View Poll Results: Did your kids go "Back to Sleep"?
Yes, my kids always slept on their backs. 19 22.89%
My kids slept on their sides. 6 7.23%
Tummy sleepers, here! 14 16.87%
They slept in the position they were happiest (back, side, or tummy) 44 53.01%
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Originally Posted by aimeeturd
Dark circles under their eyes, a red ring around their anus, a cough, congestion after nursing, and there can be blood in their stool.
She has none of these symptoms, so it must not be an allergy. My DD1 had reflux, so I'm beginning to suspect that.


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Originally Posted by MarchMama2010
Mine both scrunched up onto their sides when they were sleeping by the time they were two weeks old, so I left them that way.
This. We also did a Summer Infant SwaddleMe until he started rolling over completely... Then we thought it was more dangerous to have his arms/legs bound up, so we just started wrapping with a receiving blanket. He slept exclusively on his tummy probably around 4-5 months, and whenever he would decide to roll over before that. I didn't intentionally put him on his tummy, but never moved him out of whatever sleeping position he chose.
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Re: Back to sleep, or not?

Originally Posted by aimeeturd View Post
I'm so paranoid about SIDS that DS only sleeps on his back, HOWEVER when he was in the NICU he slept on his stomach as a lot of NICU babies do. I had a NICU nurse tell me that they breath better while sleeping on their stomachs. Go figure!
I asked the nurses about this because I freaked out when I saw my son sleeping on his tummy and they told me that it was ok becausenthey had an alarm system on him so nothing would happen. She said it gave my son rest and helped his lungs heal, but by the time he left, he should sleep on his back and be strong enough to.
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Originally Posted by Vivhop98

I asked the nurses about this because I freaked out when I saw my son sleeping on his tummy and they told me that it was ok becausenthey had an alarm system on him so nothing would happen. She said it gave my son rest and helped his lungs heal, but by the time he left, he should sleep on his back and be strong enough to.
Exactly. Yes, tummy sleeping puts them Ina deeper, restful sleep. Much like alot of adults. But anything done in hospitals, we must remember they are MONITORED. And I'm a hard core stomach sleeper. Yet, pregnant, I manage to get rest as I adjust to my side.
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Re: Back to sleep, or not?

I let my children sleep however they wished. With my first 2 they much preferred to sleep on their backs.

My youngest has reflux and much preferred his tummy.

A pp mentioned since the back to sleep campaign SIDS deaths have been reduced to only
50%. I have wondered if the SIDS deaths were being over diagnosed before because of lack of education. Suffocation or other types of deaths being called SIDS when it really wasn't SIDS. Also parents are more aware of SIDS so watch their infants more closely. Consider the moniter mentioned by another poster. This wasn't available previously. Or at least not commonly available.
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I read through the replies and looked at the poll- big difference. Looks like more people fight for back to sleep than actually do it. My kids slept however. Once they can turn on their own the risk is reduced anyway and most of mine did that early. Ydd slept a long time on mom or dad- she would not sleep otherwise except once in a while when swaddled. Once she would sleep off of us we co slept and she lay however.

SIDS is scary and over reported. Some of the drop in SIDS was probably due to suffocation deaths that were prevented due to back to sleep- a good reason in and of itself to promote back to sleep even if certain babies can eventually be determined to be at risk while others are determined to be not at risk.
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I put my girls down on their backs, but figure once they are big enough to roll it's not worth fighting them. Dd2 is still figuring out rolling, but DD1 would immediately roll over on her tummy if she was sleepy when I put her down once she could roll both ways.

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Originally Posted by Kiliki
All my babies slept on tummies since newborn. I never worried, not even a little bit.

SIDS is a very mysterious disease and no one can really say what causes it. There are a LOT of other risks factors to consider besides just sleep positioning.

Did your baby have resp issues after birth? Was your baby premature? Does your family have a history of asthma or other resp issues? Does anyone in your household smoke? Is your baby sleeping in your bed with you? Is your baby sleeping with soft bedding? Are you breast or bottle feeding? Is your baby a twin or multiple? Are you a teen mom? Is your child male?

If you answer no to all of these questions, your SIDS risk is really low.

SIDS is a lot more complex than just back or tummy sleeping. Unfortunately, SIDS is still really misunderstood. A lot of deaths are MIS-labeled as SIDS. We don't know what actually causes SIDS. So there are a lot of studies showing correlation, but none of them show CAUSATION. A death caused by a baby suffocating is unfortunate, but it is NOT SIDS. It's a suffocation death, not unexplained.

Here are some links about SIDS:

I personally feel that in a family with no previous history of serious health issues, no asthma or breathing problems, no substance abuse, no smoking, in a healthy infant, born at term with a normal birth weight, SIDS is not really something to worry too much about.
I wish I had this understanding and piece with my first two. I fought them for month wanting them on their back when they wanted tummy. With my third I now have the exact opinion of this quite. We are all much more rested.

ETA: My babies would go upwards of ten hours awake when I kept putting them on their backs and on their tummy would sleep well. For me if they are so tired that their brain cannot develop properly they needed to be on their tummy. There was no learning curve to teach them how to back sleep. They simply could not. We tried everything with our first two.

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Re: Back to sleep, or not?

My kids slept in the swing, and were on their backs. In the crib, most of the time they got over on their sides as soon as they were able.
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Re: Back to sleep, or not?

My kids sleep in whatever position they sleep best, and it scares the crap outta me sometimes.

For me, this is one of those areas of "perceived risk" vs "actual risk." I would NEVER EVER bedshare with an infant. For my sense of risk, that is just way too dangerous. However, I will, if I feel like it's the only way to get them to sleep, lay them in their cradle right next to me on their tummies. To my sense of risk, while there is still a risk in doing that, I perceive less risk. The reality though is that I don't have a clue how the risk of one compares to the risk of the other. I do though still wake up like every hour or two, even when they are sleeping longer stretches on their own, just to check on them to be sure they are breathing.

My oldest is 16, so she was a baby right when the first "back to sleep" campaigns started. Back then it was side or back, of course they have removed side sleep from the suggestion. She started out sleeping on her side, then very quickly learned to roll over. She was 2 weeks old the first time she rolled over, and I think sleep had everything to do with that.

My second one slept all night long, very early, because she only slept on her tummy.

DD3 really does sleep just however and always has. Sometimes on her back, sometimes on her side, sometimes on her tummy. She's my best sleeper out of the 3.
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