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2 ? about food and sleep

Is it normal for a 7m old to wake up several times a night? She is always hungery when she wakes up, wanting to nurse at the very least. It's not uncommon for her to nurse until I'm bone dry and still be hungery (since I have supply issues anyway) and want a bottle as well. Nothing else but a full tummy will put her to back to sleep, but then she's up again a few hours later hungery again. Please tell me there is a solution to this problem that doesn't involve adding cereal to her bottles-which seems to be the universal answer and doesn't work for her, just FYI. Which leads us to...

How much puree/strained food/cereal should a baby her age be eating? Right now she will eat 2-3 ounces of cereal and 4 ounces of fruit/veg in the morning, 8oz of fruit/veg and 2-3oz of strained meat for lunch, the same for dinner. All that is after nursing/bottle. It just seems like an awful lot of food for such a young baby.

Even before we introduced solids, right before she turned 7m, she ate a lot. The LC and doc where always surprised at how much she ate formula wise. Thing is she's not fat. She always comes in at the 50th percentile or below for weight and 80th + for height. She would have 18-20oz of formula/pumped milk while I was at work and then nurse like she'd been starved when I got home (still does actually). She looks like a chunk but she's healthy and happy(except when she hungry), all the bloodwork to see if she's diabetic, hypo/hyperglicmic, etc proves that.

I know from working w/ the LC that we have supply issues. None of the herbs/meds or anything else will correct under/poorly developed milk glands combined w/ hormone issues. So we'll have to contiue nursing and then giving a bottle of formula or the (very little) milk I can pump. It's just, I feel like I'm doing something wrong because it feels like all we ever do is feed her, night and day. Please tell me I'm not the only one whose kid eats like this.

I just need some sleep and for her to be able to feed herself.


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This sounds like my son, only he fell off the bottom of the charts at that age. I worried about it forever and then I realized that even once he was weaned, he was constantly hungry. At nearly 3, he is eating every hour to two hours during the day and sometimes wakes at night for a small snack.

It is hard but it does get better/easier. Maybe your kiddo just has a quick metabolism?
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Re: 2 ? about food and sleep

It's absolutely normal for a 7 month old to wake hungry at night. I don't see it as a "problem" that needs a "solution" other than feeding the baby or letting her comfort nurse as needed

I have no experience with supply issues or formula feeding, but I will tell you that my baby nursed a TON. She was constantly hungry. And she was definitely chunky...note the arm rolls in my avatar! She was about 11 months then and still 95% breastfed, 5% solids. I was only able to sleep because we coslept. So no, you're not the only one whose kid ate constantly. But IME it doesn't last forever... my DD's appetite went WAY down around 13-14 months, and now she eats like a bird.
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Re: 2 ? about food and sleep

I only have the one baby, but FWIW...

Night wakings were one of the reasons why I eventually stopped breastfeeding her at 12 months. I just couldn't hack it any more. She slept in the same bed with us (still does) and would wake up 3+ times a night. Even now she still wakes up once a night, but DH and I trade nights to wake up and give her her bottle.

Do you have a partner? The trading nights made a big difference to us -- alternatively, when I was weaning her off breastmilk, I would feed her the first time she woke up, and DH would take care of the rest of the feedings with a bottle. We kept two bottles full of water and two tubs with pre-measured formula so we didn't have to get up.

And lastly, have you tried giving her solid food to munch on? Jams never ate cereal, but we did baby-led weaning. She loved cheese, beans and avocados from the start, and they were soft enough to mouth and swallow with relative ease. Maybe if your LO eats more high calorie/denser food during the day she'll want to nurse less at night?

I'm sorry you're having a tough time! Her appetite will wax and wane as she goes through growth spurts. And you are *not* doing anything wrong! It sounds like you have a happy, healthy, hearty baby.
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I would say the waking and eating is totally normal. Seven months is still so young! My dd1 woke every 1.5 hours at least to nurse at that age, and much older too.

There is no amount of purées they *should* be eating at that age. Plenty of mamas skip them altogether and wait until baby can feed themselves finger foods. Food under 1 is just for fun!
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I agree she's clearly hungry, probably a growth spurt. I would try and wait it out personally.
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Re: 2 ? about food and sleep

Both my kids were big eaters at that age, and ate 3 food meals per day - I did a lot of finger foods and made sure to include a little bit of protein (meat, beans, etc), carbs (pasta, toast, potato, rice), veggies (cooked, cooled broc/carrots/peas) and fruit. The infant cereals were offered at 2 of the meals at least.

It always surprised me how much those girls ate - it looked like a fair amount of food. One was nursing 7x/day the other 6x/day, both of them feeding at least twice over night at that age.
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