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Dh would not prescribe anything for our kids with those symptoms. He would probably suggest a saline nose spray and some bulb suction thingys. (I call them boogie suckers.)


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Re: Green snot=antibiotics?

No, 95% of sinus problems are viral. Don't use the bulb too much either as it can irritate the lining of the nose and cause more mucous and swelling in there.
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Thanks ladies!!! That's what I was thinking but just wanted some other feedback. I really really hate having kids on ab and try to avoid as much as possible. As of now just in their noses and otherwise acting okay.

I appreciate it!!!
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Re: Green snot=antibiotics?

just for snot, no I wouldn't go for antibiotics.
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Re: Green snot=antibiotics?

Keep an eye on the baby (if I'm reading your sig right and you have a 7-8 month old). Colds can pretty quickly turn into pneumonia for little ones. If he starts having labored breathing or lots of coughing or starts running a fever, take him in to the doctor. But otherwise I'd say you're good.
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Re: Green snot=antibiotics?

We're dealing with this now. My youngest has had green snot all week and a cough. I did take him to the doctor because he was sounding croupy but she said to use a cool-mist humidifier in his room at night and put saline drops in his nose if he seemed really clogged. I've also done the steamy bathroom with eucalyptus EO a few times. He is already much better, no antibiotics needed.
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Re: Green snot=antibiotics?

Our doctor doesn't give it for green snot. She says it is normal at the end of the cold. We never give it and I think it makes their immune systems stronger not to take anything.
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Re: Green snot=antibiotics?

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
Unless there are more symptoms I wouldn't worry and just keep them hydrated, lots of rest, and nutritional foods.
Me too. My Mom always says that green snot=infection, but the Dr. disagrees with her, lol. My kids have had that before and have cleared up just fine without antibotics. That said, you do want the snot out. I'd give lots of fluids to try to thin it out some, and some vicks or essential oils or something.
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Originally Posted by Computermama
Green = infection, but not necessarily a bacterial infection. DD2 and I have a nasty cold and lots of green snot, but I'm dead certain it's just good old rhinovirus. Nothing to do but do my best to keep us comfortable and wait it out.
Green doesnt always mean infection. Its just the body making more blood cells in the nose that changes the color of snot to fend off intruders. Could be viral, bacterial or allergy. The color of the snot means nothing at all. Clear snot can actual be worse and is almost always the case in RSV.

i would let it run its course. Sounds like a common cold which is almost always a virus. If it lasts for more than 2 weeks it could turn into a sinus infection and then abx might be needed.

Lots of steam, soup and some nasal strips should help. Over blowing or sucking can make the area swell even more and make breathing through the nose even harder. Regular motrin can bring the swelling down in nasal passages.

Feel better!
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Re: Green snot=antibiotics?

Flu comes on fast. And a cold comes on slow. That is really the only way to tell. 2 DAYS, I dream of illnesses leaving so quickly!
I've been told over and over by Dr.s that you need to wait it out 2 weeks before taking antibiotics.

Best thing you can do is use this cold as a great way to teach about properly blowing a nose, throwing away a tissue, and a germ lesson. You can put cinnamon on your child's hands and then have them wash it off, to give them something visual of what it takes to get the germs off little hands. A get a great book for germ learning we like is "Your Body Battles a Cold"
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