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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

Originally Posted by nzmum View Post
Is there any accommodation or income finance available to you?

Is DH running a business from home? can he claim power, phone, cell, part of mortgage, petrol, cars etc? or get a tax exemption for a yr or so?

As for the garden we have an area about the sz of a sm queen bed & we dig it up & last time put in about $40 worth of plants from Mitre 10 & it did the whole summer, we also planted stuff we never used so this time we will only put in what we eat.

We need to cook from scratch more as our food bill is high. I budget $400 a fortnight but it is more like $600+

how old are your kids?
Yes he runs a business from home, we already claim most of those

Kids are 11 mths, 2, 3, 5, 12, 16 and then 2 adults in early 20's- I am thinking I have to ask the older ones for board I didn't want to have to do that because they are studying and working and dont have much time/money but I think we need to now or at least have them contribute in some way, maybe buying/cooking a meal once a week or something.

Oh I love that you were able to set up a vegie garden for $40! That's great - I am not much of a gardener and we dont have a lot of space but I was looking at things like lettuce, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes - things that we use a lot of through summer. I have no idea whether to start with seed or small plants - might have to go to Bunnings and see what I can come up with, it's something I've always wanted to do but now feel like it's more important than ever!.


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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

I agree about asking the kids to help out. It seems harsh now, but it will be good for them in the long run. I know with my parents I always ended up appreciating things like that after the fact
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You're in kind of the same boat we are in. you do all you can to squeeze the budget, but you need more money! Maybe something you could do from home? Pp mentioned dog walking or baby sitting? Something like that could be done from home with the kids. Or maybe a pt job in the evenings for you or dh? Its hard, momma! There are no easy solutions! Sorry, I don't have any ground breaking advice, but I can sure sympathize!
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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
This assumes that working automatically means having to pay for childcare and that's not always the case. You can look for something that is opposite your DH's schedule, so that he has the kids when you are at work, then you have the kids while he is at work, no childcare payment necessary. And with that, even if you only make $50 a day, 4 days a week, that's an additional $200 a week or $800 a month. That could make a HUGE difference to your budget.
This plus you have 3 older kids (counting the 16 year old) would they be responsible enough to help watch the smaller ones while you are at work (granted only three would need real watching but ya know)
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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

just reading your original post & I am guessing your part of the income is from assistance so if you were to work you might lose some or all of it...& unless you worked a night job it would be hard & probably not $ worth it.

The 20yr olds should be able to get assistance if not earning much & they should be paying their own way.

I think you need to show DH the sums as it does not add up if you factor in food so am wondering if bills are getting behind because you have about $116 - $161 a week to cover food, gas, emergencies etc.

I would cut cable, do prepaid cell even if you have to break contracts...are school & kindy donations? if stop paying them till you have more money.

At the end of the day your DH needs to get a job that pays at least the minimum wage.

I feel for you as trying to stretch the income is not easy.
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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

- Use family cloth. Even just use it yourself if nobody else wants to. Yes, a drop in the bucket it seems but it saves on the cost of TP and on water usage [if you use hot water and it's electrically heated that will save on the electricity bill as well]. I use family cloth, but just for #1 and store in a wetbag until full. That way I can wash them in with my regular loads. We use unpaper towel as much as possible. We keep a roll of PT on hand for certain things but for most everything it's unpaper for us.

- It would cost a bit to begin with, but look at buying power bars so you can quickly power off all of your appliances at night. We've done this and while the savings isn't huge, it adds up. I'm sure we've easily saved over $100 a year just by going around every night and turning off each power bar so we're completely powering off the tv, DVD player, stereo, printer etc.

- Can you get the most absolute basic cable package possible? It doesn't make sense to cut it if it's DH's only entertainment and his going to a friends or out to watch sports would cost money [snacks, gas] but it really is once of the easier things to cut.

- I agree that 3 phones seems excessive. We don't have cell phones. We have a landline and that's it. We actually looked into getting a magicjack but it didn't work for our needs...but you should look into something like magicjack to save money on the landline.

- Your electricity does seem extremely high even for 10 people. What does the electricity include? You really need everyone to get in the habit of turning things off when not actively using them - TV, lights etc. We're a family of 4 and our electricity is $180 a month Canadian on a budget plan...basically, in the winter [because we have electric heat] it would be in the $400 range and in the summer probably in the $60 range [or less], so we pay a budgeted rate with no fluctuation. If you're paying $400 for just straight electricity [no electric heat or anything in excess of appliances and outlets] it seems very very high.

- Do you meal plan? Plan grocery shopping around sales? You did not post your food budget, but planning your meals and getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to food is a really easy way to save. Money saved there can go towards other things.

Good Luck!
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