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How do you do it?

Keep your house tidy and laundry done, that is?

I went on vacation for 10 days, and now I feel like I'll never catch up. I have a mountain of laundry waiting to be folded, plus the piles to be washed, stuff everywhere needing to be put away. We have given bags and bags of stuff to goodwill but it's still everywhere. We have added storage solutions to organize what's left, and it helps, but I feel like I barely keep up from week to week, and once I fall behind, I'm ruined It's like my house explodes by the end of the week...I can't imagine what I'll do after our second is born...


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Usually I clean a zone per day. Usually while DH is doing bathtime.

As for laundry, I dunno, I just do it. It takes time, but I guess I figure I have no choice.

It seems like it never ends. Well, it never does end. But if I just try to do 1 area of the house a day, it atleast seems manageable instead of overwhelming.

It's hard when you come home from a vacation.
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We have 8 kids and are ALWAYS doing laundry and cleaning. I do 3-4 loads a day. My kids start helping when they are old enough. We do clean throughs 2-3 times a day where they pick up stuff that gets brought out.

I run the dishwasher 2-3 times a day. I keep the dishes put up or in the dishwasher, can't stand dishes piled up. I can't function in a mess so try to keep up.

That said when we get back from vacations an weekend camping trips, all bags go back to the laundry room and everything gets washed and put up from there.

Our set chores are... My 9yo dd takes the garbage from the house to the trash cans outside. My 12yo unloads the dishwasher, my 17 yo olds and outs away towels. They all 3 take turns sweeping the kitchen and dining room when needed, usually 2-3 times a day. My 9yo and 7yo take turns setting and clearing the table, which includes wiping the table and chairs out. The little ones help. They all put up their clean laundry, the older ones help the little ones. My 9yo dd loves to mop so she does that. They are all responsible for cleaning their own bedrooms.

I always load the dishwasher. I am picky about it. I also wash all the pots and pans. I do all the laundry, again I am picky about it. I fold it all and hang it up then they put it up. I usually do the vacuuming just because I like to make sure the couches are flipped back and cleaned out from under and vacuumed under. I clean my bathroom and my 17yo dd cleans the kids bathrooms.

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I have lots of routines in place that make it automatic. I do certain cleaning tasks in certain days. I do laundry on certain days every week. Monday is my laundry, Tuesday is household laundry and Friday is kids. I have a 30 day meal plan for all meals plus snacks that never changes. I grocery shop every Saturday (make a list on Friday night). I have a binder on top of my fridge that contains my cleaning schedule and meal plan. It also has a big checklist of all the sort of seasonal household maintenance things that we need to do each summer, winter, etc.

The trick is to develop routines that work for your life, write them down nd put them in a prominent place so you'll see them, then just do them. After awhile it just becomes habit and you don't need to look at the schedule anymore.
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Re: How do you do it?

1 kiddo here, so it's easy for me.
A load of laundry is usually going once a day, wether it be whites, colors, work clothes or diapers. Some days are 2 loads. Folding laundry is the only thing that takes any time, and for me, it's no more than 10 minutes, maybe 15 if DS is *helping*.
Bed gets made upon waking up. Dishes are always rinsed and put in the dish washer as they go in. I clean up as I cook, so I don't have a huge mess at the end. (DF does not do this, and she's the trained chef.)

We've slowly but consistently uncluttered our lives over the past 18-24 months. We've never been ones to really accumulate a lot of stuff, but we still managed to really whittle down our possessions to things we actually use/need.
It's really made the drastic changes that come with having our first child much easier to manage, and he seems to function well without getting overwhelmed by too many possessions.

I can imagine with more kids, I would have to soften up and let things go a bit more on the day to day side of things, but with 1 it's been easy.
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Re: How do you do it?

I wish I was one of those people who could clean on a schedule, but I suck a it.

As far as cleaning is concerned, I have someone come in every other week and then work my butt off to maintain it. It's hard because my daughter enjoys waking in the morning and playing by herself in her room for a while. Great for my sleep, awful for keeping her room tidy. Also my husband works 14 hours a day and when he gets home he wants to go through the mail have a snack and a beer strip down to shorts leaving a mess of dirty clothes, ripped envelopes, and dirty dishes in his wake. Yeah. So I Take it easy during the day, do a load or two of laundry, and then when the sun begins to set I do a pass on every room in the house. If your house is clean to begin with then it should be about ten minutes per room.

As far as the laundry...let me know when you figure it out. I just try really hard not to be to hard on myself about it because it just never ends. I just unpacked today from a trip we got back from last Monday. I almost always have something in the washer or dryer waiting for me. I will say that investing in a new washer dryer has really cut down on the time it takes to wash and dry something. It takes me just over an hour to get a load from hamper to dresser.
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Once or twice a year, when laundry gets backed up, I send it out. Laundromats have wash and fold service. It's well worth the money for me!
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I do a load a day vs doing a bunch at the end of the week. Each group has its own laundry basket. Towels, DHs uniforms (police), regular clothes, DSs clothes, etc. when one bin is full, it gets washed and put away that day.
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Originally Posted by brookglen
I will say that investing in a new washer dryer has really cut down on the time it takes to wash and dry something. It takes me just over an hour to get a load from hamper to dresser.
Wow, that would change my life! What washer/dryer do you have??
Wife to my best friend , SAHM to DD1 (4/15/10) and DD2 (5/16/13)
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Once the kids hit 2ish they help. Its not prefect but with practice they get it. I wash dishes everyday-at least once- and since we dont have a dishwasher dd1(7) now pitches in 2-3 times a wk. The girls are now responsible for the upstairs(except the bathroom). They pick up their own rooms, pick up the school room, and dd1 sweeps/vacuums. Before they were old enough to help I just did a little at a time. The living room one day, the kitchen the next, bathrooms the day after ect. I hate dusting so we have almost no knick-knacks and clutter is kept to a minium(moving 2x in 16mos helped a ton with that lol). Im not the best house keeper by far! and dh realizes that and luckily dh is prefectively happy with me being more attentive to the girls then spend their childhood scrubing base boards
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