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Kind of all 3. Married in 2004. We started ttc in 2007. 3 early losses, followed by 8 months of nothing. Then we conceived J (born 6/09). When he was 4mos we conceived C. Then almost 2 years later I took a "balancing" supplement that completely changed my cycle in less than a month (not the intention). Ovulated 5 days earlier than usual and caught 3 day old sperm to make for a surprise pregnancy, followed by a surprise loss. We were waiting the recommended 3 cycles to ttc, but planned on starting ttc. On our last "wait" cycle I showed ovulation signs early again (on the supplement again), then cervix dropped and closed. We pulled the goalie and the next morning cervix went back up and opened (5 days later--normal ovulation time). So we have a surprise rainbow baby we were hoping and planning for, lol.


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Definitely a surprise baby for us, though I am not entirely sure how babies can still surprise me! I have always wanted a houseful of kids (i told dh 10 when we were dating...but dh was never on board with that. He was very content with 2. Only 1 of our children was planned (the second)...even though I wished and wanted them all! Methods of preventing that work for other people just don't work for us! We are just that lucky I guess!! We got pregnant using the natural family planning method with one, pull out method got us one, and this last one and one other we gained through the spermicide gel...once was user err though. Dh is going for the big I hope I remain content with my 6. We have 4 girls, 1 baby boy on the end and hope he is going to get a brother to even us out a tad bit more!
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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

planned! our first was when we were not really trying but totally not preventing...i know when he was conceived because i said, "uuuh, you know this will probably make us a baby right now." i was still shocked when i got the BFP. our second was planned, but i hadn't even been off birth control for a full month, our third was planned and took 2 months this one was planned and took 3 months. although, to be fair, the first two months of trying i was doing all those tricks to sway for a girl, i think i just swayed for not getting pregnant. But the third month i was so tired of not being pregnant and wanting to be that i realized i didn't care if it wasn't a girl!
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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

Great stories everyone!

We have had several early miscarriages (6). 5 of them were before ODD, unplanned, on various forms of BC. The fifth one was the only one we knew about long enough to get attached before we lost her (I say her b/c I dreamed about her). I was using the nuva ring but taking antibiotics. Knew better bit didn't think about it. Anyway it was really hard on me, I was convinced I was broken. Speant a lot of time in prayer and meditation and one day very clearly heard a voice (I believe God) say 'you'll have four'. I literally argued with this voice- I didn't want four, I wanted two. We were going to have two and adopt one. That was our plan. I just got a very calm, almost patronizing 'you'll have four' back. It planted a seed. It gave me hope.

We spent the next year+ paying off debt, moved in with my grandma for a while so we could buy a house, just trying to get life straightened out so we (and by we I mean DH, lol) would feel comfortable TTC. We went off BC months ahead to make sure my body was ready and a couple months after we moved in started trying. It took about 3 months of tracking cycle, etc to get our BFP. Even then it was the faintest bfp you've ever seen and I had to call my mom to get her opinion, lol. We had placenta previa among a million other issues with that pregnancy and I was the biggest bundle of nerves you've ever seen the entire time. Due to a whole host of reasons I won't get in to I ended up with a c-section. It was so hard and so scary... and so worth it because my sweet Lilia has been so amazing. My biggest regret with her was being unable to BF (she got some breast milk at each feeding until 5m, but mostly formula).

After she was born my world changed. I cleaned every toxin I could out of our homes and our lives, I changed the way we eat, I changed my health. I found out I had celiacs disease on top of the thyroid disorder I already knew I had and an immune disorder as well. All of this explained my miscarriages pretty well and my DRs were amazed I'd been able to Carry Lilia at all (she's my miracle). Because of all of this DH and I are both completely different people and our life has become more amazing than we thought it could be. That and my DRs said I could easily have died had I stayed on the path I was on. I lost 140lbs. Lilia quite literally saved my life.

With our second we used NFP to space them out and because I was unable to BF Lilia I had a regular cycle and it was super easy. We talked about it and thought 'well, we could start trying any time now'. I happened to ovulate a couple days later and bam, we were pregnant. I had a minor SCH with her which was nerve racking and horrible morning sickness the first tri but compared to my first pregnancy it was nothing. Rosemary came to teach me how strong I am. She and I together had an amazing VBAC and are still BF'ing. I will always be grateful to her for teaching me that I can do these things.

This new little one was a surprise. Because of the breastfeeding my cycle wasn't quite easy to track yet, I actually didn't think I'd ovulated at all the month we got PG, lol. We were supposed to be using condoms as a back up method but honestly...I hate them I was so busy planning Rosemary's 1st birthday that I forgot I was supposed to be getting my period... It wasn't until the day of her birthday that I went 'oh crap, it's the 22nd'. Even then I thought I was a couple days late and my cycle could just be readjusting... until I got home and looked at the calender and realized I was a week and a few days late, lol. DH had no problem with it, he was just like 'well, we wanted more anyway, right?'. I on the other hand really need to have things planned out and it was so tough for me to wrap my head around. I was happy, I felt blessed, but I was also totally freaking out about the timing. Luckily DH's peacefulness about it brought me peace pretty quickly. I think this one's lesson for me might be that I can't always be in control, and that's okay
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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

What fun stories to read! Mine is rather boring in comparison.

DS and this baby were both planned - both conceived after about 6 months of trying. Unless something big changes our way of thinking DS2 will be our last. Maybe if we were younger we'd have more than two but for now that's enough.
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Mine is pretty boring too. We went on vacation and left my birth control at his Moms. Obviously we weren't trying not to prevent it but certainly didn't expect to happen this early. I was telling him that I was gonna stay off birth control so we can start trying in January and he would be home from deployment and I'd be done with school when baby was born. Ha! God had other plans. I knew as soon as I conceived. I kept asking my Mom if she was having baby dreams. He bought an engagement ring Thursday, found out I was pregnant Friday.
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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

This baby was a surprise baby-but all our children have been surprise babies!

Our first was concieved after we moving intogether about 6 months into our relationship...we were preventing some of the time(diaphram) but we were a bit lazy with it. We had been slack on BC since the start so we were both pretty shocked-very happy but shocked.

Now....DS. Also a surprise. We were using prevetive measures but when DD was about 6 months old DH and we went to see a friends band for a date night- we tucked into the wine rather well and when we got home well we got a little carried away in the moment. I was still BFing DD and my period had not returned so I thought we were okay HOWEVER as soon as the moment was over I said to DH...not sure if that was the best idea...I think that might be a baby. Went for blood test 10 days after the "date night" and it came back negative....however my doctor said best take a pregnacy test in a week or so just to be sure. We didn't, we thought we were in the clear but I had a nagging feeling and a few weeks later when I woke with VERY obviously MS I knew-pregnacy test would later reveil baby#2 was on the way.

Third baby-surprise again. While we were actaually planning this baby we were going to wait until after our honeymoon. We were preventing but on our wedding night we decided not to use protection HOWEVER DH was suppose to pull out-REALLY DH you think she should know better by now!!!. I was not suppose to be ovualting for another week so I thought we might be fine BUT I immediately said....that's probably a BABY DH!!!!! He thought no way, that surely it would take more that that-Eli was a one shot deal-, surely this baby would not be the same. A few weeks later when my period was due and I had no symtoms I knew something was up. Sure enough pregnacy test was a bright positive and we both just sat there and laughed-really what are the chances!

This is our last; we will never know what it's like to "try" for child. We realized we are VERY blessed and although it wasn't conventional and every thing didn't go according to plan and things were even tough some times having babies sooo close- we like to think every thing happens for a reason. We also like to think our children chose when they would come into this world and create our family and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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First baby was a surprise. I was about 4 months away from finishing my bachelors. We'd been married for just over a year and were planning to start trying the next month. Well whoops! I thought we missed the window but apparently not. It ended up delaying me commissioning into the air force and a stream of other events out of my control ended up meaning I didn't commission at all. Had she been conceived when we planned, theres a good chance our lives would have been completely different as I had no idea it would affect my service.

Number two totally planned after an m/c with a surprise. This one was a "not preventing we'll see what happens" for him, and obviously trying for me lol. I always know when I'm fertile so really there's no such thing as not trying to me!

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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

i don't understand how being pregnant affected your being commissioned to the point of not being at all?? i mean i know the officer world is completely different from the enlisted world but this just doesn't sound right to me?
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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

This little rainbow baby was planned, after a phone call to southwest to confirm that you can fly up to 39 weeks with a note from your OBGYN.

My brother is getting married 2.5 weeks before my due date....out of state.

We decided to go for it after back to back early miscarriages in April and May. We were careful to not conceive the following month (so we weren't having a baby 2 weeks before my brother's wedding)...the losses also made me feel like it wasn't a guaranteed thing to happen in the first place, so why prevent when it wasn't up to us in the first place whether or not things worked out? Anyway...we are happy and things seem to be going well so far. I do have a bit of fear that we won't make it to the wedding...but we're going to give it our best shot!
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