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Help!!!! 8mo DS cries/screams @ Night with EC

Anyone,??? Please,PLEASE HELP !!!!
We startrd EC 2+half months,ago....DS IS NOW,8 months ..
Daytime,EC is great...NIGHTIME IS TERIBLE..what goid,heavens am I doing wrong???

DS stirs, then whimpers as if,to say,he needs to I lift him and,say..o.k lets,go potty...h 3/4 of the time I get peed on while,he is,crying....ooops a miss...i then get,a chabge of clothes for me,and reassure DS its o.k...which has already escalated into terribly screamibf LOUDLT....UGH!!!!

So the whimpering tellss me...he, neds to go pee...then he statrs crying as,he is peeing on me....then he,SCREAMS.!!!!
He then wont take wooobie.....he doesnt lke to be held...ugh!!!

This,is,our 4th night Ec @ night....

Past and tonite. .i take a,crying DS and gently but FIRMLY put him on,the,BBLP, I say firmly because he is already,what I dont kniw. Ciyld,be alot if things... ...

Am I creating negative assoc with him?? am I RUINING A PERFECTLY HAPPY otherwise littleguy??

The screaming us new.....Night EC is new,too...bleech...i am soooo lost....iused to just change a squirmy sposie...and it was fine...
NOW....WE HAVE crying and,ARCHING REFUSAL...and,then Screaming....

Help please!!


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Yup, I think it's normal and I wouldn't push it or stress yourself out over ecing at night if this is the case. Just keep putting back to sleep and let him pee in the diaper for a while unless he is very clearly signaling and begins to be able to handle the potty break without getting to upset. It will come as he gains awareness during the day and gets older.

Sometimes it helps us to nurse on the potty at night. I have dd sit on it facing me and nurse like that- way easier than cradled nursing position on potty.

Also do the checklist... Warm potty closeby, dim lighting, easy clothing, etc.

If you want additional support, I highly reccommend the EC Simplified ebook. Andrea has a great chapter with tips on nightime ecing.

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At night I like to use the top hat potty because DD (5mo) doesn't have to "sit" - she can just stay reclined and half asleep in my arms. She lets out a yawn and pees simultaneously, then I lay her back down. Sometimes she is back asleep before I'm tucked back in. This is how it goes on a good night. We've had some bad nights lately where she refuses the potty (which I don't push because I don't want her fully awake) and then she nurses and pees on a prefold before falling back asleep. I swap the wet prefold for a dry one.

You are doing the right thing (I think) by giving him verbal warning that you are about to put him on the potty. Do you have a cozy so his little legs don't get shocked by the cold plastic?

How great of you to keep up with EC at night! If your DS is really refusing nighttime EC, maybe you can just let it go for now? Or if you want to try a few things before putting it on hold, perhaps you could potty him lying down somehow? Or cradled in your arms? Any bowl or absorbent cloth will do - it doesn't have to be in the BBLP.

Good luck!
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Re: Help!!!! 8mo DS cries/screams @ Night with EC

EC at night also upset my LO, so I'm just letting it go until she indicates that she wants to go potty at nighttime! It's ok to slow down or go back a step if you or baby aren't comfortable with something
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Re: Help!!!! 8mo DS cries/screams @ Night with EC

I cradle baby over toilet. Sometimes he still cries, I just soothe and 'shush' him until he pees, then we go back to bed and he falls asleep nursing. We keep a coverless prefold or GMD workhorse diaper on him at night, take it off, carry him to potty, then put it back on before going back to sleep. Btw, besides "shhhh" I do not speak to him to wake him up any more than is necessary. We don't turn on any lights either. We did at first, but it made him even more upset. Try to keep it as quiet as possible, dark as possible, get business done and get back to bed.
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Re: Help!!!! 8mo DS cries/screams @ Night with EC

It could be that his need to go potty is causing nightmares.
Which means that he's starting to recognize that his body is giving him signals, but also means that he'll continue to wake up screaming until he figures out that the signal means that he needs to go potty. Extra full bladders tend to hurt and cause worse nightmares (and with my son, miss the pee shield completely).

My son did the same thing when he was 7-8 months old. Nursing him on the potty helped, but most nights I just let the EC slide (we're only doing it part-time). Watching how much liquid he drinks in the hour before bedtime helps too- except for nursing, which you can do anytime.

Remember, the purpose of EC is to help him learn his body's signals, not to catch every bowel movement or pee. You can go back to diapers at night and he'll still use the potty in the day, and the bonus is that you'll be better rested and able to think more clearly.
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Re: Help!!!! 8mo DS cries/screams @ Night with EC

Thank You all you EC peeople!!!
I totallu am sooo grateful to those,5 of you who wrote,me back!!!..In addit iin to being Reminded,of the,True,focus,of EC, to suggestions,to dim the lights, any,receptacle...heck even a prefold, and maybe gymnastically ..??woobies while on interssting!!!" I feel more,grounded in this,pursuit....And,the,idea,to purchase miss,Andreas,book as,well....
Thank you for,the "i experinced same,thing too" conments...and "that is,totally normal"....
We,have,turned a,newleaf....yep....we startrd the new,position of holding by the thighs pressing his back into my lije,a charm (we,used,to yse,bjorn or,he,stands I wrap arm around and give,support .instead of Bjorn..we,now,just semi_cradle, slight sit up...and I softly say "potty?"....YES...i saycit,someon said..notalking...

Two nights,now...great nights...thanjs,again for allthepositive vibes!!!
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