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Re: I need help

My ds is a month older than yours, and I just wanted to say, they sound the exact same!

I have worked on phonics and I *try* to get him to read with me, somedays he wants to, but most days he'd rather do math all day. I DO NOT want to ruin reading for him, so I never push him enough to tears, we just walk away. I think boys are slower in desiring it, and honestly you can fight with them for 4 years like they do in ps, or you can read, read, read and study other things and math for those 4 years and they will excel greatly in other areas, and when their sweet little minds are ready, they will just "get reading" one day! That's my theory anyway

I love to see ds wanting to read, and talking about one day when "he" will read big long chapter books, FOR FUN! No pressure though. Goodluck, its so fun to be flexible and go as our kids develop. Not something they get the chance to do with their peers in a ps setting. My favorite part of hs.


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Idk if the Abeka program is the same/similar to hooked on phonics? But we are using that and ds is doing really well. We also do sight words and lots of reading. I would worry too much about where he is now, he'll get it

It might help to take the pressure off a bit. If I'm stressed out about ds learning something it almost always stresses him out too.
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Re: I need help

My oldest DS did well with Click-N-Read, but honestly the best advice is give him more time and stop stressing over it. I'm kind of a "better late than early" homeschooler, too, though.
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Re: I need help

I do not have any experienced suggestion about this. but I think will power is the only which make a person to do impossible thing.
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He is 6 right?

I wouldnt worry. Just keep going over the rules of reading, get out a new reader every few days, (bob books are great, library has them).

Transposing words, letters, numbers is completely normal up until about the 3rd grade level (8 years old). And the ability to rhyme words is a good indicator that there is no dyslexia happening. But at 6 these things are normal.

Get some letter tiles, start with a specific vowel like A, then add a beginning and ending sound, then change one letter and show him the new word, then ask if he can choose a letter and change the beginning sound, and so on.

The world average for reading is 7. He is not behind! Just keep trucking through!

Oh we are using LLATL this year. It includes phonics, reading, spelling and handwriting all for a good price! Each week is set up by day and it is super easy to use. I highly recommend it!

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Re: I need help

my son was almost 11 before he was reading well. another son was 8. they are A/B student in high school now
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Re: I need help

The Reading Lesson. Perfect for wiggly little boys. It's just a book,no other materials needed. There are some pictures,but a black and white so no distractions. It's nothing like teach your child to read in 100 lessons,though. Check it out,I think you would really enjoy it.
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Re: I need help

Do you have a Victory Drill book? If he is reading even a little on his own that may be enough to kind of jump start him.

My mom used that with maybe 6 of her 9 and, while very simple, it worked!

Use LOTS of easy books or while you are reading harder books to him pause when it comes to words you know he can read or words you know he can figure out.
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Re: I need help

Originally Posted by whitneywalters View Post
Already did the eye exam, he needed glasses.

I thought maybe he was dyslexic also but he is starting to outgrow some of what he was doing ( like writing things backwards, writing from right to left instead of left to write, starting from the bottom when wring instead of the top ). He seems to forget what he learns ( only when reading ), like we were reading **** and Jane books, he would read the whole thing really well for a week so I started another book, he would know some of the words in the new book but others that I thought he knew, he wouldn't. He gets mad when I ask him to sound something out, we went through the whole alphabet today and I asked him what every letter sound was, he did it fine but then when reading he could not tell me what sound H made.
I went through this phase with my son as well. It lasted a few months and was terribly frustrating. So much that I quit working on reading and went back to basic phonics with him. I slowly brought back in CVC words and it started clicking. But still slower than I thought it would be. The biggest help for us was really emphasizing the vowel sounds. Even tonight with his reading, he was getting stopped up on any word that started with "hi," such as "hill, hip or him." It's weird because he easily reads "till, tip and tim" or "hall, hap or ham" but that /hi/ sound is throwing him a curve ball. And yes, we read made up words too to help push the phonetic rules. They think it's hilarious!

We play a lot of games and I try to make sure that reading continues to be fun. I'll be honest, when they're frustrated, it makes mommy frustrated too. I'm learning so much patience from this child! Take a deep breath and try not to let your frustrations show to him. Even though it feels like he's not trying, he is learning something from the experience and you want it to remain positive.
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Re: I need help

We were really struggling with reading, but got the Hooked On Phonics program, and he is doing AMAZING! He will finish up the grade 1 set this Friday...and he only started in September!!! And lemme tell you, he is 6 and didn't know a SINGLE word, and was rough on his alphabet. H.O.P. is what my mom used for my younger siblings, and what my sister used for her kids, and I figured it was worth a try! I cannot believe the results!
When we are done, I think I'll just keep him doing the CDrom and reading his HOP books, and some from our bookshelf, as I don't want him to jump to 2nd grade set QUITE yet

I got my whole set (up to grade 3 I think??) on their website, for about $50 because it was a clearance on that edition, and free shipping code! Not sure how aften that deal comes around, but if you don't mind buying used, I am sure you could find it for close to that price?
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