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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

I have had 3 inductions (if I'm pregnant now, I'm NOT going to the induction route, I feel stupid for ever doing that, all 3 were overdue, I just need to have patience). Anyway, all were successful vaginal births.

First baby - 11 hours of labor. He was sunny side up and I had terrible back labor, if he wasn't, labor would've probably went faster. Pushed for about 20-25 mins.

Second baby - I don't know exactly how long I was in labor, maybe active labor for 5 hours? Pushed for like 15 mins? I don't remember!!

Third baby - I believe I was in labor a little bit longer with him than my second baby, but the birth experience was pretty much a re-play of my second. 5-6 hours with him. With him, they had me push a few times, to move him down the birth canal, and moments later he literally just came out on his own! I never believed people when they said that your body can push the baby out on it's own, the nurse didn't have the bed fully set up yet, and she had not called my OB yet. After he had started to crown, I kept asking her, "when are you going to call the doctor?!" She just kept telling me she would in a moment, and the next thing I knew, I said, "you don't have a moment!!!" and she caught him, lol!


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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

First labor was an hour and 20 minutes.

Second labor was induced, and was 15 hours.

Third labor was 5 hours - induced as well.
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Yes third was a definite wild card and by far the hardest pregnancy!

My first was 18 hours second was 8 hours then third my only boy was over 20 hours!! All vaginal deliveries. I went 18 hours with no meds but had no energy for pushing so I got the Epi took a nap then pushed haha! He's also the easiest baby out of the three!
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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

I've had 4.

1 - 44hrs of active labor with 2.5 hrs pushing. Epi at 9cms about 41-42 hrs into it. Vaginal birth with no help

2 - 7.5 hrs from water breaking to babies (twins). Contractions started about an hour after water breaking. I choose to get an epi ahead of time because of fear from my first and twins.

3 - 5 hrs from water breaking to babies (twins). I was already 5cms and contracting like crazy for weeks. I was on hospital bedrest for a week because of it. (But, had been out for a week.) OB broke my water because of my BP, pre-e and other issues. No help other than the AROM. Epi birth for same reasons as above.

4 - 11 hrs from water breaking to baby, but contractions didn't pick up till 6hrs in, making it 5 hrs of active labor. I was 3 cms and 80% efaced (sp?) before my water broke.
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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

My third was my first time going overdue, my fastest labor, and my biggest baby.

DD1 was pitocin induced at 39w4d. I went in a 4cm dilated and she was born 6 hours after starting pitocin and breaking my water. She weighed 8lbs5oz.

DD2 was a homebirth at 38w2d. From start to finish was 5 hours. She weighed 7lbs4oz.

DS1 was a homebirth at 40w2d. My water broke first and contractions started within an hour. From water breaking to baby was less than 4 hours (from first contractions to baby, maybe 2 hours?). He was 10lbs14oz.

And just for reference, my 4th and 5th labors:

DS2 was my preemie. My water broke at 30w but I never went into labor. I was kept on hospital bedrest until 34 weeks and then induced with pitocin. It was a 21.5 hour labor and he weighed 5lbs13oz.

DS3 was a homebirth at 40w1d. My water broke at 9pm on the evening of my due date. Contractions didn't start until early the next morning. He was born at 5pm in the evening. So about 20 hours from water breaking to baby but 12 hours from first contractions to baby. He weighed 9lbs even.
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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

My third birth was my wild card labor.

First birth was a fast and furious labor (4 hrs), unmedicated. Transition was horrible. Born on her due date.

Second was even faster (2 hrs 20 min), also unmedicated. Not quite as painful, but still really bad (I remember thinking I would never do it again, LOL). Born at 38w6d

Third was a dream labor -- another unmedicated labor but it was essentially painless and not intense at all. I had no pain until she was crowning. My OB was worried that my third labor would be even faster than my second, but it turned out that my third labor was the longest of all three at 5 hours from start to finish. Born at 39 weeks. It was also a tough pregnancy......I was on meds/bedrest from 31.5 weeks due to preterm labor contractions.

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I would agree with that statement. 1st was long and hard, 2nd was a fast peaceful water birth. Then my 3rd was hard and he was turned wrong and I felt like I was dying when he was in the birth canal which didn't hurt at all with my first two. Totally a wild card.
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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

My labors were cut in half each time! They were all around 39 weeks, and all resulted in a 9-ish pound baby.

Baby 1- 27 hrs.
Baby 2- 12 hrs.
Baby 3- 6 1/2 hrs.
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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

#1- hospital birth, induced, 22 hours, pushed for 4 hours (vacuum assisted delivery)

#2- home birth, 45 minutes, pushed once

#3- home birth, 8 hours, pushed twice

I'm hoping #4 is fast and furious, I much prefer things that way
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Re: Those who've had a third birth...

My third was strange as well.

My first two, were hot and heavy lol. Contractions were strong, fast and pushing was fast. 20 min's for #1 with an epi, and 2 pushes for #2.

My third labor was my first homebirth and was weird. I went 7 days overdue and was in and out of labor for 1 week. I kept going into labor, dilating and then contractions just stopped. When I finally went into labor for 'real', the contractions were irregular and not painful or intense at all. I was fully dilated when the MW got there and the contractions were pettering out. I was determined to get baby out and pushed anyway after about an hour I finally got one real pushing contraction and pushed baby out with that contraction and the next. According to all the 'rules' (regular contractions, increasing in intensity etc....) I was not in labor. I was talking through contractions and everything. I did use hypnosis but I wasn't even using it that much. It was like having a baby without labor. But I worked HARD to get her out and ended up with some sort of tail bone injury that didn't heal until several months later.
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