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Night Training a 6 1/2 yo

My dd is 6 1/2 and is wearing night time super undies to bed. She uses the potty fine during the day and has been since 3. She wets the super undies every night. It doesn't seem to bother her that she needs to use the super undies. She has a little brother who is night trained and he has even teased her about wearing diapers. She takes care of it herself, taking it off in the mornings and putting it in the diaper pail, washing with a wet rag between the legs, and putting her regular undies on for the day.
1. She is a very heavy sleeper, and I have tried waking her and taking her to the potty. I end up dragging her there and holding her on the potty for a while, nothing happens and I put her back to bed. She doesn't remembering doing it when I ask her about it in the mornings.
2. I have tried restricting liquids after dinner, but who can say no to a kid when they ask for a glass of water?
3. I have tried putting her to bed in regular undies, and she wets but it doesn't wake her up.
Any other ideas? The pediatrician had mentioned medication but that is not a road I want to go down.


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If it were me I'd start limiting the liquids after 5pm. If she insisted on needing a drink I'd try giving her one in a very small glass or cup, so she felt like she was getting her drink but it's a small amount. She may not fall for that but it's worth a try. And then always have a potty trip before bed.

I do think some kids are such deep sleepers that their brain just isn't waking them up to go, and they just need time to mature. I would continue getting her up maybe once a night to go. I know that is a pain but it may start to click. I have a nephew that wet the bed for a long time and they finally had luck with an alarm that rang AND vibrated. That finally started to wake him up (he was an incredibly deep sleeper) and then after a few months of that he didn't need the alarm anymore. Good luck
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Re: Night Training a 6 1/2 yo

This is not a very helpful opinion but I am in the same position. You can't do anything. I have a nearly 7 year old who is not dry at night and is not 100% dry in the day either. The doc won't do anything for another few years. It happens when it happens. I just keep him in pull-ups and make sure he goes to the bathroom before bed.
Everything else we try doesn't work and just gets all of us stressed out.
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Re: Night Training a 6 1/2 yo

I've had the same problem. My oldest son finally night trained on his own somewhere around 6, and my next son is still wetting his pull up every night, and he just turned 6. I've tried all the same things as you, and I really feel they just stay dry at night when they're developmentally ready. I say that with the experience of also having a 3 year old DD, who has been night trained for a year already. I did nothing different with her than with my boys, her body just figured it out sooner. GL!
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Re: Night Training a 6 1/2 yo

I'm in a similar spot, and I don't want to put too much pressure on him, so we are just giving it time for now.
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One of my daughters was day trained at 2 1/2 but still is not night trained and she is 8 1/2 now. I've tried it all and nothing seems to work and my other children that are old enough to be potty trained don't have this problem. I just think that there are some kids that for what ever reason just aren't ready. My BFF's daughter was 10 before she was night trained and now has no problems - it will come we just need to be patient
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Re: Night Training a 6 1/2 yo

My ds is just like this. He sleeps so soundly that I can't often wake him to use the bathroom. About a month before his 7th birthday he started waking up dry every morning. Now he I'd dry most mornings. He tends to wet the nights when he has an evening soccer practice where he drinks a lot of water. What worked for us was to not pressure it and to get him to drink enough at dinner that he could go without liquids after that. W also have hi. Try to go to the bathroom a couple times before bed to make sure he is really emptying himself.
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Re: Night Training a 6 1/2 yo

I'm so happy to read this thread! I was getting stressed about our second DD that is 4 and still wets her pull-up at night because her sister was PT at 3. Now I see this may go on for a bit and that just like everything else, each child is different. Thanks mamas
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Re: Night Training a 6 1/2 yo

My DD is almost 3 and wears a pull up every night. She is day trained and even takes a nap at school for 2 hours where she stays dry.

I would say her pull up is dry for a week at a time, then wet for a week at a time. It's like some nights she just sleeps so hard. I have actually heard her get up in the middle of the night to go potty, so I know she can wake herself up at times. I have also found her asleep on the floor between her room and the bathroom, like she got up to go potty but fell back asleep and never made it.

We have #2 coming in about a month so I am not going to push the nighttime training until after she has settled in with the new baby. I feel like regression will happen. Frankly, if she has to wear a pull up for a few more years, I'll be ok with that. I'd rather not have to wash the sheets every morning
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