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Non-Rh Incompatibilities

Tory, I'm highjacking your post from another thred Got me thinking, wondering if there were other mamas on here with this problem...

About the nursing thing...your baby is going to take what s/he needs. I throw up EVERY DAY at least twice the ENTIRE time I am pregnant 5 weeks to 9+ months. I lose weight when I am pregnant. My babies have both been close to 10lbs. There is no way that nursing takes enough away from you to endanger the bay, seriously -- NO WAY! Nursing cannot do it.
Hey Tory, do you and your kiddos have an ABO imcompatibility? Not that I ever enjoy the pregnancy part, but when I had Jude, I lierally threw up about 6 times a day AT LEAST from basically the moments I conceived until he was out...not fun Well, I had a c for him for iatrogenic reasons, and I was very adamant about a few things, like that they needed to take him and the placenta out and NOT cut the cord. So they did, (after WW3 lol) and as soon as they took a good look at the whole package, they cut the cord and did a bloos test on him (Okay, I was REAL mad that they didn't ask but...) turnes out it looked like their was a big valve in his cord, and they were concerned about blood transfer and malnutrition (umm...he was almost 11 pounds) Anyway, Jude and I have a very rare blood imcompatibility that has nothing to do with RH, it's an ABO incompatibilty. I quite honestly was so mad about everything else I didn't listen to the whole explanation, but what it boils down to is that I could NEVER give Jude blood, becuase it would most likely kill him. There are only like 1.2% of mamas/babies out there like this, because these babies are usually miccarried at the beginning of pregnancy, because the mother senses that there is a body she cannot support inside her. Interesteing...well then they said that they were surprised that I was helathy (I wasn't I was FAT then lol) because the "normal" pregnancy for the rare mom who carries a babay to term like this will live hanging over the toilet for 9 months. Which I did I weighed about 10 pounds less when I had Jude than pre=pregnancy. Just wondering if you were another rare mom/baby duo when I saw that post of yours


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Re: Non-Rh Incompatibilities

What kind of ABO incompatibility? There is more to RH sensitivity than + and -. In fact there are about 26 RH factors, and some of them can cause a sensitivity like Rh- and can have the same consequences. There are no shots to prevent it, and once you have it there is nothing you can do about it. Is this what you mean? You can PM me if you want...
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Re: Non-Rh Incompatibilities

I'm not sure what you mean by ABO incompatiability... I do know that reading your post reminded me of when my second child was born. I had a c-section with my first and some bleeding during pregnancy and I am RH sensitive... they didn't expect me to be able to carry my second child without a miscarriage or health trouble since I choose not take the RHogam shot. When he was born his blood type was O- even though his father's is A+ and mine is A- . I still don't quite understand to this day, but the basic idea is that both my DH and I are actually AB carriers (didn't know it) and two parents with AB can actually produce an O blood type. I don't know if it's related at all since of course, I'm still not even sure I understand it myself, but your ABO reference made me think of that again.

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