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What do you consider a fever?

When you you say your child has a fever? At what temp do you medicate?



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I dont really. It has gotten up over 104ish and as long as she is able to rest I let the fever do its job. Much higher than that and I would get a little concerned. She is 4 mind you, I would never let a little one go that high without calling or taking them in.
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Re: What do you consider a fever?

Well, I think anything 99* and up is a "fever" however, I wouldn't think of it as a big deal until it got to be like 100.5/101 etc. ETA: I mean I wouldn't consider it being sick until 100.5/101. I don't necessarily worry until 103/104ish.

At the same time, if my kid is miserable, I am willing to medicate, fever or not. To me the medication, be it tylenol or a cold med or whatever, is about helping the child FEEL better, not about attacking the fever or cold or anything. If they need antibiotics or whatever, that comes from the doc, but OTC meds are about feeling better around here. When I have a headache or muscle ache, I am willing to take a tylenol or advil or whatever, and I am not going to force my child to suffer through pain or feeling crappy when I wouldn't do the same.
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Re: What do you consider a fever?

Over 100.4 is a fever to me. I usually only medicate if it's over 101, or if they seem to be really bothered by it. Like dd3 throws up any time she gets a fever, so I keep the Tylenol or Motrin going to keep her from throwing up because once she starts it's hard to get any meds to stay down.
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Re: What do you consider a fever?

Depends on the age of the child and other circumstances.

A newborn I will not be happy over 100.
An older baby or child 101.0 I medicate. Over 104 and I call the doctor. Over 105 and I will take the child to the ER.

Now if the child had other illnesses then I would treat accordingly. When I was going through cancer treatments they didn't want me going over 100.2. If I did (which I did do) they wanted me to call the doctor on call. I monitored it and when it got over 101 I was hospitalized. Turns out I had what they call a neutrapenic fever and was in the hospital for 3 days (though I felt fine after about 12 hours). First time in my life I went to the ER and didn't wait. I basically had no white blood cells so they isolated me ASAP.

Ordinarily I wouldn't treat myself with a fever over 100.2 but you do what you have to do!
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A fever is 100.4 or above for me. That doesnt mean I automatically medicate though. If thats their temp and are absolutely miserable then yes, I will give meds. However if they have a 103 temp but are just kinda blah, want to veggie, ect tyen I wont give meds. I try to let their bodies work it out but if they feel like total crap then I try to give them some relief no matter what the themometer says.
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Re: What do you consider a fever?

So far, I've almost never seen a 99ish fever in my kids that didn't just keep going up (DD has rarely been sick, but when she's sick it's big - HFM, pneumoia that ended up in a hospitalization, etc). Mine are old enough that I medicate when they say they don't feel good. It takes a lot to stop them so if they're laying on the couch feeling miserable, I know it's pretty awful.

I also keep them home for anything over normal - DS stayed home from school 3 days total last year, one ear infection and two for a stomach bug (started over the weekend, he was actually fine by the 2nd day but it was Valentine's Day - I was NOT sending him to school for all that junk when he had only been eating for 24 hours).
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Re: What do you consider a fever?

In my house, a fever is when I hold my child and think, "hmm, you feel abnormally warm and aren't sweating." Usually it is confirmed by a thermometer.

I medicate the child instead of the number on the thermometer though. If the child is not acting miserable, I just allow it to run its course. If the child *is* miserable or refusing to eat/drink when there are not digestive issues presenting, I medicate.

We actually dealt with a fever last evening. DS2 was running a lowgrade fever and not eating so we medicated him so he would eat something for dinner. He ate great, went to bed, and at about midnight, the medicine wore off and the fever came back pretty fast and furious. Poor little guy was shaking like crazy so we gave him another dose. Fever broke a little while later and he tossed and turned until he cooled off. I am tired and looking forward to a nap!

ETA: My kids stay home from school, church, extra curriculars, social events if they are above normal. I will take them on errands if necessary. That said, at school they have to be 100 or above to be sent home sick.
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Re: What do you consider a fever?

A fever is 100.4+ but I medicate based on symptoms and not on the number. If they are 104 and bouncing around like normal, they don't get meds; if they are 102 and miserable, they do. The exception of that rule is DS who is not NT and we manage his fevers more carefully than his sisters; he gets ibuprofen if he's febrile at all.
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Re: What do you consider a fever?

Our pedi always says they don't consider it a fever if its under 100 so that is what we follow. That is when you're home from school/activities for 24 hours. Slightly raised, under 100 - you can go to school/activities if you feel up to it.

As for when we medicate. There is no specific number. I'll medicate during the day if they are just plain miserable and want some relief. If they are just tired I let it go. I will typically medicate at bedtime just so they get a good nights sleep but if they seem like they'll pass out at bedtime no matter what I leave them be. That being said I've never had a kid get a fever over 102 so I don't know what I'd do if they got a really high fever (besides panic a bit because it is so unheard of).
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