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Re: toddler boys with long hair...cut the bangs or let it all grow?

As far as strangers mistaking genders, it doesn't bother me and I don't think it has much to do with hair. Both of my boys have had long hair, sometimes in pigtails and only my older son ever got mistaken for a girl. It even happened when he was a totally bald baby. It has never happened to my younger son.


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Re: toddler boys with long hair...cut the bangs or let it all grow?

I'm a big fan of long hair on little boys. OP, I'd leave it! I think it is cute
I'm not big on talking to strangers' small children in public (only because my DD went through a stage of being terrified of strangers so I don't want to accidentally terrify someone else's kid) but if I did and couldn't tell gender, I'd stick with gender-neutral wording or ask "what's your name?"

Originally Posted by kai_e View Post
No, I don't take offense. I just correct. It doesn't bother me although it used to bother DH but he has grown used to it. DS2 is beautiful and he loves his hair. He twirls it to put himself to sleep. We cut it once and it was a huge mistake - he was so upset.

LOVE his hair! He is adorable!
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I've never had anyone mistake DS1 for a girl except from behind. Once he turns around, they correct themselves. Even as a baby with very little hair, he was very clearly male. Just thought I'd throw that out there for the "all long haired boys look like girls," crowd

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Re: toddler boys with long hair...cut the bangs or let it all grow?

Well I don't have any boys but if i did, I would let his hair grow long. We are native american and most guys let their hair grow and it's soooo beautiful. Generally you don't cut your hair unless you are in mourning. My hair wasn't super long but it was halfway between my shoulders and mid back and after my dh passed away I chopped it. I still have short hair. Anyways, when I bring people to a powwow and watch the little kids, most people think that the little boys are all girls, but it's pretty obvious IF you know the particular hair styles (guys usually have two braids, girls have one unless they are fancy shawl/jingle dress dancers and then it's fairly obvious they are girls) and the different dress styles you know the difference. I dated a guy in high school with the most GORGEOUS long hair. I cried when he cut it when he went to the military. He hasn't grown it out since leaving. When I was growing up my mom didn't raise us knowing any native american customs and she cut my beautiful long hair in first grade. I had the ugliest home hair cut known to man. I swore I would never do that to my girls. They all have long hair. They keep it long mainly so they can braid it for powwows and because they like it. I don't know where I am going with this rambling, lol. You could cut his hair and people might still call him a girl. I wouldn't worry about it. .
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Originally Posted by justineybean

How do you answer him when he asks you that?
I tell him I am sorry, and that I thought his hair was too handsome to cut. Then I remind him that his grandfather (his favorite person in the world) has long hair, and that seems to help. He still pouts every time he sees the pictures, and tells me that now that he's big enough to tell me, he wants a hair cut every month.
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I love long hair on boys! My son has always had long hair of varying lengths.

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