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Re: Seriously considering PS

Originally Posted by babylove921 View Post
I'm not a HS yet, but this caught my eye. Are you against using derby as a reward and take it away if he doesn't do his work? I've never read Love/Logic but is he capable of understanding logic?

I've worked in a few PS. Usually the time frame is 30 minutes.
Circle/Welcome Time- a song/dance, Calender, 30 minutes outside time, clean up, centers, snack, art, reading, centers, lunch, nap/quiet activities, snack, outside time. Centers till parents come. If you know a PS(before K) who does 2-3 hours of seat work freakin run away.
Right now I am against using derby as a reward or consequence. For Tharen derby is a cross between his PE for homeschool and a therapy. I would not take ST or OT away from my oldest son because he had not finished his work or acted out. He really needs the physical outlet to keep his behavior in check and derby has been the best outlet we have found for him. I think it is a combination of the focus of working with the coach and the two hours of hard skating. He does understand consequences but because of his special needs he has some difficultly controlling his behavior anyway.

Tharen is 6 (will turn 7 in December) and so according to our district should be in 1st grade this year though he actually completed 1st grade several months ago. Most of the local districts are very "teach to test" oriented so there is a lot of time spent on seat work even in these younger grades and children as young as K bring home homework. The Charter school my oldest attended for a year was a bit better, they got 2 recesses (morning and afternoon assuming the weather permitted) and 2 specials each day. That was for the K and 1st grade kids though. I don't know what it looked like for the 2nd graders.

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
Please don't take this the wrong way - but thank you for posting this . You have helped me so much in the past with your post so I know you've been doing this a long time and it is just encouraging to hear that you still struggle like I do some days . I'm sorry it's you today (lately) but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing!
I certainly don't have it all figured out yet. Every time I think I know what I'm doing one of my kids throws me for a loop, just like in the rest of parenting. I have had to totally change my outlook on schooling for Tharen but things are getting better (I think). We haven't had any fighting this week and we are getting most of our subjects covered even if it is in a less conventional way. I just have to accept some loss of control. But this is my issue not his and that is something I need to accept. At some point I hope we can work in some more traditional schooling as well but if we don't I at least hope to learn to be ok with that. I'm glad that my posts can be helpful to you. I am always grateful for the support I find on this forum.


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So glad to see the past week has been better!!

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Re: Seriously considering PS

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
I'm not sure what to say, but I wanted to offer hugs.

Do you think that if you sent him, he would realize how much better HS'ing is? Or, maybe he would be more willing to learn with someone that isn't you?

I don't have any advice, but I don't think trying out PS would be horrible either. Good luck sorting it out. More
This. My son went to PS through 5th grade and hated it. A couple of other children in the neighborhood were homeschooled and that is what he wanted so we tried it. He is in 8th grade this year. He has seen how bad PS can be and really appreciates homeschool, his attitude is so much better now.
OP Sorry no real advice, I hope everything works out to be what is best for you and your son.
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Re: Seriously considering PS

I was feeling like this very much last year. My son didn't want to do anything I suggested. We were using Saxon and he fought me every single day when it was time for math. He actually didn't do much of what I had planned. Most of the materials I bought last year went untouched. What I did was I went to the library and checked out fables and fairy tales. I started out just reading to them, and we got deep into the stories by the end of the year. I let my kids help write alternative endings and we acted out plays. I knew he was understanding by how he could recall the stories. I also let him pick out things he wanted to read. I would pick out movies to watch about plants or mammals for science and we didn't do a ton of history. I also just started playing games with him. We played so many card games and I realized he was learning a lot from them. My son is a very hands on learner and he is very wiggly. I have changed my style of homeschooling almost completely since last fall and that is the only way it is working now. I bought him the unifix cubes as well and he also loves pattern books and I bought him several sets of cards to go with them. I pull them out when he is resistant. When we do skip counting, we stand up and do uppercuts while we count. We also practice spelling or math facts while throwing a balk to one another or on a hike. These are a few things I have learned that helped me. Oh, and both of my boys love listening to books on cd (right now it is story of the world) and they either draw or build with Legos while they listen. I will put it on and they listen better while actively doing something else.
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