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flu vaccine for your kids?

Just looking for some honest advice. I do not want to start a big vaccine debate, but I honestly haven't thoroughly researched the reasons not to do it. I have vaccinated all of my kids on the normal schedule thus far, and my reasoning has been that I am a RN and I directly work with sick sick pts with pneumonia and the flu often. I am required to be up to date on my own vax. I have always been fearful that I will bring some of that funk home to my family, so I figured in my case it made sense to keep my kids vaccinated. Anyway I am just not sure I feel like that is the right thing to do anymore. My boys are 2.5 and 4.5, but my dd is only 9 months. The boys go to preschool and bring the usual bag of germs home with them once in a while. My husband will not get the flu vax (but really that is not because he is against them, its laziness )and I think he could care less either way if the kids did, so its useless to talk to him about it!
Sorry for the rambling and the back story, I guess I just want to know if you vaccinate your kids against the flu and why. If not, I would love to know a few good unbiased resources that are really fact based. Thanks in advance!


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Yes I do. I watched my mother be taken by ambulance hallucinating from a fever after she fell & hit her head when she was suffering from the flu. I never want my kids to get that sick.

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I did last year, ds & myself. I have asthma & if I get the flu it could be very bad.

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I never vaccinated my kids for flu when I was a stay at home mom. When the oldest started school and the youngest was in prek, I did vaccinate them. Also, I hear people say all the time that they are sick with the flu, when in reality, they have a cold or other mild illness. Having had a true flu, I now get a vax each year because it is an awful, lingering, exhausting illness.
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Re: flu vaccine for your kids?

I agree,in our house the true flu is worth vaccinating against. It can be so deadly.
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We don't do the flu vaccine. We've been "lucky" I guess to have not had it in years. The last time we had it was after a flu shot! Our old Ped said I was crazy to not get our 5 boys the flu shot when I was expecting a baby during flu season but no one got it! We've had the flu, even with a vaccine, and it resulted in thousands in hospital and dr bills and Rx's, 4 of the 5 kids had pneumonia or bronchitis, one had a horrible ear infection, several trips to the ER... The flu shot doesn't guarantee you won't get it. My family is proof of that!
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Re: flu vaccine for your kids?

We have been for the last 6 years because we have always had new babies around. We will again this year because SIL is expecting and I will the primary care giver when she returns to work. Once we have all school age children around I will probably skip it because they are able to tell me when they start feeling bad so we can visit the doctor if needed before things get really bad.
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Re: flu vaccine for your kids?

There's a study that shows that the flu vaccines wasn't any more effective than a placebo for children under 2. So it irritates me that they continue to push the vaccine starting at 6 mo. Just my
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Re: flu vaccine for your kids?

I vaccinate on schedule, but I have not gotten my child the flu vaccine and I do not intend to get it myself this year. My husband is military and has already gotten his.

I don't worry about it because I'm a SAHM. It's sort of a silly reason since we go to large playgroups and she goes into the church nursery (that's actually the place I think she's picked up the most bugs). Anyways, for whatever reason, I just don't want to.

that's not very good info or research. But there are times with momma gut just needs to be followed.
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Re: flu vaccine for your kids?

Yes, my son is high risk. I felt it was especially important this year because right now he is having a lot of difficulties (not sick just medical problems) and we are just barely keeping him from being admitted. It wouldn't take much to push him over the edge into needing to be inpatient again. The flu vaccine has helped my son tremendously but we don't vaccinate just him we vaccinate everyone in the household. I don't know if it would be as successful if he was the only one receiving it.
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