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Re: Intensity of pushing

I loved reading all of these comments. Sooooo interesting. I am actually very quiet during labor and like to be left alone during labor, even delivery, actually. But, boy, I have let out a HUGE scream as I pushed all five of my children out. I just did what was natural, but I have a audio tape of one and that scream - wow.

I had all five of my children "au natural" No epidurals, no pitocin, etc. I could get through the labors okay - I need to be up and walking around and left alone. But that pushing - I remember each of them like it was yesterday. That crazy feeling - its indescribable.

My theory is that since my labor an deliveries have all been really fast - yes it wasn't dragged out - but I think my body has no time to deal with the intensity. I've gone from 6 to having the baby #4 in 15 minutes - thankfully the nurse caught her with one glove while I stood next to the bed. Baby #2 was born in the foyer - I was walking out the door (well clutching the door knob) and felt his head between my legs. They've all been fast and memorable - all five. I also tear every time - maybe because its so fast?

I never "pushed" either, as some have said. I just let my body go and screamed. Ha!


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Re: Intensity of pushing

1st was hardest,i pushed for 30 mins when they told me to. i was laying on my back

2nd also laying on my back. i felt like it was time since the epi didnt kick in, they called the dr in and the dr did massage while the baby crowned. i pushed 11 mins

3rd i was in a birth tub on my knees hugging dh. it literally was like doing 2 kegels and she slipped right out. i think positioning makes a huge difference i dont understand why they make women lay on their backs when other positions are more effective
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Re: Intensity of pushing

With my first, the epi failed completely, but the pushing part, while painful as heck, was not awful. I was in control for the most part and while intense, it was under control. With my second, the epi worked ok, so my labor was great. I slept and chatted with DH. However, when I got to 10cm, all hell broke loose. I had so.much.pressure. My body just took over and I was sobbing and panicking because I couldn't control anything at all. He just slipped out in about 3 pushes. The pressure was just insane. He's nearly 14mths old and I can still remember that part like it was yesterday.

ETA: I also love labor and delivery. Pregnancy is not good for me(SICK the whole time), but birth was amazing and exhilirating(yes, even in a hospital and with meds). I'd have a whole passel if all I had to do was birth them and could skip the whole pregnancy thing.
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Re: Intensity of pushing

Transition was intense, but pushing wasn't. I stood and pushed though, so maybe that had something to do with it. Laying down probably would have been intense for me.
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I was so worried about pushing with my second because my first took 3 hours - of pushing - 12 hours total labor. I had to have oxygen, I couldn't tell when contractions were starting or stopping, I tore. She kept withdrawing. It was miserable. I kept saying over and over, "This is NOT going to work." Then DD2 came in 3 pushes and about 2 seconds.
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Re: Intensity of pushing

My first just felt like pooping....(epi and 4lbs 9ozs)
My second I felt just enough to know my pushes where moving him (epi and 6 lbs 2 ozs).
My third (no epi and 7lbs 14ozs) was totally embarrassing b/c I couldn't push right and was screaming my head off. I was very unprepared for transition and labor to be so fast that my mind was reeling in shock and this guy was about 4 lbs larger then my first and about 2lbs larger then my second. The way I acted during the stitches for my tear is rather embarrassing as well.
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I had a pitocin induced labor and was unprepared for the intensity of those back to back contractions coupled with exhaustion from being awake for a couple of days.

Honestly, the pushing was a relief. The burning "ring of fire" feeling made me nervous but my midwife kept assuring me it was normal and I wasn't tearing. The pushing took the pain of the contractions away. I didn't have an Epi but I did have a shot of nubain (sp?). DD was 8lbs and I'm pretty petite and I'd say the pushing was the easiest part for me.
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DD1 had epi, episiotomy, and vacuum. Couldn't feel a darn thing so they had to tell me when to push and I doubt I pushed very effectively. DD2 had epi but could feel pressure before pushing but no urge and while I didn't need any "help" I think it's because she was so small. DD3 &4 had natural water births and I def felt an urge to push! DD3 I was a little unprepared for since it was my 1st natural and I didn't know how it was gonna be. I remember saying "I can't do this!" but of course I did. DD4 I was more relaxed and knew I could do it and what to expect so it didn't seem as "hard" and the intensity/pain of delivery seemed less.
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Re: Intensity of pushing

Originally Posted by CutiePatootiesMama View Post
I actually tried to run away and tell them that I wasn't going to do it. (haha I scooted back in the birthing tub as far as I could get).
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I was in labor 27 hours... And pushed for 2 hours straight without drugs. It was SO intense... I was exhausted and my eyes were blood shot. She had to be suctioned out, but found out I have very very narrow hips and a tiny birth canal. It's the craziest thing... Just glad my baby's here and I didn't have to have a c section. Doctor told me it was the most complicated birth in her 15 years of delivering.
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