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Re: To sacrifice a gourd or not?

We usually try to find a patch. One year I bought a large one at a charity auction and it sat in our kitchen until after Christmas. It was DS's first pumpkin and it never started rotting. Decided to chuck it out back after Christmas so it didn't go bad. We have carved lately, and may again this year, or just paint. Depends on when we get to the pumpkins.


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Re: To sacrifice a gourd or not?

We've been growing them ourselves, this year we only got 2 really good ones so we may have to pick up one or two from the store. I usually do the carving, the kids pick the design themselves. They have their choice of a simple face or fancy design, they are usually a little of both. I typically do the carving for them but ds1 carved his own last year. Dh acts all " I hate this" up until the last pumpkin usually then he wants to carve too.
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Re: To sacrifice a gourd or not?

We usually get pumkins from a pumkin patch unless like this year we just can't afford it.

When dd1 was 11months old she bawled her head off when we cut into the pumkin - she was so upset we ruined it. We tried one more year to carve pumpkins but realized at this age, dh and I were doung it and dd just watched.

So now we have mr potato head like pieces (but they are a random off brand) that we stab into the pumkin to make monsters. We've done sticker faces in the past well. This year the kids saw painting kits at target and asked if they could get one of those and paint their pumpkins. We basically do whatever the kids are able to do. I'm sure we'll carve again someday.

When halloween is over we toss the pumkins in the garbage. They are usually squishy and gross by then - even sitting out in the cool weather.
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Re: To sacrifice a gourd or not?

I guess I will be the first to do something different. Every year, I buy 2-3 of those carvable fake pumpkins they have at craft stores (I get them cheaper than real ones with coupons and sales) and carve complex designs on them with a dremel. By now, we have quite a few, since I can save them each year. We have our last name, Hello Kitty, scary ones, pac man... there are a bunch. I think this year I am going to do some harvest theme ones so that they can hang out after Halloween is over.
We do also get pumpkins for the kids, we get them when we do our annual pumpkin patch visit. We get small ones and don't carve them, just put them out on the porch for decoration. Last year I finally kicked them into the bushes after they froze sometime after Christmas!
The funny thing about all my pumpkins is that we are never even home on Halloween- it is my grandma's birthday, so as long as she is with us, we go to her house for a birthday dinner, and then the kids go trick or treating over there- the houses are closer together anyway.
I just set up the pumpkins around our car for trunk or treat. One of these years, I will have enough that we will win a prize for the best decorations!
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Re: To sacrifice a gourd or not?

Last years pumpkins included a carved Steve Jobs as well as an electric guitar and carved amp which held an mp3 player playing classic rock. Lol. My mom goes a little overboard.
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We go to the pumpkin patch at a local farm, we usually get one super-big and one mini pumpkin.

I tend to do fairly obscure but detailed/elaborate carvings:
Last year I replicated the Jaws poster on a 3' tall, narrow pumpkin.
Previous year, I did a scene from Mystery Science Theater 3000, where the front of the pumpkin was the "audience" area and the inside back of the pumpkin was the "movie." Crow was really hard to carve. It came out really cool!

Still deciding what to do this year...

We leave the pumpkins out until the design is compromised, then they go in the composter.

I don't really cook with pumpkin, but we do grow winter squashes that I cook.
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Re: To sacrifice a gourd or not?

We buy at the grocery store as I refuse to pay $10 each for pumpkins. I usually get 4, one for each of us, but some years I have purchased as many as 8. I used to carve really elaborate pumpkins but these days I've rediscovered the fun of pumpkin faces vs the elaborate designs. The faces last longer here in the TX heat and rain as well. Last year I carved a Cheshire cat to go with my costume. Each of my boys draws a face on a pumpkin and dh and I carve it for them. We usually toss the pumpkins when they start to get gross but this year we have a composter so the pumpkins will be compost. Some years we also buy baby pumpkins and let the boys draw or paint on them. When they start to go bad we set them out in the flower beds. Some years they grow new pumpkins. I also buy a large pumpkin to make stew with. I cook with pumpkin but not the ones we carve.
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Re: To sacrifice a gourd or not?

We go to a farm to pick the pumpkin from the field. A few days before Hallowee I will carve a simple face in it. Once Halloween is over then I either thow it into the trash or into the back corner of my yard (for the wild animals to enjoy)
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We grew a pumpkin last year from one of the discount leftover plants at our local nursery. It was so much fun and DD loved checking on her pumpkin. This year we didn't have time to plant a pumpkin, so we'll go to a local farm and pick a few out to display and a few to eat. DS will be on to solids soon and I have a great baby pumpkin pea recipe .

Once we're done with our pumpkins they go under the evergreens in our backyard. I love watching the rabbits and squirrels munching on them all winter long!

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We buy at least one from a local pumpkin patch. It's least I can do since we will probably visit at least 2-3 times. Dd loves going, seeing the pumpkins and animals. It's really cheap entertainment. We have bought from the grocery store, but it's not any cheaper than the pumpkin pat h and I'd rather support them.
We carve close to Halloween and will usually buy a scone to make stew in a pumpkin. It's usually my birthday dinner request and since my birthday is Nov 1st, it works out well
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