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Re: What do you think of moms who...

Don't agree but not my business...


Trisha~married 8/05 Mama to DD (9/08) & DS (3/12)
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I don't care

Ds is 7 and hasn't been to the doctor since he was 3, except for a bad cough a few years ago and to have a wart burnt off last year. The only thing they would do in a check up was to weigh, measure, check throat/ears and ask if I had any concerns. If I had a concern, I would take him in without hesitation!
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Originally Posted by Armymom31
Don't bring their kids to well visits?
Didn't read the whole thread... But if their kid is in generally good health, who cares? I wouldn't care either way.

Maybe if a good friend wasn't, I would ask out of concern for them if I could help financially or some other way, but my concern wouldn't be centered on a healthy kid not going to the doctor.
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Re: What do you think of moms who...

We do well checks. I believe in preventative care and that means that DH, our children and I see a doctor approximately once a year, have semi-annual dental appointments and visit the eye doctor annually.

As for other people, to each her own. I do however, tend to shake my head to myself over people who don't do preventative care because "they know their body/their child and would know if something was wrong." Then again, I tend to feel the same with women who aren't going to test for GD because they "know their body and eat healthy, so they know that they don't have it." As a parent with your child on a day to day basis it is more difficult to see subtle changes because they are subtle and often occur slowly over time. It is a good idea to have an outside observer who has the knowledge basis to understand those subtle changes look at your child from time to time.

Absolutely most children are healthy. However, when they aren't their little bodies often don't have the reserves that we have as adults. Our local Children's hospital didn't just complete an 8 figure expansion because kids are healthy. I do think it is important to try to be consistent with what doctor sees your child for well checks. In the process of looking for change from one visit to the next, it is important to have the same eyes. Sure, the doctor may not specifically recall your child's last visit - but when one doctor charts say a child's coloring, it will be more clear if that child was pale or jaundiced or had other abnormal changes. If you see multiple doctors for well checks, you are less likely to have changes noticed early on because different people will make note of qualities differently.

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Re: What do you think of moms who...

Nothing, because I actually never thought about it until now. They have all missed checkups at the dentist recently and my son missed his allergy checkup last month. All rescheduled.
Michelle, mom to DD (7/9/99), DD (11/12/01), and DS (4/17/07); wife to DH (8/31/96)
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Re: What do you think of moms who...

I wouldn't think anything. Not my kid, not my business.

We were pretty irregular about doctor visits when my girls were young. Then I was concerned about DD2's weight so we did a 1yr WBV and the pedi was HORRIBLE and gave us horrible advice (diagnosed DD with FTT, told me to stop nursing immediately and give her Pediasure instead, then was convinced DD had HIV, and threatened to call CPS on me since I didn't wean her) and we stopped again for awhile. Luckily we moved and found a great doctor and had great insurance so we started going more regularly. Now it seems we are constantly at the doctor for various things (all three kids had pertussis, DS had pediatric epilepsy, DD1 has a huge wart we have been getting treated every 2 weeks, school physicals, etc).

I do believe in establishing rapport with a physician because it's so much easier when they know the child and the child's medical history.
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Re: What do you think of moms who...

Their child, their choice. I'd only judge if their child was being neglected.
We do well child visits, but not on a vaxxing schedule. I try to take the kids twice a year before their 2nd birthday and then once a year after that. My kids know their doctor and feel comfortable with him, I trust him- he was my doctor since birth.
My kids have never gotten blood work or urine tests done.
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Re: What do you think of moms who...

Well, personally, I think they're being irresponsible.
Holly, Mom to 5 boys.
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Re: What do you think of moms who...

I don't care, as long as they are doing it as a conscious choice to keep track of things themselves and not out of neglect. I did them with my bigger kids, because I thought I had to. However, I can go over the checklist at home and seek help if they are not meeting their milestones. I keep up with length/weight/head circumference. I no longer vaccinate so I don't need to go in just to go over the checklist and do the other stuff. Of course we will do them with our fosters, because it is required.
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Geez there sure is a lot of judgement going on in here.
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