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Is my method reliable? NFP Question

After I had DS I went to the birthing center to meet with one of the midwives for a break down and explanation of NFP. What she told me was kind of ridiculous IMO, basing everything off the feel of my vag discharge. Well, I didn't do so great with that and ended up conceiving a baby (who we lost) shortly after, and DD right after our lose.

So then I switched my method and have been keeping track of my periods on the calendar, then consider us "in the clear" for the first week afterwards, avoid dtd the following week, and we are in the clear for the following week.

Well gradually in the last year my cycle has spread out and turned into a 5 week cycle. Based on certain things I am assuming I am still fertile during the 2nd week after my period, so that gives us 2 weeks of being in the clear before my next period.

We have been doing this since DD and she is 3.5, so it's worked for us so far. But I'm wondering if there is something I'm overlooking, esp now that my cycle is 5 weeks, is there something else I should be doing or looking out for?

We are thinking about TTC #3 but I really want to do it intentionally this time if we do. Since our other 2 have been surprises.


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Re: Is my method reliable? NFP Question

If you want to do it intentionally, I would start charting your temperature. It's really not that bad and it can tell you pretty definitively when you ovulate. Check out Good luck!
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Re: Is my method reliable? NFP Question

Clearly your method has worked for you so far, but I would not call it reliable. That type of calendar method may work for awhile if you are very regular, but every woman will eventually have a short or a long cycle. Long cycles are often due to stress (emotional or physical) and a BBT will help you catch the delayed ovulation. But the only way to catch the early ovulation that occurs with a short cycle is to observe cervical mucus. There is more than one way to observe cervical mucus so if the method that your midwife describes doesn't work for you then you might consider another. I'm particularly familiar with the Creighton Model, and we use a much more objective method for determining fertile mucus.

As far as the four vs five week cycles, there's no way to know exactly where you're ovulating unless you're doing some sort of charting. 13 days is the average length of the post-ovulatory phase, but anywhere from 9-16 days is considered normal (although the lower end may have miscarriage issues).

By the way, I'm not trying to say that there is anything wrong with your self-devised NFP method. As long as you are comfortable with its limitations and like it, then it's a personal choice. I'm just trying to address your concerns about reliability.
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Re: Is my method reliable? NFP Question

My friend was doing something similar and ended up getting pregnant from unprotected sex the day after her period ended. Everyone can have a wacky cycle! I say start charting! and follow the FAM rules by the book, unless you're ok with an oops.
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