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At just over 4 mths old my lo was just under 10 lbs. now at his 2 year checkup he was 21lbs 13oz. He is just smaller than all his peers but also twice as active. He was tested for CF at just around 4 mths b/c he just wasn't gaining weight. But at this point he's a great eater and super healthy. I do hope he catches up before middle school mostly I just don't want him bullied and I worry about that a lot.


Happily married to "M" and loving life with my toddler "B" 8.17.10. Waiting for #2, my christmas baby!!
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My kids were tiny babies and toddlers, about 33" and under 20 pounds at 2. They have always been very active and not especially interested in food. It just seems to be their style, then they start gaining in height as they get older. The fact that my DD has been so especially tiny has actually been a total delight in my family, because we're used to big boys and it's fun having a tiny, delicate girl. We all love it. (I was also very skinny growing up, I was 40 pounds when I was 10, and about 115 in college. But I was perfectly healthy).

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Re: Moms of Peanuts

Originally Posted by jenn.mcc View Post
*I also had a little breakdown a couple months ago and needed my pediatrician to talk me down off the formula ledge. I went to Target and bought a 6 month onesie, and when I put it on babe it fit perfectly! Yay! My 6 month old was fitting 6 month clothing finally! Then hubby pointed out that only the hanger said 6 months... the tag on the onesie said NB. I've had to start ignoring the whole clothing size/age thing, otherwise I feel like a bad mom, especially when other people tell you proudly that their 1 year old is already in 2T. It can make you feel so inferior, no matter how much you tell yourself being twice as tall isn't necessarily better than being half as tall. KWIM?
eh, slow growing babies means you dont have to buy clothes as often. dd's old dresses now fit her as shirts lol and DS2 has a pair of pants that now fit him lik board shorts
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My youngest two and peanuts my almost 2 year old is soo dainty looking shes 34 inches tall and 24 lbs and my youngest is 4 months and 10 lbs 8 oz an 25 inches long so a lot smaller than the OP
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Re: Moms of Peanuts

My almost 5 year old is maybe 33lbs soaking wet and my 28month old is 23lbs. The younger one just potty trained I had to pull out some 6-12 month pants, they're took short but the waist on everything else is way too big. And ds2 is bigger than his brother was at the same age.
Alison, mama to my boys: KidA (12/07) and KidO(06/10)
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DS is tall but skinny. Hes 2 1/2 yrs old.
Hes 39 in tall but only 27.5 lbs.

Amanda . Blaming my phone for typos and crap.
Amanda- wife to DH. Mama to W (2010), L (2011), H (2013), K (2016)
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My daughter only weighed 16lbs at a year old and now at 7 she only weighs 44lbs and is 47inches. My 5 yo son weighs 51lbs and is 48inches
lovin' preschool teacher, part time student Momma to... The Japanese Princess and her bigger little brother
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Re: Moms of Peanuts

my 12mo is 17lbs, 28" she was 8lb7oz at birth. She was 14lb at 9mo, but had lost a lb, she was 15lb at 6mo.

My oldest was 16.5lb at 12mo, she's bigger than me now, at 13 (by about an inch, and the same weight, but I'm pregnant). She was a peanut until 2.5 (26lbs at that point), something changed and she's been quite hefty since then.
My dd2 was always very hefty (28lbs at 1yo). She's a pretty avg sz 10yo now
ds was a peanut for quite some time due to iron deficiency. he's a pretty average sz 9yo now.
dd3 was on the small side until just over a year ago, she had her severe sleep apnea treated (tonsils removed made it moderate, cpap has made it nonexistent ) and quickly put on 3" and 10lbs. Dr has agreed that with the severity of hers, it was likely preventing her growth (many kids with less severe apnea tend to be obese). She's gone through a lot of clothes this year with that initial growth spurt and now continuing to grow like "normal"

So I only have one peanut right now. It should make BW 2 a bit easier
Becka, 29, partnered with Eric , momma to Kenzie 8/99 Abbey 3/02 Nik 8/03 Johanna 11/07 Eleanor (Elfie) Sidhe 10/11 Dylan 1/13
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Re: Moms of Peanuts

DD didn't hit 14 lbs until somewhere around 7 mo. She was born a month early at 5 lbs. She's currently almost 13 months, 29 inches tall and 18 lbs. So, average height, but super skinny. Pants are a huge pain. We are a fan of overalls here.
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My youngest is tiny. He was 17 pounds at 13 months , the same weight he was at 6 months old. He did not look healthy though, a skeleton with a pot belly, literally like a starving African child. He ate like a pig but could not gain.

He has finally been diagnosed with a pancreatic condition that did not allow him to absorb any nutrients. He was deficient in vitamins and such. He had the CF test, stool tests, and tons of blood tests. He has a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. He takes replacement enzymes with every meal now.

I haven't weighed him in a month, but after only 2 weeks of meds he was up almost 2 pounds. He no longer looks sickly and is filling out.

He seriously looked so bad that my oldest dd's would tell me not to let him go in the house in just his diaper, as his bones literally stuck out like they were going to pierce his skin. You could see every vertebra and his shoulder blades were nasty. His face had no fat, his arms and legs with just sticks, more like twigs! The improvement is amazing with the meds.
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