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Re: Do you ever question your spouse/partner?

Of course. We are a team and co-parents and we both have say-so. And I'm sure not gonna say I've never done it in front of the kids either.


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All the time he does with me as well.
We all have moments when we are not at our best and it's nice to have someone else step in and give perspective to the situation.

I get a bit annoyed with dh sometimes.
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Re: Do you ever question your spouse/partner?

On a few occasions I have questioned and overridden his decisions. I'm one that spends the most time with the kids and I'm the one that has been working with children for the past 10 years. I specialize in toddlers with special needs. My job is largely behavior modification of children. I'm pretty good at making the distinction between what is and isn't appropriate behavior. So at times I will gently correct him when his expectations or consequences aren't appropriate for the actions or the child. He accepts that I probably know better about most kids stuff and follows my lead. For instance, when I found out that my 4yo had been sitting alone in the kitchen for 10-15 minutes in a time out chair (I had been at the store), I let her out and sent her upstairs while I explained to him the 1 minute for each year guideline and that she really doesn't even remember why she's there after that long. Also pointed out that DD1 usually doesn't see time out as punishment and suggested more effective discipline for her.
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Re: Do you ever question your spouse/partner?

Yup, totally. We moderate each other. We'll also step in if we see the other getting too frustrated with the behavior, tag-team. We co-parent much better than we solo-parent. In the heat of the moment, one of us might be annoyed but we both take it as support, not criticism.
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Re: Do you ever question your spouse/partner?

All the damn time here too!
We're on the same side and want the same things and have very similar values and takes on situations so its usually about a finer point of the situation. We both take it very well. Its in love and meant to bring out the best in us and our children. He's all for discussing how we parent. There are times I wish we talked less about our parenting actually .
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Daily. I just really don't get his reasoning sometimes.

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No, but he's more patient and lenient than I am.

But I do allow him opportunity to question me, but he doesn't. We talk about it when it needs to be discussed.

I feel we're equals and should both be comfortable with our parenting actions.
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Yes, but it's usually not in a judgemental way...but to remind eachother of how we decided we were going to parent. As a team...always on the same page. We keep eachother in check -in balance.
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I have had to step in and gently remind DH that DD#1 is still only 3. Sometimes what she is doing is not ok, but neither is DH's consequence or threatened consequence, and sometimes her behavior is actually ok, or annoying but expected. I try not to correct him in front of her but sometimes it's important to say, Oh, I said we'd do xyz before nap, or whatever.
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Re: Do you ever question your spouse/partner?

I say "Calm down" because when he is tired/cranky/stressed he overreacts to the small things. And he just doesn't get it that a lot of it is normal 2 year old behavior.
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