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is it possible that whey in formula could cause a baby problem?

dd is 9months old. i have wanted to get her on an organic for sometime now. she is incredibly constipated on similac sensitive, however doctor does not want her on nutramigen.
i tried to transition her to baby's only dairy in april, and she seemed to tolerate, but with all the arsenic, etc, I didn't complete that transition.

in july I began transitioning her to holle, a European organic, and she would throw it up at night. like vomit coming out her nose, not spit up, throw up.
so i kept her on sensitive.

a couple weeks ago, with this constipation issue, i tried to transition her to goodstart soothe, which has 30% lactose, but whey protein as an ingredient (which similac does not) and she threw that up too. so i did not complete that transition.
I have 4 big tubs of sensitive left (so about 4 weeks) and I'd like to try get her on an organic.
Similac organic?? (does not have whey, I know reduced lactose)
baby's only??
and could the whey be causing these issues, not the lactose?? (as she seemed to do ok on baby's only dairy even though that was a while ago)
earths best sensitive?
Any thoughts/ideas??


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Re: is it possible that whey in formula could cause a baby problem?

Yes it is very possible. That's why there are prescription formula's with completely broken down whey in them like Elecare. Have you tried Nutramigen or Alimentum? They are both hypoallergenic. You could also try Similac Sensitive before you go to those. But it could be milk protein that she has a problem with. I'd try Nutramigen or Alimentum first before going to a prescription like Elecare or Neocate. The milk protein in them are completely broken down. Elecare and Neocate would take a doctor prescription with testing and they are very pricey.

My DD has issues with something in regular formula and it really aggravated her silent reflux. She is doing great on Nutramigen!

OH, there is Earths Best Sensitive Formula now that is Organic if you prefer that. Honestly, I'd do whatever she tolerates. Sometimes you really can't choose. I'd love to use organic, but DD really only tolerates Nutramigen.
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Re: is it possible that whey in formula could cause a baby problem?

Have you ever thought about making your own formula? I wish I could find the link :headbang: But a friend of a friend's baby couldn't tolerate any formula o the market and was very under weight. So I gave my friend this recipe( which I wish I could find) and he did great! Gained weight and was happy! Just food for thought.
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Re: is it possible that whey in formula could cause a baby problem?

At that age with those problems, I would just put her on goats milk and baby/soft food. Good luck!
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Re: is it possible that whey in formula could cause a baby problem?

What your doctor WANTS does not necessarily mean that's what's best. What is his/her reason for not wanting your baby on Nutramigen?

I would first try either a hypo-allergenic formula...Nutramigen or Alimentum or a soy formula. Most babies can handle those just fine. Some babies, however, can't tolerate even those. The hypo-allergenic ones are still milk-based, though very broken down. And the soy, about 50% of those with diary allergies also have problems with soy. Again though, most do fine on those and I would bet that your daughter would (I say that because she's been on dairy formula for 9 months and overall, she's done fine). Mine did not. Mine continued to have reflux, constant diarrhea, and weight loss. He needed an amino-acid based (elemental) formula. He has been on Neocate since 5 months and has done great since.

For the record, with Neocate (I don't know about Elecare), you do not need a doctor's prescription. You can order directly through the company, though it is expensive. But if you would want to try to get insurance to cover it (some will) or you want to apply for WIC, you would need the prescription (even for Nutramigen/Alimentum). You don't need testing for a doctor to suggest it or prescribe it either (some doctors, yes, others no). My bet is, your child's doctor would not, but I did want to clarify that since we've been down this road!
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Re: is it possible that whey in formula could cause a baby problem?

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Re: is it possible that whey in formula could cause a baby problem?

my ds would have reacted to it. he was breastfed, but reacted to any dairy i had (whey, casein, anything), and then on his own as well. he would have had to be on one of those formulas a pp mentioned. at 4 he started outgrowing it, and at 5, hes now ok with nearly all dairy, but still drinks soy milk
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