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Re: Group B Strep?

There's a hibiclens wash you can do during labor instead of abx. I don't know if a hospital would allow it but it is worth a try.

I had GBS+ with my first, and neg with my next 2.

Do you know if it is in your urine? Or just in your lady bits? (so did you test positive from the swab? or was it detected in a urine sample?)

Can you retest?

I had 3 bags of IV abx w/my first and we had wicked thrush for 13 mos. As a result of my experience I am personally VERY leary of IV abx except in really severe cases.

Here are some facts from my GBS fact sheet from my MW:

GBS has been cultured from 10-30% of all healthy women

It is unlikely to cause a woman problems except when pregnant or giving birth.

1 in 200 babies born to a GBS+ woman will become ill, of those, the mortality rate is 5-15%.

It is more dangerous for premature babies than full term babies.

IV abx reduce the incidence of perinatal GBS infection by 70-85%.

Most babies whose mothers have GBS do not develop disease.

Laboring women are at higher risk if: the labor is preterm, membranes have been ruptured longer than 18 hrs, or the mother develops a fever while in labor.

.... Personally I would NOT consent to an induction b/c of GBS. It just isn't a big enough reason for me. Also considering that premature babies have a bigger difficulty with GBS, it would be even scarier to induce at 39 wks and hope that all the dates match up and the baby is *actually* 39 wks.

Your best bet (IMO - and I am not a medical professional) if you want the abx is to wait until labor begins and then go in and get your abx. It did not take long with my first to get all the abx in my system. I think it took 10-15 mins for the whole bag to get into my vein.


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Re: Group B Strep?

I tested GBS+ with my third. I was "induced" by breaking my bag of waters and we had plenty of time to get the antibiotics in (labor was 6 hours).

My biggest "problem" ended up being that since I was allergic to penicillin, they gave me some other antibiotic. It was hospital policy that they had to monitor the baby for a full 36 hours before sending us home "just in case" since this antibiotic was not penicillin (even though my ob thought it was totally ridiculous). Just wanted to mention as this was a surprise for me and caused me to be in the hospital longer than I would've liked.

For all of the mamas I know that are GBS+, (knock on wood) I have never heard of one having a baby with any complications. Internet research will only make you worry more.

Good luck mama!!!
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Re: Group B Strep?

I tested positive as well. Was induced at 39 weeks (not because I had tested positive. I had penicillin every 4 or 6 hours until I gave birth. I had 2 rounds. No complications for me or baby.
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Re: Group B Strep?

I would NOT get induced for GBS+ (and I am this time around). My MW acts like it's not that big of a deal, even if I don't make it in to the hospital in time for the full round of abx. Like the others said, if for some reason your labor is so fast that you don't have time for the antibiotics, usually the worst that happens is they hold the baby a little longer for observation. But I would absolutely NOT consent to be induced early because of's way healthier for baby to be born on time!
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Re: Group B Strep?

just to reiterate what some women have said, but yes, we struggled with thrush.. ugh.. there are natural remedies for that as well, but my friend's nipple turned blue (while treating) and half her nipple came off, so I'm not sure I'd go for natural on that one... yikes!

We did end up clearing it up by about 4ish months, but I think ours would have gone away quicker, except I gave my baby pumped thrush milk (that stuff is gold darnit!) because I refused to throw it out.

If you use a pacifier or anything other than yourself, just santize daily and that will help.

it only took 15minutes an hour for my antibiotics. It was important to me not to be stuck on a bed while laboring, so I remember clearly that I was just stuck there for that long each hour.
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Re: Group B Strep?

Keep in mind that a fast labor is a good way to NOT infect the baby. So even if you have a fast labor, that means that the chances of the baby getting it are much lower. Both of my labors were too fast for anything even if I had tested positive.

I would not agree to an induction just for a positive GBS test. I would do things like limit vaginal exams or internal monitoring, and delay the newborn bath, as the fluid is antibacterial. Also if your water stays intact until right before birth, the chances are very low that your baby will contract the bacteria.
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I was pos with my second and they did not have time to administer abx because my labor was so fast. I was stressed about it, but they weren't. I think it's a matter of careful monitoring of the baby for fever and a 48hr hospital stay. Also gbs is cyclical and you could be pos now and not at birth. I don't know that I'd go for the induction as they suggested. It seems that could lead to a whole host of other unnecessary interventions that could be just as bad if not worse thsn gbs.
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Re: Group B Strep?

I had a positive Strep B with my second baby. Everything was absolutely fine! Don't read the horror stories. It's usually very ok.
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