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Re: wreck while pregnant, baby with "issues"

You are doing the right thing...please do not settle with his insurance company. It is their job to push you into a settlement no matter how insensitive they have to get.


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Re: wreck while pregnant, baby with "issues"

Do not even think of settling until you're 100% sure of the cause of your daughter's issues. If the neuro test comes back inconclusive then sue anyway and THEY will have to prove it wasn't caused by the accident, since your doctors are saying it can't be ruled out it will be found in your favor.

Next get any specialist you can find to estimate a life time of therapies, care and medical costs for you daughter and multiply that by 3 (inflation)...then sue for that + another as much as you can for 'loss of future income', quality of life and anything else you can think of.

Like a PP said find the Ambulance Chaser with the biggest ad in the yellow pages. They'll eat it up and they have all sorts of specialists at their disposal. Most of them are "We don't get paid unless you get paid." also ensure you inflate any judgement you want by about 15% to cover fees.

Him being drunk will be a HUGE ding against him.

I'm so so sorry this happened to you...drunk drivers are the lowest human life form...seriously...
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Re: wreck while pregnant, baby with "issues"

Unless their settlement offer is in the millions, I'd tell them to f off and talk to your lawyer (once you have one).
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You are doing the right thing. Im so sorry yall are having to go throw this
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Re: wreck while pregnant, baby with "issues"

Absolutely go hire that lawyer. You are 100% right to do that, even if there were not issues with your DD possibly caused by the accident. I have been in 2 accidents that had to involve lawyers. Seriously, even after paying their fee, best money ever spent.
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Do not settle. Find an attorney and take them to the cleaners.

You are doing the right thing.
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Do not settle. You don't have to.

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Originally Posted by shortcake2386

can i ask what her diagnosis is?
so far all the specialists agree that she has something going on, but no one can pin point a reason so far
Well my dd wasnt breathing at birth and they thought she had seizures but couldn't find any activity on eegs. Anyway they wanted to wait to see how her brain recovered from the oxygen loss. How old is your LO? My.dd had a lot of coordination and tone issues as well as some sensory stuff. Her main problem as an infant was feeding, she passed all milestones on the late side of normal, but her movements are just a little different than typically developing kiddos. She has a cerebral palsy diagnosis. Its a very broad diagnosis that's just a collection of symptoms ie abnormal tone and motor patterning, sensory issues, cognitive or physical delays or both and other symptoms. There is no test, it is dx based on observation. My dd is very much like her peers, like I said she sites things a little differently but is not cognitively affected at all. Ask me anything if you have any other questions!
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Re: wreck while pregnant, baby with "issues"

Originally Posted by Mom2lucy View Post
Sounds to me like his insurance thinks you may have a case too and are trying to settle do they don't have to pay. I think your doing the right thing.
I agree. If they contact you again tell them to communicate through your lawyer and to stop contacting you directly.
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Re: wreck while pregnant, baby with "issues"

You definitely need a lawyer. Then if the company is pushing you to settle it's time to get your attorney to tell them that they can no longer contact you. A friend of mine was in a car accident (a BAD one. Think 65 slammed into a highway divider bad) and has permanent life altering injuries that she needs to sue to be able to recoup a lot of things and she has NEVER been contacted by the persons insurance co after retaining a lawyer. All contact is through her lawyer, period. She doesn't even answer any phone number she doesn't know. If they want to settle they can make an offer to your attorney who can then give you his professional opinion on it, and then you can instruct him/her to tell the Co where to stick their "settlement" They are bullying you. Don't back down.
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