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I do laundry when I can, a load here and there. I do at least one load/day. DH helps fold and put away sometimes. I clean here and there, when I have the time. So there is no set cleaning schedule. But something is getting done every day.

It helps that we live in a little one floor house

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Re: How do you do it?

I don't really. We are a minimalist family so we own very few things, including clothing. That really helps. I have some organizing needing to be done right now but the key for us has been to not have much stuff.
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Originally Posted by Leiiki

Wow, that would change my life! What washer/dryer do you have??
Samsung High Efficiency front loaders. They play you a little tune when they are done! It takes less time to dry something than it does to wash something. I was sold.
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I have a m-f cleaning schedule where I do specific tasks each day. I do laundry m and th. I tried to do it as it came up and that didn't work for me. I felt like I was akwaus folding/putting away and it drove me nuts. I do diapers ever 3 days but diapers don't bug me.
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Re: How do you do it?

My house isn't the pinnacle of cleanliness, but it's pretty tidy most of the time. I just take the extra 5 minutes to clean up behind the kids as we go about our day, that helps a ton. I take at least 30 minutes to clean during nap time, and we spend a lot of time outside. Laundry is touch and go, sometimes. The other day I went to throw something down the laundry chute and it wouldn't go, I thought there was something stuck, but nope - I actually had three stories worth of laundry built up. Took forever to get rid of that mountain.
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Re: How do you do it?

Originally Posted by brookglen View Post
Samsung High Efficiency front loaders. They play you a little tune when they are done! It takes less time to dry something than it does to wash something. I was sold.
I have samsung front loaders and I love them. What wash cycle are you using because mine take an hour? There is a quick cycle but I've never used it. Drying time is super fast because so much water is spinned out. Drying time is usually around 25 minutes on medium. I can get laundry done faster though just because of how much you can get into the washer and dryer. I can fit way more clothes into it than my old top loader. Less loads makes it get done quicker.

I have a set schedule for cleaning. Bathrooms one day, bedrooms one day. Living room and dining room one day, kitchen one day. Everything gets done on a weekly basis except the basement, I do that every other week. I do 1-2 loads of laundry a day.

Here are my tips for making things easier. I tidy every day. At the end of the day I walk through the house and put things away. This makes cleaning easier because everything is already put away. I can just clean a room and be done rather than having to spend 30 minutes trying to tidy the room before I can even clean it. Ds is responsible for keeping his room and the basement tidy. He has to pick his stuff up before he goes to bed. I run my dishwasher every night regardless of how full it is. There are only 3 of us so it isn't always full every night. But I run it anyway so that I can empty it first thing in the morning and it is ready to put dirty dishes in it all day long. That way I don't have dishes piling up in the kitchen while I am waiting for the dishwasher to run during the day. Beds are made as soon as we get up. I feel like having the beds made just sets the tone for the day and that in itself makes the rest of the house feel pretty clean. Laundry gets folded and put away as soon as it is finished drying. Things that need to be ironed get put in a basket unless I am ironing that day. I only iron twice a week.

Really though it is a matter of being disiplined to keep up with little stuff. A few things left out on the counter isn't a big deal but it can quickly become 20 things and take over the kitchen. One basket of laundry left unfolded can become a mountain of unfolded laundry. Little things become monumental tasks. It only takes 5-10 minutes to fold and put a basket of laundry. But when it is 3-4 loads of laundry, a quick task becomes one that takes 45 minutes.

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Re: How do you do it?

The best tip is to NEVER get behind. I do certain loads of laundry every single day. I always know which ones need to be washed today, and then which one tomorrow, etc. While the babies bathe I clean the bathroom. We clean up the kitchen/floors immediately after each meals. Basically if you just get yourself into a routine and stay in it you'll never get behind and your house will just automatically stay clean and tidy.

ETA: Obviously when you get home from vacation it is different. We usually try to get to our house by mid afternoon and then we work our butts off and try to make sure everything is done before we go to bed!

Also - I have a Samsung FL and it does have a cycle that takes only 30 minutes, but I don't know that it would clean all of your laundry very well. I use Eco-Cold for our clothes, Normal for our towels/sheets and Heavy Duty or Sanitize for diapers.

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Re: How do you do it?

I'm a WOHM, but we have a daily routine for tidiness, and we have someone come in every two weeks to do a deep clean.

Our routine:
After DS goes to bed:
1. Spray daycare poopy diapers.
2. Start the initial diaper rinse.
3. Make lunches for the family for the next day.
4. Start the diapers washing.
5. Pick up toys.
6. Do the dishes/start the dishwasher.
7. Fold previous days diapers. (They will already be in a laundry basket).
8. Fold previous days laundry (there will be load of clothes in the laundry).
--I can do these while watching TV. My "downtime". --

In the morning:
1. First thing: put diapers in the dryer.
2. Unload dishwasher.
3. Put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. (Having an empty dishwasher and dishes in the sink drives me BONKERS, but my husband does it every morning anyway.)
4. Gather up the previous days laundry from around the house (including the mornings PJs).
5. Before leaving put a load of clothes in the washing machine on delay start (8 hrs so they will just be finishing when I get home.)
6. Restart diapers drying again. (Some take two cycles to get completely dry.

Upon arriving home, but before going to pick up DS. (I bike to work, so home is a stop off before pick up)
1. Put diapers in laundry basket, pull out tomorrow's daycare diapers to take with me to pickup.
2. Put load of clothes in dryer.

In the evening the only "chore" is dinner. Nothing else gets done until DS goes to bed as we want to make every moment we are all together "count".

Yes, I do diapers everyday even though I've got enough diapers to last me a week. Although not enough of the type I send to daycare. That I only have 2 1/2 days worth, so unless I wanted to start sending different types, I do it everyday. I like it that way though, because nothing starts to build up. If it isn't part of the daily routine, I'll put it off too long.
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I'm still figuring it out. We just put our house on the market, so I am cleaning every room everyday (some rooms multiple times, obviously) and doing at least 3 loads of laundry per day. I'm 2 loads behind on folding at the moment. I am finding it is possible, just exhausting. We also are getting a lot of take out to cut down on mess

If I do get behind, though, I have to have help to catch up. And for now I have passed yard work on to hubby. 3-4days a week my 14yo sister is watching the boys for an hour for me to clean. And I am trying to teach her to pick up after herself, which is a battle.
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Re: How do you do it?

It usually hits me hard to after being out of town, it's always a feel days of playing catch up, but other than that I usually do ok. I wash laundry as the hamper or diaper pail is full, and usually fold at the end of the day when DH is home and can watch the kids. I do every day picking up (dishes, wipe counters, make bed) when both boys are being well behaved and I can quickly do a clean up, and deeper cleaning like toilets and tubs wait until the weekend when DH is home.
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