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EC challenge with my 15 month old

My 15 month old has been part time ECed since 10 weeks of age. She had a potty pause at 4 month that lasted for two months.

She is now 15. She is fully aware of her elimination needs and has full bladder control but is choosing not to do it in the potty but in the diaper.... She has done this consistently for the last one week. Earlier she was not regular on potty but would go at least 2 to 6 times a day in the potty. I had more catches when she was younger.... Now I will put her on the pot and she will go 10 seconds later on the floor or diaper. I try to stay calm and tell pee pee goes in the potty. She is beginning to say pee pee and actually peed in the potty once when I took her there, that was two weeks ago...

I have suspected for a while she likes to go on in the diaper.... Any idea what can be going on in that little head and how to motivate her....

Sorry for the long rambling...



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Re: EC challenge with my 15 month old

Hi there Soseemehere!

Good for you on wanting to help your DD pee in the potty. It seems like you are doing the right thing by not getting upset and telling her pee goes in the potty.

I would try to lost the diaper. Maybe you could say we are starting to run out of diapers and once we get these all wet we aren't buying any more. I would let her be in the bathtub when you know she has to pee. First do offer her the potty. Maybe give her something special to hold or play w/ while on the potty. She may relax enough to go. What about going at the same time right along w/ her? Maybe her seeing you go and hearing it may get her to go.

I heard of one family making a silly game out of it by calling the pees. The louder and sillier the calling of the pee the better it worked.

Best wishes and I hope one of these ideas works out for you.
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Re: EC challenge with my 15 month old

I have come to the conclusion, in my little world of my kiddos, that every kid is so different. I started DD on the potty at 10 months. She's now 2.5 and FINALLY taking herself consistently. (She's been pooping on the potty regularly for about a year now, it was the peeing we were struggling with.) I seriously would take her to the toilet, she'd pee, and 5 minutes later be wet. It was awful but we pushed through (I bought tons of underwear and pants and just changed her all the time) and now I'm so glad we started when we did because it was simply a matter of muscle strength I think for her. So now that she has the strength, she does everything on her own.

DS is 15 months and I've been potty-ing him since 2 weeks. He will go in the toilet sometimes, sometimes he does the exact thing your daughter does. I figure for him all I'm doing is to just keep reminding and trying when I think he needs to go, and eventually I know he will get it. He's doing a little better now that he just pushed some teeth through though. Basically anything can change a baby's behavior and sometimes the only thing we've been finding over here is that time will figure it out.

Maybe that doesn't help at all, but I figured since you only had one reply I'd throw in my two cents...
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Re: EC challenge with my 15 month old

Remove the diaper. Try padded undies or pull up trainers. My son is 12 mos. similar situation. If he has on something hge knows is not his reg diaper he will more than likely cue/hold it more
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Re: EC challenge with my 15 month old

My 13 month old is also doing something similar. Some days more than others. We just try to stay consistent and laid back about it and let her drive her own potty bus.

If she seems to need to go but won't, I'll put the diaper right back on her before I let her run around.

OR, If I leave her nakey (like in the bathroom), I stay close enough that when she starts to pee I put her right on the potty.

The big potty with a toilet seat reducer with books, toys, and puzzles can help if you are trying to wait it out. It's harder to get up from!

Hoping that if I stay consistent about showing her where the potty goes and helping her get there, she will eventually choose to do it independently!
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