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How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

I have a friend who is pregnant with triplets, that's right TRIPLETS!!! I can't even imagine what sposies for three newborns would cost, so I really want to introduce her to cloth.

What's the best way to do this without making her feel like it's just overwhelming to even think about? Or too hard? Or gross? (I get that comment alot)

Honestly, she probably hasn't even heard of, or thought of cloth as an option. It's not too popular where I live and after several rude comments when I started using cloth, I quit telling people unless they asked, and she hasn't. So I don't think she even knows that I use cloth with my little guy.


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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

I'd just tell her all that money that she'd save by clothing, tell her all the benifits and well they're just adorable!
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

I'd just lay it on her and show her.
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

You might start out with mentioning to her that it is a lot more cost effective in the long run than using sposies and then show her that there are a lot of options available nowadays for cloth diapering (i.e., AIO, pockets, hybrids, fitteds, cute covers, prefolds, snappis, etc.). I think a lot of people still think that cloth diapering is like it was done in the old days with bleached flats, safety pins, and ugly vinyl covers. I was also sold on cloth diapering when someone showed me a cloth diaper on her lo's bum. I thought it was so much more adorable than a sposie. I also liked hearing that cloth is a lot better for the bum.

In terms of being overwhelming, if she's a sahm (which she probably will be w/ triplets), it's really not that hard to get into a laundry routine. You might share w/ her that you only have to wash diapers every couple of days. Some ppl wash less often but I find I have stink issues if I go more than 2 days. W/ triplets, she'd probably want something easy like fitteds or AIOs so she isn't having to spend time stuffing diapers.

If she's planning on bf'ing, you might let her know that you don't have to deal with the poop mess while she is ebf'ing since poop for ebf'ed babies is water soluble. I think knowing that I didn't have to deal with the poop mess in the beginning helped to make the whole process of having to wash diapers every two to three days less overwhelming. You might also mention to her that when she does eventually have to deal with the poop that they make diaper sprayers so you aren't having to touch any poop or toilet water.

A mama also showed me her "set up" with diaper pails, wet bags, drying rack, etc. That really helped me to see that it was not all that hard to get into a regular routine.
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

I would just let her see your kid in cloth, she will probably notice and say "if you ever want to consider doing cloth, even part time, I'm happy to show you my stuff if you want to stop by and see how it works" ... because I think a lot of people think cloth is all or nothing, and it might be easier to wrap her mind around it as a part time option, heaven knows with 3 that would be a LOT of laundry!! so I'd mention it, be open to it, but not hard core about it at all, one of my oldest and dearest friends is PG right now, she is not going to use cloth, and I never ever would have imagined her doing it, but I'm pretty sure when her baby has sensitive skin and fights rashes, I'll be there to help convert her!
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

Hang out with her and let her see your LO's in cloth! And if she seems receptive tell her about DS! Reading the cloth love on here really sold me when I was pregnant!
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

When I am talking to a new soon-to-be-mom, I try to just bring up the topic lightly. Something like "We use cloth diapers, and they are so much easier than I ever thought they would be. And they have saved us a ton of money! If you are interested in hearing about them, I would love to tell you." I guess I personally don't consider myself an "evangelical" cd'er. If someone is interested, I am more than happy to tell them all the pros and cons. If they say up front that they would never do it, then I just move on.
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

I'd find an opportunity to let her see it on my baby, bringing my cutest, easiest diapers with me. Talk about how you thought it would be gross and weird and hard, but it's really so easy and comparatively inexpensive. Of course, she may be so overwhelmed with the idea of triplets that the 'convenience' of sposies outweighs the cost, especially since multiple pregnancies can quickly become high risk, and they are often delivered early. She may not be ready when they are newborns, but once she finds her groove she may be more interested.
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

What got me into cloth was the prints. I honestly just didn't get it. I didn't realize how it could work. I bought some really cheap prefolds and a 4 bumkin covers from a yard sale with my second child for 50 and they just sat in a drawer for about 3 years until youngest was about 8months old and I just pulled it out one day and tried it on him. the covers were a size small so they barely fit him. In no time at all the prefold was soaked. I took it off and let my mind seep for awhile. Then I started looking at cloth diapers on websites and I was really intimidated by how much they cost. I could not imagine paying almost $20 for one diaper. I then found ebay. I bought 9 babyland diapers for about $35 and they I bought inserts from Sweetbottomsbaby for 90 each. I used these for a couple of months until I caught the cloth bug. I now have over 500 diapers and I hope to get the number under 50 diapers and maybe 1 dozen prefolds and all my flats before Ds potty trains.
I still miss those old Babyland diapers. They were so sweet and cute. I never had a problem with them.

I would first ask her if she has considered cloth. Then I would discuss host much sposies cost for 1 child. I would show her some aios and show her how similar they are to sposies and they I would show her how to use prefolds and flats with covers. This would probably be the easiest system for her to use. Because prefolds are so easy to clean. She might even be able to get by only having 6 dozen prefolds in each size and maybe 15 covers, if she washes every day. I would show her a very easy wash routine using soap that is readily available.
Introduce her to diaper swappers and get her signed up and tell her she can ask thousands of other mothers about our opinions and help with any questions she has. and if she does decide against cloth that she is still welcome here for all the stuff we talk about.
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Re: How to introduce cloth to a new mom ...

Wow, triplets!! I would bring up the subject casually and show her some if she is interested. I would not push it if she isn't into it and try not to be misleading about things. I love cloth, I have used cloth on both my babies and my DD2 hasnt worn a sposie since coming home from the hospital. I have 3 friends who tried cloth at my loved it, one liked it but quit after 3ish months because of the extra laundry and work, and one only lasted a couple of weeks. It is not for everyone, it takes more "work" and thought than disposables, with 3 in cloth full time she would have to wash diapers everyday (it would be just too many diapers in a load for every other day), and it is a big initial investment for the "easy" systems. I am not sure I could handle doing all the laundry and work that 3 babies would generate and still manage the bit of extra work cloth is. I'm not trying to rain on the is worth telling her about it and helping her if it is really something she wants, but I would think she will really have to prioritize her efforts, time and energy. Don't take it personally if cloth doesn't make the cut.
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