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Re: I need help

hm ok, I just skimmed but... here is my two cents and what worked for us.

We kind of made it a game.

We have a big whiteboard on the wall that I use for school. And After we learned the alphabet, we learned the letter sounds. I would say "A makes the sound Ah-Ah-Ah" and we would clap for each Ah. Then we'd do a scavenger hunt and find objects around the house (and while we were out and about) finding things that start with an Ah sound - or the letter A. Repeat for each letter.

Then, when they had the sounds for each letter real solid, we moved on to words. And this part was fun for us. They would give me a word, and I would write it on the board, and each letter would be inside a block. And I said "when we make words, we have to BUILD them out of our letter sounds." And for some reason the idea of BUILDING a word is just more fun and exciting than reading and writing. And we did this for lots of words, even long ones. And we did this FOR-EV-ER. lol.

And then we combined it with reading. I let them each pick out one book, something they love. We snuggle up on the couch and I start reading. I point to each word and sound it out as I read it. I only do that for a few pages. Then I read a sentence but come to a word and stop. They are so excited about the book, and wanting me to continue that they start trying to sound it out, while I act confused. Once we sound it out I go another page or two. Rinse and repeat. They are trying to read without really even realizing it.

I dunno if that helps at all. But it has worked for us. My almost 6 y/o can read very well, and my 4 y/o is starting to read on his own now. And this is what I've always done.

Also, if you have sight words, you can make a simple "book" with your LO. Have him/her draw all the pictures (well if they love to draw - mine do) and let them help you write the story. It doesn't even have to make sense. The point is to get them involved with helping to make the book b/c then they will be more excited about reading it.

What kind of learner is your LO? My DS is a kinesthetic learner and has to move. So he is more interested and pays closer attention if I can make it into a game. You can do hopscotch with the alphabet letters and do a few each day, and when they land on the letter, they have to say the sound it makes.... there are a ton of games you can use....I'll stop babbling.


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Re: I need help

Whitney, Please try not to stress to much about it. My DS has just now started picking up on reading. I swear I couldn't figure out what to do next-I was ready to pull my hair out and I felt so bad for him because I felt like I was doing something wrong. We started doing Hooked on Phonics and now have switched to the Time For Learning as well and the sight cards/blends cards and I have added in a few extra workbooks here and there for a little variety. Everyone has told me its not unusual for boys to be a little delayed in their reading. Hang in there
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Re: I need help

This one costs what I consider to be quite a bit of money, but I've heard good things about it.
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Re: I need help

the free progressive phonics is going well 6 yr old is the exact way with the math and science. Can resite dinosaur names but not a letter LOL!! I know it is not funny but my daughters music teacher just was encouraging me about this same thing! Her son(also homeschooled) didn't read until "3rd" grade. She suggested and I just read this the other day, read higher level books. Then at the end have them tell you the story(or what they got from the story). He will be fine...and so will you He is learning and you are doing what you can. Isn't that the beauty of homeschooling...we can let them learn how they want and in there own time!!
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Re: I need help

The average age for learning to read is 8. So, don't stress, keep working at it, but take it slow, if that's what he needs. He will get it, I promise.
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Re: I need help

I would seriously consider having your child tested for dyslexia. We did this for free through our local school district. Also, check out the book "Overcoming Dyslexia" which has great info about dyslexia as well as some great screening information.

We tried everything - eye tested, different programs, lots and lots of reading, waiting it out - nothing ever worked. Turns out, 20% of the population is dyslexic - that doesn't mean, of course that 20% cant read - there is a wide continuim of dyslexic symptoms from mild to severe.

Anyway, after we got him diagnosed, I began the process of looking for treatments - found a great program that homeschoolers can use. Barton Reading and Spelling. It is expensive, but it has FANTASTIC resale - so over time the out of pocket isn't that much. Also, it is a FRACTION of the cost of having a child treated/tutored at a center.

On average, it takes about 3 years to bring a dyslexic student up to grade level. My son has made at least a 1 year jump since we began the program less than 6 months ago. Prior to that, he COULD NOT learn anything related to written language and have it stick. This all sticks and moves forward. Its slow (the movement), but at least it is moving!!!
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Re: I need help

We are having success with The Reading Lesson, but I've heard many people brag on Apples and Pears and Dancing Bears.
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Re: I need help

Originally Posted by kannondicarpo View Post
We use Hooked on Phonics mixed up with a few sight words a week. After a few other trial and error programs it's going REALLY well. My little guy would much rather work on math than read but now he is really starting to enjoy being able to sound things out.
Both of my kids LOVE Hooked on Phonics! I don't see that many other people talk about it but it has worked so well for us. We have the full Learn to Read program and DS1 should be finished with K this month so we'll just keep moving on to the next levels. We do super short lessons with HOP, like 10 min total. Heck, we do super short lessons on pretty much everything but DS1 thinks the stories are funny and loves the DVD's. DS1 also loves math but I think part of why HOP works so well for him is that it's been the exact same structure all the way through. He knows how the books work and knows what to expect each day. We tried 100 easy lessons and he was so overwhelmed by the size of the book. He had zero interest in it.
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Re: I need help

I have successfully used Sing Spell Read Write (Pearson Publishing) with 3 children. My third child took FOREVER to master reading. Seriously. She started bugging me to learn to read at age 4, and only now, at age 8, has become a somewhat fluent reader. It was extremely frustrating to me, but the key for her was to break down every step into several smaller steps.

We took several breaks along the way. We would work for a month or two, take a month off, work for a month or two, take a month off. I incorporated a lot of kinesthetic work into her phonics lessons: we practiced writing with sticks in the sand, sidewalk chalk in the driveway, big fat markers on the easel, building with Lauri preschool letters, etc. We read lots of books aloud together. Probably the very best thing we did was to simply back off and enjoy books together. We never completely stopped working at reading, but we slowed waaay down so that she could really truly master every small step. DD also enjoyed watching the SuperWhy program. She knew enough to follow along, but she learned in a non-threatening way how to build the words from letters.

I'm not sure how old your DS is, but if he is 6 or 7, I think you can relax. Spend time reading together. Surround him with beautiful books, go to the library, make reading something you do together. I would completely back off from any formal attempts to teach him to read. Remove the pressure, and he will probably begin to take off in a few months.
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Re: I need help

For my son the trick was getting him to be excited about reading time. I had books for him to choose from and then I read to him. The marginally inappropriate captain underpants is what made my son love books. I also wrote out some sentences on my own about stuff he likes (star wars mainly). He liked reading what I came up with. He's still not the strongest reader but is definitely progressing.
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