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Turned M a few weeks after he turned 4. I plan to RF the others to 4 as well.

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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?


DD was rfing full-time in all cars until 3.5
From 3.5-4.5 she was rfing in all cars except DH's Miata (1 ride every 2-3 mths)
At 4.5 she started booster-training due to a broken arm, but was still rfing in the main car.
Now at 5y0.5m, she is rfing in the main car and in a hbb in all other cars.

DS is still rfing in all cars. He is 3y2.5m, 35.25" tall, and 26lbs. He rides rfing in a Radian XTSL, a TFP, and 2 Avenues.
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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?

All my kiddos are RF at the moment. DS1 will be turning on his birthday. Not because we want to or he's not happy RFing but because he hit the height limit in his radian.
DS2 and 3 will RF until they reach the limits of there carseats.
I wouldn't turn a child that small personally. My Dh also wouldn't even give it a second thought if people were saying stuff. He would ignore them. We do it all the time. We want our kids safe and just because other people are uneducated about rear facing and can't shut up is no reason to turn them. I'm guessing your DS is saying something because he hears your DH saying stuff about turning him.
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Originally Posted by Jallia
Thanks for all your replies! Most of the comments DH has gotten have been while dropping DS off at preschool, from other moms dropping off their 2 and 3-year-olds. Some of my other family members have asked why he's still RF and after telling them about studies I've read and how much safer kids of ERF European countries are, they seemed to get it. The plan is to keep him RF as long as he doesn't seem to mind, or until DH annoys me enough about it. I'm really patient though (I teach little kids) so it may be a while! :P
No one have every questioned me on it but DH does get comments. He usually says "its safer and we'll keep then rearfacing as long as possible so that are the safest they can be."
DS is 2 1/2 and is still RFing. Hes 38in and a little under 30lbs. He'll be RFing till he out grows his seat (a Radian).
DD is 15 months and she'll be RFing till she out grows her seat as well (a Radian).

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sadly I didn't know about ERFcing and turned DS1 around at 1 😔 he was so tiny . With Ds2 he just turned a year old today 😃 and he will be ERFing until 4 . DH says until he meets the weight limit on the carseats which one is 40lbs the other is 33lbs . Im okay with that but plan on buying a radian to Rear face longer .... DH just doesn't know it yet 😉
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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?

Rf until 4and10 month. At five year check up he weighed 33 pounds and 39 inches tall.

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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?

My twins are 2yr3months. No end in sight. DH is always saying he wants to keep them RFing to 45lbs since we bought the seats for that...but that would probably be like 7 or 8 for them.
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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?

ds1 i turned him when he was 20 lbs. i think he was a year and half. i had no clue about ERF 12 years ago

ds2 age 6.5 when he hit 40 lbs

dd is still RF and will until she's 45 lbs or cant fit the height of her seat
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Dd1 was just shy of 3, she hit 36lbs and her seat only went to 35lbs. Dd2 is only 5mos so we're not even into ERF yet. If I'm not mistaken her true fit will expire right around her third birthday, so we'll probably RF her until it expires and then pass down her sister's nauti and get DD1 a dedicated booster if she still needs one.

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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?

Sadly due to many things DS turned FF around 2.5 years. He is pretty tall, was maxing out the Symphony we have RF and we have a tiny car (MINI). The other huge issue is we moved to the UK and the seats are pretty terrible here for ERF. Which is too bad because the design of the slim, and narrow seats would be amazing in my car, they are just not designed to ERF. They actually legally FF at 9 months here. I also hate to admit this but I was less worried about FF him here because of how little we drive. I used to do 100's of miles in my car a week in the states, here DS might ride in the car once a week or less, and then for no more then 5 miles max. most trips. I know an accident can happen anywhere, but the odds are better, since we so rarely drive anywhere.

As for other parents, when we ERF DS in the states, I said pretty much what you did to anyone who asked, two parents actually showed up to Mommy and Me with their kids switch RF after chatting with me. They admited doing some research and agreed it was better.
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