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Was diagnosed last night.

With Hypothyroidism. I've herd "Oh it's no big deal!" But having being hold that I will have this forever, and will need to take a medication for it for the rest of my life scares me. I try to be all natural as possible, and even though the DR said it wasn't my diet (Up until a month ago when we moved I was on a diet of chicken and veggies) and that there was no natural alternative to get my thyroid working again. She said that if it's not working on its own now, that there's no way it'll happen.

I've been pretty confused feeling since. I went from "Eh, it could be worse" to "Omg this is serious!" to "There's gotta be something I can do naturally" then waking up in the middle of the night feeling upset that I have this permanent health issue and being like "OMG please tell me this isn't real"

Every symptom I have been feeling; the anxiety, the heart palpitations, depression, the forgetfulness, the mood swings...the FATIGUE, all makes sense now, and I thought all this time I had postpartum or something.

Maybe I'm just being a brat because I don't want to take medication (I haven't taken medication since having DD 14 months ago). After having her I decided I was going to be as all natural as I can, and watch our diet, only to be told this. It just seems like to me, this is unacceptable for me. I don't wanna take medication for the rest of my life.

Maybe I should get a second opinion. I just want to feel better. But with all that I have done in the last year to watch my health, I wonder if there ISN'T any hope to do this all naturally.


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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

If this were me, I'd see a naturopath and get a second opinion if only to see if there's a more natural treatment. I know kelp is said to help the thyroid work better. I buy mine in powder form from Bulk Herb Store. I'm pretty convinced that there IS a natural remedy/cure out there. Most doctors won't tell you about them or don't know about them. Wishing all the best while you explore your options
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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

I don't know if this helps, but I take a greenfood powder almost every morning. It affects how I feel, as otherwise I can feel sort of tired/dragging. (It has a lot of nutrients in it, so I am not surprised). I get the Barleymax from I just make a fruit smoothie in the morning with it. It also affects my milk production, in a positive way, so that is helpful since I am a nursing mother right now.

Hope you fugure something out!
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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

I'm sorry. I can understand why you are stressing out. It's all new and I'm guessing once you do you research and take steps to help yourself you'll feel more in control and not so panicky.
Here to help if I can.
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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

I wouldn't look at it as having to take a daily medication, as it is a hormone replacement. Your body isn't making the hormone on its own so.. it needs the synthetic replacement.
If it makes you feel better go get labs done at a different dr.s office.
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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

I'm wondering if taking the medication long enough to feel better and THEN deciding how you want to treat it might be a good idea? I don't know anything about it, but that's a pretty long list of symptoms you have, and some quite significant, and I think fixing it asap so you can function better might be a good strategy?
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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

It's a hormone replacement, not necessarily a medication. Honestly, be grateful that you have access to healthcare. There's no reason to suffer needlessly. I have adult onset type one diabetes. It totally sucked at first, but now I'm sort of whatever about it. It could be soooo much worse! Try to see if a naturopath can help you, or acupuncture, but I suggest you try the medication to see if it helps you feel better. I'm sorry you're going through this!
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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

There are natural ways to treat it, but it does take longer, so if you are willing to deal with symptoms for longer in order to treat it naturally, then go see a naturopath. However, you will be paying out of pocket for everything.

I have to admit to being rather jealous that you were diagnosed. I know, sounds crazy, but I am very firmly convinced that there is something wrong with my thyroid, but the doctors won't treat it because my numbers are within normal. They agree that my symptoms fit thyroid issues and nothing else. I can't afford to see a naturopath or buy various supplements to treat it, either. I totally understand about not wanting to take a medication or hormone replacement because I am the same way. I very rarely even take something for a headache.
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Re: Was diagnosed last night.

I have hypothyroidism caused by Hashimotos-an autoimmune disease that kills the thyroid. It's one of the most common causes of hypothyroidism, and people with Hashis often do poorly on synthroid (synthetic hormone).
If you leave your thyroid untreated you risk so much. It affects fertility, mental's the gateway to other autoimmune diseases.
I'm on Armor which is a natural thyroid hormone replacement. Naturethroid is another one. I suggest meeting with a naturopath who is familiar with thyroid issues and being tested for antibodies.
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I'm hypothyroid and honestly taking the mess after awhile just isn't a big deal. The first couple months it really upset me to know I'd have to deal with this the rest of my life. But after 4 years on ness it's just not a big deal. I didn't completely realize until I started mess how awful I felt. It was amazing to get my thyroid levels fixed and realize how great I felt again. I don't want to get to feeling that low again so ness are worth it to me.

Now that being said that is me. I have a friend who was the opposite of hypo (blanking on the bane right now). So different but still thyroid issues. She went to her chiropractor before she set up the appointment to basically kill her thyroid and make her hypo - he gave her several adjustments over a few weeks and all her thyroid issues disappeared. She went and did blood draws several times over the following year to keep on top of it but her levels were never off again. So maybe look into if an adjustment can possibly help for hypo. I don't know if it helps or not but it can't hurt to ask if you're looking for a more natural treatment.
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