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A very special birthday delivery!! Finally updated with pics!

When I discovered the due date for our baby was on Nov 7, my own birthday, it was fun to tell people that, but I didn't really think too much of it as my second baby came a week early, and we all know how they NEVER come on their due dates.

The background to this story is I already have two children born in hospital with very minimal intervention, both easy and quick births, and great experiences. I'd always been interested in a homebirth, and since this was my last baby I really wanted to give it a try, so I did some research and found my midwife. It just seemed like the right decision for our family.

The night before Adele's birth I went to bed and had the mental chat to her, 'Alright, it's time now, my birthday is tomorrow and you need to come out. Mommy is getting uncomfortable'. Out of curiosity I checked my own cervix and my very amateur guess was about 2cm and very soft, all good signs. When I woke up the next morning I was slightly disappointed that nothing had happened. My 21 month old showed up around 7 wanting to breastfeed, so I lay down with her. As she was feeding I was having some mild contractions, but didn't really think anything of it since that usually gave me Braxton Hicks. Contractions stopped but I was still having some mild crampy feelings, I got up and went to the toilet to see that I had lost my plug, YIPPEE!! (Last time around my baby was born about 12 hours after I lost the plug, so I was sure this was a good sign that things were happening!)

I messaged D (my midwife) to say I was pretty sure baby was on her way today. I went downstairs to have some breakfast and tell DH I thought he should stay home from work, since I was worried about things going quickly like my last two births and him possibly not making it back home again. I also told him to start setting up the tub just in case, and went back upstairs to shower, planning on coming back down to open my birthday presents with the kids. When I got out of the shower out of nowhere I had a contraction, and I had to lean over the bed, my 3.5 year old was up there and asked me what I was doing, and I told her the baby was coming. She got very excited but was also concerned and told me that I needed to go downstairs and sit on the ball! I got dressed, went down and saw that DH hadn't done anything about the tub yet, and I got a little annoyed. His response was that he needed to go and shower, and he would only be 15 minutes. As he was saying that, I felt a bit of a gush, and realized it was my water breaking (around 7:40am). This was very unusual for me, as in my last two births it only broke right before my babies were born. It also sent both of us into a panic, and Tim kicked quickly into action with the tub! After my water broke, contractions started coming every few minutes, and I realized I was definitely in labour, so I called D around 8am to make sure she was on her way.

From that point it all became a blur. My sister had stayed over from out of town, fortunately because we really needed her to watch the kids, she got up and was talking to the kids upstairs, I think she had no idea what was going on downstairs yet! DH was madly trying to boil water to fill the tub. I started puking. The water just seemed so inviting and I knew that for me being in water is the only way I get any relief during labour, so even though it was only half full I got in. Breathed through a few more contractions and started to get concerned that Deb wasn't there yet.

At about 9am D arrived, and asked me how I was going and at that point I really didn't feel like talking any more. She checked vitals and all was well so she just quietly observed. I was getting decent breaks between the contractions still which was nice, and then all of a sudden they went from 4 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart and strong. I was feeling like things were very intense, but becoming concerned because I knew (or I thought!) I still had a while to go and was wondering how I would cope. I was also starting to think that this was a big horrible mistake (My mind always plays these games with me during transition, and looking back I see now that was why I was thinking those kind of thoughts).

DH got into the tub with me during a contraction to rub my back, and during that contraction I began to push a little lightly, and realized it was a huge relief. At that point I was just in my own world so really had no way of verbalizing anything, but D looked at me all of a sudden and said 'You're pushing, let me get the mirror'. The next contraction hit and I could do nothing else BUT push, DH jumps out of the bath to grab the camera and D says 'oh yes we have a head!' I put my hands down to feel her head right there at the opening (it felt so strange to feel her hair in the water and that is one very tangible memory I have) and I just pushed once more and her head was out! Poor DH was fussing with the camera and I was wanting to tell him to just put it down but couldn't talk, and D was telling me not to push, and to wait until the next contraction. One more quick little push and I lifted her out, onto my chest at 9:25am.

I felt somewhat in shock at that point because things had gone so quickly from ok and manageable to a very intense and crazy few minutes that I had not been expecting, but of course was glad she was there! I held my little baby for a few minutes in the water and my other daughters came inside to say hello to the baby. They kept saying 'Happy Birthday baby, happy birthday' and stroking her head. That is probably the sweetest memory I have of that day, their pure excitement at being there to experience the arrival of their new sister. I could see the water turning red, and Deb was also becoming uncomfortable with the blood loss, so I got out and sat on a towel next to the pool. I latched the baby on and she was sucking, and Deb said we could just wait for a while to see, but after a few minutes we all decided it would be wise to move to active management. Soon after a shot of oxytocin and a bit of massage the placenta came out and the bleeding quickly slowed down.

Afterwards my sister showed up. She was so disappointed to have missed the whole thing but of course really happy everything had gone well. We spent the rest of the morning having some birthday cake, opening presents, and passing baby girl around, most of my family had showed up very excited. I can't really describe what a great experience it was to be at home in my own house and with my own comforts, with no need for the formalities of hospital and their routine practices, signing in and out, baby checks etc etc, and still feeling like I was in competent hands, giving birth with people who I knew and trusted. Later that afternoon I went upstairs and spent the afternoon cuddling with my baby in my own bed. DH and I also laughed a lot that day about what an insane morning it had been, we kept remarking 'i can't believe we had a baby in our living room this morning!.' She is utterly adorable, and the best birthday present I could ever have wished for!

Name- Adele Violet
Weight- 7lb 7oz
Length- 52cm


Jen=mummy to L and S and A, my birthday thief, and one little baby-not-to-be 14/2/14
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Re: Beautiful birthday present! The quick homebirth of our third little girl.

Awww, what an awesome birthday present. She is just beautiful. I can't believe how "with it" you look. All my after the birth pics make me look like a 2 X 4 hit me on the head! Congrats!
Tanya, mama to four wonderful girls, wifey to my favorite guy
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Congrats!!! You look amazing to have an hours-old baby-I wanna be like you when I grow up! LOL SN: You and your daughter share a b-day with my little brother who is turning 21 today
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Congrats momma! Awesome birth story
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Re: Beautiful birthday present! The quick homebirth of our third little girl.

Congrats! You have a beautiful family!!!
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Re: Beautiful birthday present! The quick homebirth of our third little girl.

Beautiful story, Jen! I had the exact bleeding experience with Cora and had a shot of pitocin--totally the right decision for me. I can't wait to hear her name.
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Re: Beautiful birthday present! The quick homebirth of our third little girl.

Thank you for sharing! What a great story
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Re: Beautiful birthday present! The quick homebirth of our third little girl.

Congrats! I wish I could see the pics, but I have no facebook! I'll have to take everyone's word for it that you all look great! Anyway, I don't see a problem with the post-birth pitocin, myself, especially if there is ANY indication. I didn't need it with my first birth, but I don't see how it could have any negative effects after the birth.

Glad your midwife made it, also! I had the same thing with my first birth, light contractions, and then stronger ones. It tricked me into thinking that I wasn't very far along in labor.
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Re: Beautiful birthday present! The quick homebirth of our third little girl.

Amazing story! Happy birthday to you and baby girl!
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Re: Beautiful birthday present! The quick homebirth of our third little girl.

Amazing birth story!!! I PRAY my next baby is that fast and together!!! Congrats!!!
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