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Re: Is there something wrong with my baby?

I just want to address the 'getting behind developmentally from being held' idea. There isn't anything that your child is supposed to be doing developmentally that being held will keep them from doing. SOME children roll over early, but my DD didn't roll until 6&7 months (depending on which direction) and she was walking unassisted at 11 months.

so, work with all the great suggestions that you have been given by other mamas and don't worry a lick about any developmental things that a 3month old 'should' be doing because there's nothing. I mean.. the baby should be able to hold up their own head... but that's really about it.

We had to swaddle for sleeping. And we used the suggestions from the 'Happiest Baby on the Block' which I highly recommend. They have it on Netflix if you have that, you can order it. And she napped in her swing at that age - at full speed. She would not tolerate her swing on 'low' or 'medium', it needed to be at high. Our swing would do 'side to side' or 'front and back' and I think she also hated front and back, so we had to set it on side to side.


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Re: Is there something wrong with my baby?

I agree with PP that you should not worry about development issues at this point. My son was born at 31 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. He also had reflux and we were able to get it under control using 15 mg of Prevacid Solutabs twice a day. We gave the meds on an empty stomach. I also quit BF (for several reasons, including PPA/PPD) and eventually put him on Alimentum formula. It turns out, he is also has an issue with dairy. Try eliminating dairy from your diet (in all forms). I have heard it can take two weeks to get out of your system.

I also started letting my lo sleep sitting upright in his swing. I would highly recommend allowing your baby to sleep sitting as upright as possible. The Fischer Price Rock-N-Play is a great alternative to a swing for sleeping and is very easy to move from room to room.

Also, some babies just cry more than others. Hang in there because this is going to go by very quickly!! It will be a distant memory in the very near future.
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Originally Posted by dancermommy1
Just a few comments...

1) Since you are nursing, have you tried an elimination diet? With my lo, who also had reflux, I had to eliminate ALL dairy and ALL soy, including hidden forms, until I stopped nursing. I would start with dairy and soy elimination, and make sure you eliminate the hidden forms of soy (and you'll find soy is in virtually every processed food out there), and see if that helps. Give it a few weeks before you pass judgement.

2) I haven't heard of the first medicine, but maybe you need to change medications instead of upping what you are already giving her? We were fortunate that Zantac worked for us, but some things work for some babies and some work for others. You might ask if you can try switching to something else (and do one at a time).

3) At 3 months she is not going to be behind in development just because you are holding her a lot. Floor time is important, sure, but you're not going to mess her up by holding her.

4) Do you baby wear? If you don't I highly recommend you start. That will save your sanity for the daytime naps, and may help her to nap better because she will be upright. It will allow you to move around more freely, as well, which means you can get a few things done, or go to the store, or just walk around the neighborhood!

5) If you haven't already, try raising the head of her crib or you might try a product specifically designed for babies who need their heads raised. I believe it's called "nap nanny" That will help minimize the reflux

6) Can your DH help you get a break (or another family member)? A crying baby is maddening, and everyone needs a break from the constant sound.

7) It's very normal for a 3 month old baby to not fall asleep on their own. My 27 month old doesn't fall asleep on his own. CIO is not appropriate at this age, in my opinion (but I don't advocate CIO, ever, so I am biased). Particularly when you know the baby has reflux. If you need to put the baby down and take a break because you are losing your mind there's no shame in that, ever, but don't do CIO because you think it will help with the sleep issues.

8) If it were me, I might ask your pediatrician if you can see a specialist.

Hugs, mama.... It is SO hard when a baby has reflux issues and can't sleep. I've been there! But, believe it or not.....they do grow up....and honestly and truly--as bad as it is today---you DO forget and pretty soon all you can remember is how sweet and cute they were!
I agree with this. DS was similar until I stopped dairy.
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Originally Posted by SarahS12

I agree with this. DS was similar until I stopped dairy.
Same! Only ds2 was multiple allergies, he slept well as a baby if he was upright & had his reflux meds. Then 9 months hit & he only slept 20 mins of every hr... I was trading one allergen for more & eating a lot of them to make up for the "loss" & didn't know he was allergic to those until he was tested at 11 months.
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Re: Is there something wrong with my baby?

I second the swaddling suggestion. We finally learned that's what my DS likes and we still swaddle during daytime naps and he is 6 months old.
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