl. I swear every time we leave the house I hear "oh, at least you finally got your girl". I am going to start asking people if they want a few of the boys, since I now have my girl .



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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

WE have two girls. We are now pregnant again and this will almost certainly be our last. I always said I wanted a daughter and I didn't really care too much about the gender makeup of the rest of kids. I could have 1 girl, 2 boys, or whatever, I just wanted the experience of having a girl. I come from a family full of girls so it was important to me. Now that I have two girls, I would love to have a boy just to experience something different. I think my husband would like to have a son, but not enough to get to 4 kids. Honestly, I'd be super happy and content with 3 girls though. I think sisters are awesome. But I'm really pulling for a boy because I would love to avoid these stupid comments. People acted like I should be disappointed when I had our second daughter. As if every family, should consist of a Mom, Dad, one boy, one girl, and a picket fence. So stupid. I've come to the conclusion that people are generally stupid though. It's like when I would get asked all the time if I was pregnant by cashiers at the CVS or supermarket before I was even pregnant. It's like, you don't ask people that unless their water breaks right in front of you!
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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy


We had a girl, then a boy and when we were pg with our 3rd, people asked us, "Why did you want another? You have a boy and a girl! It was perfect!"

Um, I'm so sorry I didn't consult you first. Weird.

I guess people just like t o offer their opinions or something. I really *REALLY* hope I never forget the rude things that were said to me and I never forget how I felt so that I never say those things to another preggo mama.

enjoy your beautiful baby!
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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

Originally Posted by palsmama View Post
People can be stupid! I'm getting really tired of "oh it's a girl, how perfect , one of each, the perfect family! So are you guys done now that you have one of each? " ugh!! NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! So we wouldn't have a perfect family if we had another boy!! Really! I just want people to shut there mouth and say congrats!! We want a healthy baby whether it be a boy or girl!

Congrats on your healthy baby girl!
This is exactly what people said to me when we found out DS was a biy. I was flabbergasted. I wanted another girl so bad and people could not understand that, at all. Really, we would have been happy with either. Who knows if we're done, but the gender of DS was never a part of that equation, KWIM?
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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy


I'm waiting for those comments once we announce our pregnancy. We have two girls now, and I'm sure everyone will assume we are trying for a boy. We don't care one way or the other (I would actually love another girl).
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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

Congratulations on your baby!! I had two boys first and we didn't find out the gender with our 3rd. Yep, everyone from friends to the checker at Walmart would ask "Are you hoping it's a gril?" or "Is this *finally* your girl?" Finally? As if my only reason for procreating were to get a daughter? Are my boys disposable?! I got really sick of it. I thought it was a boy and felt very protective. Well, our 3rd did turn out to be our beautiful baby girl and I was utterly thrilled about it, but I would have loved another sweet boy EVERY bit as much. I'm expecting our 3rd boy this month and some people have actually said "Aw" in a disappointed way when we told them it's a boy. I guess 2 boys and 2 girls is "perfect". I actually was hoping for another boy! I think he will be the perfect addition to our family. I also think people need to mind their business and learn how to ask questions tactfully, or not at all.
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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

Congrats on your baby girl!

We have 2 girls and are expecting a boy and EVERYONE seems to think that we must be so thrilled that we are finally getting our boy I would have been just as thrilled with a girl and a boy is actually making me nervous because I don't know what to expect. Then I get "I bet your husband is really happy it's a boy". No, actually, he thought it was a girl and wanted a third girl.
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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

Boy can I relate to some of you ladies here! We're pregnant with #6, going team green. We have 3 boys & 2 girls. My intuition tells me this one is a girl, which I've been very public about. My girl pregnancies vs. my boy pregnancies are like night & day, and this one has been a carbon copy of my pregnancies with my DD's.

So anyhow... since my intuition has convinced me we're having a girl, everyone assumes I have my heart set on a girl and I will be disappointed if it's a boy.Uhm, not a chance! I honest to goodness have no preference. They love to say, "how are you going to feel if it's a boy?" Well, even more surprised and just as thrilled!" Or, "I'm going to laugh if it comes out a boy." Okay? Well there is a 50% chance it's a boy and a 50% chance it's a girl. So you just might get that laugh... moron. And either way, I'm getting a precious new baby so LOL!

Congrats on your sweet baby girl, mama!
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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

It seems no matter what people can find a rude comment to make to a pregnant woman. Lol if you have boys they think you should have a girl, I you have girls they think you should have a boy, if you have more than two think you are having too many, if you have more than four you start getting rude comments about your intelligence and such (don't you know how that happens? Why yes we do, don't you? Lol)...why can't people just be happy for a new life God is creating and rejoice with the parents to be rather than the rudeness? I don't get it.
we are happy to take all the children God sends us and they are all blessings! Sadly we live in a society that does not see children as blessings, but it matters not what man thinks, God says they are and that settles it!
Tara Joyfully serving Yeshua, Happy helpmeet to my dear husband J, Blessed momma to: J - 15, M - 13, D - 10, R - 3, M - 7/31/12 and praying for more!
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I am pregnant now with our second which will make two boys. We are completely thrilled to have brothers and I am getting a little sick of people insisting we HAVE to have another because don't we NEED a girl?? I think 2 kids is right for us and NO I won't be having another child just so you can possibly buy something pink.

Haha, see ladies, some of us get a hard time for having too many and some for having too few!
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